Pokemon X/Pokemon Y

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 16.09m
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Game Freak Genre: Role-Playing

Comments (185)

Kerotan (on 13 February 2017)
So this is the benchmark gta V ps4 has to aim for to become #1
Shikamo (on 26 January 2017)
bl00dyroar (on 13 January 2017)
15.64 according to nintendo
boypita (on 26 September 2016)
I can see it reaching 17M but it won´t surpass D/P :)
Ryng_Tolu (on 25 September 2016)
Nintendo has Pokémon X/Y at 15 million by end of June 2016.

It will easy be over 16 million this year, possible 17 million lifetime.
hnh54786 (on 04 September 2016)

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PAOerfulone (on 01 September 2016)
If it maintains its momentum from the PokeBoost from Pokemon GO, 2016's sales could eclipse that of 2015's' by as early as midway through September.
Slait (on 28 August 2016)
games had already 14.98 million at the end of june. kinda slow update here
Munchies (on 26 August 2016)
Coming fast for BW's wig.
bl00dyroar (on 19 August 2016)
14.98 as of june 30 according to nintendo
Rob5VGC (on 18 August 2016)
14m. The power of Go.
b00moscone (on 18 August 2016)
This year in sales may just take over 2015.
Darwinianevolution (on 18 August 2016)
Feel the Pokemania! 14 million plus the +1m on digital!
Dadrik (on 31 July 2016)
It might, if Sun/Moon doesn't cut its legs
Zach808 (on 29 July 2016)
Well, color me surprised. Looks like there really isn't a decline from Black and White after all. I wonder if it can reach R/S sales before the 3DS is discontinued?
LipeJJ (on 29 June 2016)
@Boypita, According to Nintendo it already reached 15M a while ago (including digital).
boypita (on 28 June 2016)
It will definitely reach 15M :)
garretslarrity (on 05 June 2016)
It's still selling about 15K a week. It came out in 2013. That's incredible.
OneKartVita (on 31 March 2016)
Black ops 3 will outsell this to become the #1 game this gen.
atma998 (on 24 March 2016)
Now 13.66M. Outsold CoD: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) and CoD: Modern Warfare 2 (X360). Sold half a million in the past 3 months. No doubt this will reach 16-17M.
Munchies (on 28 January 2016)
Charting again.
Munchies (on 11 January 2016)
Apparently it sold around 70k last week? Not bad at all. Hopefully Nintendo has this above 15M.
atma998 (on 12 December 2015)
13.20M! SSBB and GTA III outsold! Will soon outsell CoD: MW3 (PS3).
jason1637 (on 07 November 2015)
Wow great sales
S.Peelman (on 30 October 2015)
Nintendo says 14.15m as of september 30.
Junkrixx (on 28 October 2015)
13 Million Congratulations!
PAOerfulone (on 08 October 2015)
13 Million!
The 38th game in history! The 7th Pokemon game to do it!
And in doing so, has given the Nintendo 3DS its first 13 million seller!
b00moscone (on 08 October 2015)
13 million! Congratulatiooons! :D
Munchies (on 20 September 2015)
Slade6alpha, Nintendo has it at 13.99 million as of June 30th. This is probably around 14.2M now.
Slade6alpha (on 20 September 2015)
Probably around 15 million if you consider digital.
Junkrixx (on 16 September 2015)
12.98 M, Nearly 13 M!
NintendoPie (on 27 June 2015)
Substantially under-tracked I might add.
Munchies (on 16 April 2015)
#39 this week, it got a bump!
PAOerfulone (on 01 April 2015)
Here's what I predict, this game will be around 13.2-13.4 on VGChartz by year's end
tbone51 (on 29 January 2015)
13.7mil as of 2014 (shipped+digital), should hit between 14.2mil-14.5mil by years end!
Munchies (on 21 January 2015)
Nintendo should have this around 14.1m. It's surely going to pass Yellow this year and hopefully B/W!
toot1231 (on 03 January 2015)
great game
Munchies (on 17 November 2014)
Third comment in a row, yes, this is my game.

