New Super Luigi U

Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015 (units): 2.06m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Nintendo Genre: Platform

Germany First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
27th July 201311,743N/A1,743
03rd August 201321,298-25.5%3,041
10th August 201331,152-11.2%4,193
17th August 20134890-22.7%5,083
24th August 20135715-19.7%5,798
31st August 20136631-11.7%6,429
07th September 20137517-18.1%6,946
14th September 201385333.1%7,479
21st September 2013961114.6%8,090
28th September 20131069012.9%8,780

Germany Annual Summary (Units)



Gammalad (on 10 March 2015)
An expansion pack sold
Skullwaker (on 09 January 2015)
...And 2.01m right after the last
update. Awesome!
Skullwaker (on 07 January 2015)
This should surpass 2m soon. Which is
actually really surprising considering
that's all retail sales, not even
counting digital, when it exists as DLC.
fleischr (on 31 July 2014)
... and people called this a flop
ExplodingBlock (on 27 April 2014)
Nice sales. My guess is that it sold
because it is half the price of a
regular Wii U game, but it still is a
good game
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