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12/04/15 Nintendo
04/29/15 Nintendo
12/04/15 Nintendo

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Nuvendil posted 18/09/2017, 11:09
Well, it matched its predecessor at least. This game could have sold over a million but Nintendo fumbled at the goal line. After including it prominently in nearly every direct following its announcement, it got passing mention at E3 2015 and very, very little promotion at launch. Thankfully, this seems to be a bad habit from the Wii U era that Nintendo has gotten past.
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think-man posted 08/12/2016, 05:18
I still need to pick this up.
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goldmario79 posted 27/11/2016, 03:29
Industry insiders have already posted on their twitter accounts- this will be confirmed as one of the first games for the Switch in its six month roll out. Now Mirage Sessions FE... thats quite a different story here. But I'm sure we can expect to see another Fire Emblem as well.
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fedfed posted 24/11/2016, 03:54
@Darwin... you were right there is a rumour.... no chance this will get to 1 million now!
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Darwinianevolution posted 17/10/2016, 09:26
This is going to be ported/remastered for the NX. No way Nintendo is going to be happy with just around a million, I bet this game took a lot of resources and want it to see it do better.
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curl-6 posted 11/10/2016, 02:54
@thewastedyouth: Not that unusual; same thing happened with the first Xenoblade on Wii and Pandora's Tower.
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