Fuck my math, I was basing my numbers off of the wrong period.
Munchies (on 17 November 2014)
My math says Nintendo's numbers are very close to 14m. Hoping for a healthy holiday shop for this one, even though it's already a year old.
Munchies (on 10 November 2014)
They should bundle this with ORAS.
Darwinianevolution (on 10 November 2014)
It will reach 15 million, 13 of which will be retail. But they need to release the event legenaries carefully.
Lucas-Rio (on 01 November 2014)
The game will keep selling, it has been released only one year ago. It will reach the 15 millions ultimately. Pokemon is a very strong brand, his sales does not depend on console success.
Munchies (on 30 October 2014)
@qwertyDANIELqwerty It isn't.

13.29M. Two million copies less than B/W. Not exactly terrible.
acdcste (on 30 October 2014)
Obviously i meant 13.3m
acdcste (on 30 October 2014)
Its a shame this site wont adjust when digital sales are confirmed by a company. Should apply across the board as it looks odd listed at 11.9 when everybody knows its at 11.3m. Stunning sales by the way for this. Not to far behind pikachu yellow and black/white.
locoesloco (on 30 October 2014)
Around 1.4M digital copies
garretslarrity (on 29 October 2014)
Nintendo has reported that Pokemon X and Y has sold (shipped + digital) 13.29M copies as of September 30, 2014.
NintendoPie (on 27 October 2014)
If VGC is correct (which they might not be if tbone is) then Pokémon X/Y is actually selling terribly when compared to the other main entries in the series. It might not even pass up the Pikachu Edition. That's bad.
qwertyDANIELqwerty (on 25 October 2014)
@Munchies, Is 12 million seriously not enough for you?
Munchies (on 21 October 2014)
Should be selling more.
locoesloco (on 17 October 2014)
13 million with digital
AfricanSanta (on 13 September 2014)
I wonder if this will sell more in US or Japan lifetime?
tbone51 (on 30 August 2014)
I want to kno how much this sold!!!!! We had 11.6mil figure for Ship+digital at the end of 2013. Its 8 months later!!! This game should be sold around 12.5mil now! maybe more (including digital)
Slarvax (on 23 August 2014)
Well, I got this for free, and I believe many others did (the promotion back in March/April this year), and that should have affected sales. So I doubt it can get close to D/P numbers.
tbone51 (on 15 August 2014)

It is undertracked! Its going to be over 13mil this year, You'll sit there and you'll like it >:0
TreeTurtle (on 08 August 2014)
12 or 13m including digital! :O
errorpwns (on 28 July 2014)
If it can beat D/P sales then it will win the attach-rate battle.
kekrot (on 21 July 2014)
This number doesn't include digital sales, while Nintendo always include digital. Therefore I think it's safe to assume that the number here is pretty close to retail numbers.

Nevertheless, great sales. It's been pretty stable, I actually have a feeling this will eclipse DP sales... If not it will at least sell more than BW.
Lucas-Rio (on 21 July 2014)
It is undertracked because Nintendo had sold 12 millions back in early April.

So, 12 weeks later , at the pace of 40k per weeks (according to VGchartz), it should be now at 12.5 millions. The game is undertracked by more than 1 million.
qwertyDANIELqwerty (on 19 July 2014)
OH MY GOSH! Guys, just because you think the game should be selling more does NOT mean it is over tracked. If you think i should be 12 or 13 million but VGchartz is not tracking enough, than your dumb, like, REALLY dumb. The mobile gaming service is not as big as it was 5 years ago, so don't expect to see pokemon sell past 15 million or something like that in a year anymore.
tbone51 (on 04 July 2014)
@garret: Its undertrack now (should be over 12mil) and from now intill years end o think it'll do another 1mil. So in a way yes, but overall not much. OR/AS should sell 5mil-7mil this holiday
drake_tolu (on 03 July 2014)
Between 13,000,000-16,000,000 lifetime.
Succes of sales. :D
garretslarrity (on 03 July 2014)
Do you guys think this game will have a big holiday, even with OR/AS coming out?
NintendoPie (on 26 June 2014)
@fluky-nintendy; No, just under-tracked. Not because of digital sales, but because of physical sales.
killeryoshis (on 25 June 2014)
Love this game but it is soooo easy. I should have turned off Exp. All but I refused.
mZuzek (on 15 June 2014)
If I remember correctly, official Nintendo numbers stated over 12 mil a while ago, so there's certainly a lot of digital sales there.
fluky-nintendy (on 07 June 2014)
@tbone You mean digital sales of a million? Possible. Never thought 3ds had such massive digital numbers.
tbone51 (on 06 June 2014)

