Killzone: Shadow Fall

Global Total as of 06th Dec 2014 (units): 2.08m
Platform: PlayStation 4
Developer: Guerrilla Games Genre: Action

Germany First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
30th November 2013135,699N/A35,699
07th December 201325,831-83.7%41,530
14th December 201339,55763.9%51,087
21st December 2013415,20559.1%66,292
28th December 2013511,586-23.8%77,878
04th January 201463,284-71.7%81,162
11th January 201473,4023.6%84,564
18th January 201482,122-37.6%86,686
25th January 201491,035-51.2%87,721
01st February 2014101,031-0.4%88,752

Germany Annual Summary (Units)



WebMasterFlex (on 28 November 2014)
Got the stand alone coop mode for 9.99.
Love it...
Dadrik (on 13 November 2014)
Yay for 2M !
drake_tolu (on 10 November 2014)
My god.
This game have sold 2,100,000
by end of December 2013 according to
Sony, and for VGChartz this game have
sold 1,980,000 by 25 October 2014...
WagnerPaiva (on 02 August 2014)
@iceland. Oh yeah, in this regard you
are right, Killzone never had good
sales. But the games are very good.
iceland (on 21 July 2014)

Was talking about the
earlier predictions of 4-5 million, not
really sure what this has to do with
Halo, but since you brought it up ...
IMO Killzone isn't even close. Halo is
the full package, amazing campaign,
competitive multiplayer, forge... the
game has endless replayability plus the
whole fileshare/theater systems makes
for a robust experience you still can't
get elsewhere. If you disagree with me
cool, we all have our opinions. I'm
glad you enjoy Killzone and it sold
pretty well.
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