Xenoblade Chronicles X

Global Total as of 07th Nov 2015 (units): 0.12m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Monolith Soft Genre: Role-Playing

Total Units

Japan: 0.12m 100.0%
+ Rest of the World: 0.00m 0.0%
= Global 0.12m

Release History

Xenoblade Chronicles X NintendoJapan29th April 2015Retail
Xenoblade Chronicles X NintendoNorth America04th December 2015Retail
Xenoblade Chronicles X NintendoEurope04th December 2015Retail

Game Overview

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a Japanese Role-Playing game currently being developed by Monolith Soft and due to be published by Nintendo for the Wii U. It is the follow up title to the critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles.

An open world action RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X will allow players to explore the vast open fantasy world and battle in giant mechas called 'Dolls', both on the ground and in the skies.



b00moscone (4 days ago)
XCX USA pre-orders did get tracked down
by about 30,000, but perhaps its still a
bit over.
fleischr (on 02 November 2015)
actually I mean NA + EU together...
fleischr (on 02 November 2015)
I would guess the actual pre-order count
is close to half of where VGC has it
right now. WiiU owners honestly don't
have much else to look forward to for
the holiday. 500k first week in NA I
don't think is out of question based on
the hype it has and the word of mouth
it'll get.
Munchies (on 02 November 2015)
Pre-order numbers are so wrong.
Nautilus (on 01 November 2015)
@b00moscone if you are counting only
physical sales, sure.Its actually a
little better.As Meret stated, XC did
130k in the first year, and XCX already
has 120k in 6 months, so it is doing
better alone with physical on a smaller
installed console base.But if we add the
digital sales of the only month we
know(which is may), the game comes close
to 150k(it sold 22.805 units), and thats
only one month!Considering its high
digital sales compared to its physical
sales, this game with digital sales
could have sold even more, higher than
160k and even maybe 170k.So its
definelly selling better.Sure, in the
end it probably only sell 100k or 150k
more than the original, but it is still
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