Yoshi's Woolly World

Global Total as of 01st Aug 2015 (units): 0.20m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Good-Feel Genre: Platform

Total Units

Europe: 0.14m 67.8%
+ Japan: 0.04m 22.1%
+ Rest of the World: 0.02m 10.1%
= Global 0.20m

Release History

Yoshi's Woolly World NintendoEurope26th June 2015Retail
Yoshi's Woolly World NintendoJapan16th July 2015Retail
Yoshi's Wool World NintendoJapan16th July 2015Retail
Yoshi's Woolly World NintendoNorth America16th October 2015Retail

Game Overview

Yoshi's Woolly World, previously known as Yarn Yoshi, is an upcoming 2.5D side-scrolling game being developed by Good-Feel Company and due to be published by Nintendo exclusively for the Wii U.

The game utilises a similar artistic design to Good-Feel's Kirby's Epic Yarn and is intended to be a similar, but unique game.



spurgeonryan (on 17 September 2015)
N.A needs to represent and push out
400,000 in sales!
Skullwaker (on 03 September 2015)
I think Kirby's Epic Yarn is a good
sales model to go by for this game. NA
really pulled its weight with that game,
it sold about 1.5m there alone. Then in
Europe it sold about 100k, and Japan
200k. Here, we should expect Japan and
Europe to flip and then half NA's total
considering the install base of the Wii
U isn't the same as the Wii. That will
lead to barely over 1m. Of course, it
could do a bit worse or better, but
we'll see.
Goodnightmoon (on 03 September 2015)
The game is holding well on Europe, and
usually Europe hates the cutest kind of
Nintendo games like Yoshi or Kirby so
thatīs something.
b00moscone (on 03 September 2015)
I can imagine NA doing the bulk, let's
say 500k, then EU doing around 25k, with
Japan and ROW doing the remaining 250k
Skullwaker (on 01 September 2015)
I really hope this game reaches 1m sold
LT. NA really needs to do heavy lifting
though, which I imagine could happen
considering it's Yoshi and it's the
big new release in October.
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