Pokémon X/Y

Global Total as of 08th Aug 2015 (units): 13.00m
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Game Freak Genre: Role-Playing

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
12th October 201314,057,836N/A4,057,836
19th October 201321,304,433-67.9%5,362,269
26th October 20133722,384-44.6%6,084,653
02nd November 20134497,547-31.1%6,582,200
09th November 20135303,618-39.0%6,885,818
16th November 20136250,487-17.5%7,136,305
23rd November 20137249,009-0.6%7,385,314
30th November 20138387,40855.6%7,772,722
07th December 20139441,37113.9%8,214,093
14th December 201310532,57420.7%8,746,667

Global Annual Summary (Units)



PAOerfulone (4 days ago)
13 Million!
The 38th game in history!
The 7th Pokemon game to do it!
And in
doing so, has given the Nintendo 3DS its
first 13 million seller!
b00moscone (5 days ago)
13 million! Congratulatiooons! :D
Munchies (on 20 September 2015)
Slade6alpha, Nintendo has it at 13.99
million as of June 30th. This is
probably around 14.2M now.
Slade6alpha (on 20 September 2015)
Probably around 15 million if you
consider digital.
Junkrixx (on 16 September 2015)
12.98 M, Nearly 13 M!
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