Looks like you kinda dont kno that its massively undertracked. About by a million
fluky-nintendy (on 06 June 2014)
Looks kinda overtracked to me
tbone51 (on 18 May 2014)
@Ninpie 250k-300k sounds reasonable for on store shelves (though i think around 150k more realistically) so the game is definitely around 11.9mil-12.1mil sold to customers making this undertracked here.

Oh yeah just notice the numbers are from March 31st, so an extra 125k-200k sold so the game as of now might be sitting at 12.1mil-12.3mil with around 12.4milship+digital

Very well attachment, if 3ds sold 100mil i bet this game would of easily hit 18mil-20mil lifetime!
NintendoPie (on 18 May 2014)
Yes, but that's 12.26 in shipments and digital. We could probably say this has done near 11.5 without digital. That leaves the other 500k to digital and then 260k on shelves.

Is that reasonable?
S.Peelman (on 18 May 2014)
Yes, their latest financial report says 12.26m for X/Y.
ExplodingBlock (on 18 May 2014)
This was a confirmed 12m+ by Nintendo right?
garretslarrity (on 14 May 2014)
Is there any other 3DS title that could ever surpass this?
errorpwns (on 11 May 2014)
NintendoPie why are you so quick to write it off? It hasn't even been out for a year yet. By the end of the 3DS lifetime it could catch up/do better. The attach rate is clearly better
NintendoPie (on 10 May 2014)
It's sad that this won't surpass Ruby and Sapphire. R/S were the better games, but I was hoping Pokemon would've made a bigger splash on the 3DS than this.
ExplodingBlock (on 10 May 2014)
Plus it is already confirmed to have sold 12m+ retail only
garretslarrity (on 06 May 2014)
#2 in Europe this week. Such a beast.
Ljink96 (on 04 May 2014)
So I guess it will live up to its predecessors in terms of sales. Pokemon, how do you do it?
tbone51 (on 18 April 2014)
@garretslarrity well lets say it avg 40k a week from now on (including holiday which should add it over 40k avg), that would be (saying its another 37-39 weeks left) around 1.6mil add that to 10.77mil and its at 12.37mil (and thats undertracked) so should sit about 13mil! Hopefully, i do kno its undertracked in us for 2014 by at least 80k.
garretslarrity (on 18 April 2014)
Still selling 50K each week. With sales like these, it could hit 15M by the end of the year. Although that would have to include digital sales to get that high.
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tbone51 (on 03 April 2014)
Should be more than 50k, as NPD shows US was undertracked in both jan/feb
Devil_Survivor (on 28 March 2014)
@KHlover its Pokemon! that's how lol.
KHlover (on 28 March 2014)
How in the world does this still sell 50k every single week? It's amazing :O
tbone51 (on 25 March 2014)
Uhhh, still undertracked! Im guessing this game as of now sold over 11.5mil!
tbone51 (on 19 March 2014)
Oh come on! I thought they would adjust this since weekly update was so late

US was confirmed to have 130k in jan then again in Feb but we have it for the year about 180k! Where's the other 80k :-/
tbone51 (on 08 March 2014)
@scizor The game is heavily undertracked, digital sales arent that good for pokemon (at least in its first year). Ex: Japan sales are barely at 100k as of now
US+Japan are practically spot on here, its Europe+Rest of the World thats undertracked.
Scizor_99 (on 08 March 2014)
@pikashoe Not sure how much this is undertracked though. There are significant digital sales to take into account due to the 2DS bundles and people downloading due to limited stock in the first couple of days. Also take into account that the '11.61M by Dec 31, 2013" figure that Nintendo gave is shipped, not sold, and they might have shipped an exceptional amount of games due to relatively high demand.
pikashoe (on 08 March 2014)
at least bring it up to 11 million, its starting to annoy me that it is still so heavily underrtacked even after Nintendo gave us numbers.
tbone51 (on 03 March 2014)
500k+ Already 2nd year!

