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11/15/13 Sony Computer Entertainment
02/22/14 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/29/13 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Killzone: Shadow Fall - Screenshots

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As of: January 29th, 2014

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paulrage2 posted 14/01/2018, 09:02
The best selling Killzone on the franchise. This is a prove that is so important the success momentum on the platform. If the console sells really well it will help to sell software. Killzone 2 and KZ3 deserved to sell more.
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WagnerPaiva posted 15/04/2017, 02:54
Not bad, but Killzone 2 multiplayer was legendary
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xboxonefan posted 17/03/2017, 12:04
horzion zero dawn has passed this now according to sony
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Mentore posted 27/01/2017, 03:19
Bloodborne has probably outsold this game by now.
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Mr Puggsly posted 24/02/2016, 09:11
Just completed this game. Now this is a game that oozes with potential but is somehow an overall mediocre game. I like that some levels have exploration and sometimes allow for different play styles. Its refreshing compared to some linear gallery shooters. But after about four levels, the games gets bad. Lots of trial and error along with repetitive objectives. There are also numerous areas with waves of enemies just to pad out the length. People mock CoD games for being short, but this is an why short games aren't inherently bad.

This game goes from from being genuinely enjoyable for a few levels to a slog. I now understand the negative reception this game received. It gave me a an appreciation for PS3 Killzone games, those now seem great in comparison.
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asqarkabab posted 11/07/2015, 01:10
Good but not as good as kz2 and 3
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