Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Global Total as of 02nd Sep 2017 (units): 2.92m
Platform: PlayStation 4Also on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Genre: Action

USA First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
16th November 20131267,979N/A267,979
23rd November 2013245,039-83.2%313,018
30th November 2013322,427-50.2%335,445
07th December 2013424,6049.7%360,049
14th December 2013541,30967.9%401,358
21st December 2013658,56841.8%459,926
28th December 2013740,792-30.4%500,718
04th January 2014819,348-52.6%520,066
11th January 2014914,217-26.5%534,283
18th January 2014101,300-90.9%535,583

USA Annual Summary (Units)



Slimebeast (on 29 January 2016)
I'm almost willing to agree with Mr
Pug. Perhaps not as good as AC2, but
very close.

I'm happy it's the best
selling Assassin's Creed with over 13
million copies including sales on PC.
Mr Puggsly (on 15 January 2016)
@asqarkabab - Actually, its arguably the
best. Maybe you meant "best" but
tapped the wrong keys.
asqarkabab (on 11 July 2015)
Worst ac game
Kerotan (on 26 February 2015)
Still the top selling next gen black
flag version despite no bundle. Very
Kerotan (on 10 November 2014)
i bought this on the EU store and i can
see the ratings as a result. Over 107k
people in the EU gave it a thumbs up so
I reckon in the EU alone downloads must
be around 250-300k. Prob because
everyone got the killzone bundle and a
lot then bought this on the psn store.

great game and just recently i got
the platinum. the online is actually
really good if people do the wolfpack
properly. i'm now half way through the
awelade dlc and i'm loving it too. hope
they do an AC 2
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