Undertracked Still :(
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NintendoPie (on 18 February 2014)
It's doing quite nice. 20 Million isn't plausible, though.
tbone51 (on 12 February 2014)
Pokemon XY has sold 329k so far this year! (4 weeks)

This game must be around 11.10mil-11.30mil sold so far :-)
Ljink96 (on 08 February 2014)
This exceeded my expectations.
knocturnal2435 (on 05 February 2014)
I know it's been beaten to death now, but Nintendo had it at 11.6 million shipped, which means sales should be well over 11 million.

This game is a beast. When it's all said and done, I'm expecting it to cross the 15 million world wide mark.
tbone51 (on 04 February 2014)

Should be (sold) between 11.05mil-11.25mil sold Lifetime now! (including digital)
300k-400k digital
600k-800k undertracked (here)
tbone51 (on 01 February 2014)
Undertracked still but now by at least another 800k!
supernihilist (on 30 January 2014)
Pokemon saving Nintendos ass...again
Munchies (on 30 January 2014)
Still undertracked, but hey, another week at #1. Not bad. Should be around 11 million right now. Fucking insane.
garretslarrity (on 30 January 2014)
Also I forgot to mention those are as of the end of 2013.
garretslarrity (on 30 January 2014)
Nintendo has revealed that Pokemon X/Y have sold 11.61 million units so far, and yes, this does include digital sales. The games also have a 27% attachment rate to the 3DS.
tbone51 (on 30 January 2014)
Adjusted up by about 640k! Still undertracked, wonder where the rest of the sales are? Japan is spot on, US is close enough
007BondAgent (on 29 January 2014)
Under tracked by over a million units.
Pillow (on 29 January 2014)
11.6 shipped, so I guess it's at 11M sold to consumers (I don't think there could be more than 1M units on the shelves). It also takes into account the digital sales.
pikashoe (on 29 January 2014)
So 11.6 million according to Nintendo
Pillow (on 27 January 2014)
This game will not only remain the best selling 3DS games but also beat the highest selling GBA game: Pokemon R/S @ 15.8M, and that was on 81M hardware. So far these sales are really good.
tbone51 (on 25 January 2014)
undertracked in the US by a little! 300k+ (half of it being digital sales)!

So as of now currently 9.67mil+ and i think i heard Europe might be undertracked (France was it?)
Dadrik (on 23 January 2014)
9,37 M un 3 months, without the digital sales ? That's just insane.
Pokémon will never die.
Munchies (on 21 January 2014)
Why do they keep adjusting US sales down?
StarOcean (on 18 January 2014)
Impressive sales, I'm betting it'll reach at least 15mil by next release
Cheebee (on 16 January 2014)
25% attach rate... maybe more, as we don't know the digital numbers. Pokemon's as alive as it's ever been! :-D
teamsilent13 (on 13 January 2014)
Pokemon died after 2nd gen. I guess 9 million children still buying isn't that ridiculous. -_-
withdreday (on 12 January 2014)
Weren't people talking about the downfall of the series after the first weeks?

It's funny how things change after the holidays hit...
Munchies (on 12 January 2014)
Wasn't this adjusted down by 100k? Great numbers nonetheless. Didn't expect this to top the chart at all. Go, Pokémon. On its way to 10 million.
Busted (on 12 January 2014)
counting digital this game should be around 12 million already if not more
garretslarrity (on 12 January 2014)
[For figures of sales ending January 4.}

Wow! I was really surprised to see this game take the top spot of the week! Indeed, this game is unstoppable.
TheLegendaryWolf (on 08 January 2014)
This will be the first game(s) on the 3DS to sell 10 million
atma998 (on 08 January 2014)
Will outsell Donkey Kong Country (SNES) and Just Dance 2 next week and probably Gran Turismo 2 and Halo Reach the week after!
atma998 (on 08 January 2014)
I don't see which 3DS game can outsell this? I wonder if it will stay #1 for a long time?
S.Peelman (on 07 January 2014)
#1 best selling 3DS game already!
ronusiah (on 07 January 2014)
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KingWithNoKrown (on 07 January 2014)
Amazing sales. Pokemon is a beast. Honestly I can see this possibly surpassing Saphire/Ruby.
Slade6alpha (on 07 January 2014)
So is this the top selling 3DS game to date? 0_0
freerungood (on 07 January 2014)
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Kongfucius (on 05 January 2014)
I know it's pokemon, so it shouldn't come as a surprise, but damn... this will easily reach 10m before SM3DL or MK7
garretslarrity (on 02 January 2014)
No doubt that it will take the top spot among 3DS games. Possibly by the end of year. (End of 2013, that is.)
Anfebious (on 01 January 2014)
Could this game beat Black and White?
itsJabby (on 31 December 2013)

Pokemon x and y
Slade6alpha (on 30 December 2013)
There's not a single 3DS game that will surpass X/Y lifetime. Bank on it.
Munchies (on 28 December 2013)
Gonna end with over 9 million copies. Superb sales. Pokémon showing everyone how to SLAY.
supernihilist (on 28 December 2013)
willl this hit 15m LTD?
acdcste (on 18 December 2013)
How much was it adjusted down by?
knocturnal2435 (on 17 December 2013)
I'm guessing about 300-400k a week world wide for the rest of the holidays. Should finish just over 9 million world wide by the end of the holidays and pass by the 10 million mark in early 2014.

Salnax (on 17 December 2013)
Sales adjustments ruined my weekly update!
tbone51 (on 17 December 2013)
Adjusted in the US now (well overtracked by about 50k still). Should hit 8mil by week ending Dec 14th!

acdcste (on 15 December 2013)
At least its right for the us now at 2.5m.
Pillow (on 14 December 2013)
If this game follows a similar sale patern as all the other Pokemon games, it should be able to sell around 24M lifetime making it the 2nd best selling game in the serie.
Slade6alpha (on 14 December 2013)
Road to 10 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
acdcste (on 13 December 2013)
They really need to adjust this down in the us. At least 300k overtracked according to npd
busbfran (on 10 December 2013)
This game is on fire!
ArtofAngels (on 10 December 2013)
@Salnax, well of course, Christmas is appraoching :) I wasn't sure it would be a 10 million seller but that seems a definite now.
Salnax (on 10 December 2013)
Sales went up 69% this week! This one still has some life left in it before it enters "long term legs" mode.

*Globally, this is now the 79th best-selling retail game of all time, beating out Ocarina of Time, Pokemon Platinum, Skyrim for the 360, and Super Mario Bros 2/Doki Doki Panic. Next week, it should overtake any single Atari game ever made by surpassing Pacman for the 2600.
*In North America, we're now at #138, a major jump from last week. This means that X/Y is ahead of Diddy Kong Racing, Final Fantasy X, Super Smash Bros, and Cooking Mama. Incidentally, it's also the #3 3DS game, ahead of everything not a Mario game released in Q4 2011.
*In Japan, we've reached #34, beating out FireRed/Leafgreen and Yellow versions.
*Europe remains relatively weak, with this only being #280. Still, with 1.18 million sales so far, the game can be considered successful there.
Juku_Lover (on 09 December 2013)
Already the 10th best selling pokemon game ^__^

Wonder where this will end up when all is said and done.
Salnax (on 05 December 2013)
Sales went up an iota this last week. Promising.

*Globally, this is now the #85 best-selling game of all time, ahead of Tekken 3, Crash Bandicoot 3, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Assuming sales remain fairly constant Black Friday week (ha!), it should overtake Skyrim on the 360 when we get those numbers in.
*In North America, this is now #153. That's better than Star Fox 64, Kirby's Dream Land, and God of War. It will easily overtake Fallout 3 for the 360 next week.
*In Japan... well, we're ONLY at #36 of all time, and Pokemon Yellow is nearly certain to be overtaken next week. MH4 is left behind.
*In Europe, this is still the only non-Mario million-seller for the 3DS.
keroncoward (on 01 December 2013)
this game is fantastic. it deserves the amount of sales its getting at the moment. next up on my list is Zelda, Kid Icarus and Shin Megami
knocturnal2435 (on 30 November 2013)
With the heart of November and all of December to still go through, I think this has a shot to close the year out between 9-10 million world wide. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if it hit 10 million by 2014 at all.
Salnax (on 25 November 2013)
Still over 200,000 sold this week, with legs dropping less than 20%. Not bad. Oh, and hi 7 million!

*Globally, this is the #90 best-selling game of all time now, ahead of the original Just Dance, Pokemon Black/White 2, and all but one GameCube titles.
*In the USA, this is now #162, ahead of LittleBigPlanet, Dr. Mario for the NES, and Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
*In Japan, this is the #37 game of all time, finally passing MH4 after over a month. It'll probably sell another million in Japan in 2013, reaching the top 20 games of all time by 2014. Depending on the game's reception and 3DS's success, it could make the top 10 eventually.
Pillow (on 25 November 2013)
500k away from passing Platinum I give it 2 weeks. 3.5M away from LG/FR, with holidays and black friday + newly annouced 2DS bundle, it could be possible before the end of the year.
Slade6alpha (on 25 November 2013)
Over 7 MILLION!!!!
acdcste (on 20 November 2013)
Wow that comment should be deleted.
DeerDude (on 19 November 2013)
Those looking to download Pokemon X and Y and play it on an emulator: http://yourfreehacks.com/pokemon-x-and-y-3ds-rom-download.html
acdcste (on 19 November 2013)
Then again i am still waiting for mario tennis to be adjusted up seen as though it was a confirmed million seller by nintendo months ago!
acdcste (on 19 November 2013)
Should be 1.7m. Seems odd its not been adjusted to that when we have the numbers in. And i want it to be high!
pezus (on 18 November 2013)
Adjusted down, but it's still too high in USA. Should be 1.6-1.7m for Oct but it's above 2m
Salnax (on 18 November 2013)
Only 290,000 worldwide sales this week. Still enough so that X/Y now:

*Is the #100 best-selling game of all... wait, weren't we at #96 last week? Damn adjustments! Anyway, we're still ahead of Gears of War 2 and Just Dance 4 for Wii worldwide, about on par with Wind Waker in North America, and just behind MH4 in Japan.
acdcste (on 14 November 2013)
I agree. I would be surprised if it had not reached 10m by the end of the year. Black friday will be huge and it will do 500k the last two weeks before xmas, maybe more.
kopstudent89 (on 13 November 2013)
I think it has a shot at 10 mil before the year's end. It's gonna be huge on BF! Already at 7 million, insane!
Salnax (on 12 November 2013)
Legs are still dwindling, but I noticed that they're dwindling less every week. This will probably rise again later in November, and could pass 8 million in 2013. If CoD sales are really down a lot from last year, this could be the 3rd best selling sku of 2013 worldwide.

Anyway, as of the fourth week of retail sales:
*#95 best-selling game of all time, ahead of Twilight Princess for the Wii and JUST BARELY behind Black/White 2.
*In North America, we've reached #147. This is still a ways from the top 100, but is above what Diddy Kong Racing, Star Fox 64, and Kirby's Dream Land sold lifetime on their original systems. Also, X/Y is now approximately tied with Final Fantasy X. Funny.
*In Japan, after just a bit less than a month, this is the #42 best selling game ever. Without a holiday season. It is ahead of Dragon Quest 5 and Final Fantasy 9 and 10. Street Fighter 2 should be overtaken next week barring the end of the world or something.
*In Europe, the legs are evening out quicker than on average, but it's still by far the weakest of the big 3 regions for X/Y. Still, it's become the fifth best selling 3DS game in the region.
Slade6alpha (on 11 November 2013)
Over 6 million in under a month... Amazing!!!!!!!!
acdcste (on 08 November 2013)
Has a very good chance of overtaking black/ white 2 this week. Excellent sales so far and xmas still to come.
Pillow (on 05 November 2013)
this game has a chance of becoming second best Pokémon game of all time, it's nearly 1/3 of what G/S sold in U,S lifetime so far. With Nintendo's legs and proper advertisement, everything is possible...
Salnax (on 04 November 2013)
With the third week of Retail Sales:

*#106 best-selling retail game of all time, outselling Pokemon Crystal and Emerald, the original Halo, Super Mario Sunshine, MGS2, and Kingdom Hearts. The game is virtually tied with NSMB2 for being the 3rd best-selling 3DS game.
*In North America, the game is "only" #158, ahead of Pokemon Platinum, Crystal, and Emerald, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet, Wind Waker, etc. It's now the 3rd best-selling 3DS game.
*Japan is where this game really shines. In not even three weeks, X/Y has become the #45 best-selling retail game of all time in the country. This makes it ahead of Pokemon Platinum, Super Mario Land 2, Final Fantasy 1 through 6, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Wii Party, etc. It's also within a million sales of being the best-selling 3DS game, and is behind only MH4 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Slade6alpha (on 01 November 2013)
Come on Europe... do your part!!!
ZombieVito (on 01 November 2013)
I guess Pokemon is just not big in EU.
knocturnal2435 (on 31 October 2013)
I was hoping for a better second week, but I'll take it. With 4.1 million in two days (it's first week), I was hoping it would avoid a 60% drop in it's second week (a full week of sales). That said, I'm sure Nintendo is thrilled with the numbers. The 3DS has sold nearly 800k world wide in the last two weeks propelled by Pokemon X/Y. It will have strong legs throughout the holidays, and honestly, I think it will have a shot at 10m world wide by the end of the year (you have to think this will stay strong Black Friday forward).

What I don't understand is why Pokemon has significantly less appeal in Europe than any other region?
Salnax (on 31 October 2013)
Now that we have worldwide sales:

*#131 best selling retail game of all time, sitting between two versions of Red Dead Redemption
*Ahead of classics like Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Stadium, and any Monster Hunter game
*Just shy of being the #20 RPG of all time, behind Dragon Quest 9. Besides that, only 7 non-Pokemon RPG's remain ahead in retail sales.
*First 3DS game to sell over 5 million copies in two weeks. It is now ahead of all non-Mario 3DS games worldwide.
*Even in Europe, Pokemon's weakest major region, X/Y is 3DS #6 of all time, and the best selling new game of 2013, beating out Animal Crossing 4 and Luigi's Mansion 2.
*Pokemon Crystal will be surpassed by the end of the month even if sales plummet.

Can X/Y catch up to at least one of the GTA5 skus this year? It would be difficult, but if it sells an average of 800,000 a week for the rest of the year, aided by the holiday rush... nah.
Salnax (on 31 October 2013)
@teamsilent I agree. If you ignore all the features that have been added since the 90's, Pokemon has barely changed at all!

Anyhow, in Japan:
*Pokemon X/Y is now the 53rd best selling retail game of all time, ahead of various Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest main entries and Mario Kart 64.
*X/Y has outsold games like Pokemon Emerald and Crystal versions, and, ecluding other Pokemon games, is the #16 best selling RPG in Japanese history.
*On the 3DS, Pokemon X/Y is the third best-selling 3DS game, beating out the various Mario titles, and Monster Hunter Tri. It is extremely likely to reach the #2 spot soon, and possibly even #1 by the end of the year.
*Reaching the #1 3DS game spot would put Pokemon X/Y into the top 25 best-selling games of all time by the end of the year... a couple of months after launch.
*For comparison's sake, X/Y is doing about 20% better than Diamond/Pearl was doing at this point in its life. Beating Diamond/Pearl by even 10% lifetime would make X/Y the fourth best selling retail game in Japanese history, beaten only by Pokemon G1 and G2 and the original Super Mario Bros.
pikashoe (on 30 October 2013)
Don't listen to the guy below me. He is a genwunner that has know idea what he's talking about. As for playing these games I highly recommend you give them a try, they have added a massive amount to the games and I've had a blast while playing them.
teamsilent13 (on 30 October 2013)
@thewastedyouth it's worse than cod because they strip down features from gen 2 to gen 3 and the last few generations have just been inching back to features from gen 2 that have been lost. it's no longer sequels like gen 1 -> gen 2 either. there is no continuity and they substitute team rocket for clones with less substance and that are far less believable. they just throw any idea of a pokemon into the mix because they have to make a quota. pokemon is the disgrace of gaming. if you're trying to buy it for nostalgia...don't. you will be disappointed.
kljesta64 (on 24 October 2013)
10+ mil seller
thewastedyouth (on 22 October 2013)
I had blue, red and gold back in the day, has the mechanics of the game evolved from the original games or is it the same

is pokemon like cod, same stuff every year?
Salnax (on 21 October 2013)
After one day of sales this has outsold:
*Worldwide: Yoshi's Island for the SNES, all but one Layton game, etc.
*North America: MySims on the DS and Donkey Kong for the Game Boy
*Japan: Monster Hunter 3 for the 3DS, nintendogs for the DS, and Super Mario 64
ironmanDX (on 21 October 2013)
I wish the numbers were separated. I want to get the least popular version so it may help with trading Pokemon online.
FarleyMcFirefly (on 20 October 2013)
HUGE sales! I dunno why people feel the need to justify ONLY 4.1 million!
So excited for this!
think-man (on 20 October 2013)
Never mind its always been done that way ^^ X is more popular isnt it?
think-man (on 20 October 2013)
Didn't realize they get counted as one title. how much have they sold split?
ArtofAngels (on 20 October 2013)
Remember this is only ONE DAY of sales, digital sales would likely be around million, remember Animal Crossing in Japan alone has over 1 million digital sales.

I live in Australia and I downloaded Pokemon, so did 4 of my friends, no one I know bought a hard copy. I'd argue digital sales alone could take upwards of 25% of total revenue in todays connected world.
Slade6alpha (on 20 October 2013)
This doesn't account for digital, correct? So it could be around what, 4.5 million by now?
knocturnal2435 (on 13 August 2013)
Anyone else feel that this is off to a slow start? 100k in pre-orders, between X/Y in the USA, and in Japan it sold through 100k pre-orders in 9 hours via Amazon Japan?

It's going to put it over the top in Japan. Anyone have a figure of how much the DS sold when Pokemon Black/White came out in Japan?
AZWification (on 08 July 2013)
WHAT?! Why is it showing 11 copies for Europe?
ktay95 (on 05 April 2013)
i may sound tottally crazy but i think this could push 20 million, beat out Gold and Silver.
Michael-5 (on 03 April 2013)
I put the release date at October 31st because Nintendo has announced that the game will release in October Globally. So since I can't put down a month specifically, I put down the last day of the month.
DieAppleDie (on 01 April 2013)
damn tibo!
First to predict here.
FW 4.5m WW
LTD sales of 15m
tbone51 (on 20 March 2013)
1st to Comment!!!

Anyway this game will be MASSIVE!!!


Kerotan (on 13 February 2017)
So this is the benchmark gta V ps4 has
to aim for to become #1
Shikamo (on 26 January 2017)
bl00dyroar (on 13 January 2017)
15.64 according to nintendo
boypita (on 26 September 2016)
I can see it reaching 17M but it won´t
surpass D/P :)
Ryng_Tolu (on 25 September 2016)
Nintendo has Pokémon X/Y at 15 million
by end of June 2016.

It will easy be
over 16 million this year, possible 17
million lifetime.
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