Shadow of the Colossus

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 1.14m
Platform: PlayStation 2Also on: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Developer: Team ICO Genre: Action

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Clyde32 (on 05 February 2015)
Best game on the PS2.
Dadrik (on 05 September 2014)
Seems undertracked in Europe.
narre (on 07 April 2014)
I meant a hidden gem.
narre (on 07 April 2014)
This game is a hidden game.
Lynx_7 (on 13 August 2012)
Amazing game so far. Great atmosphere, big landscapes and huge colossus battles.
thewastedyouth (on 07 August 2012)
I am pretty sure this game sold WAY MORE!!!!
postofficebuddy (on 23 December 2011)
I never realized until recently that this game is infamous for its numerous hidden glitched areas.
Kyuu (on 16 September 2011)
wow nice legs.. I wonder why Europe sales aren't tracked though.
Mordred11 (on 03 September 2011)
thats one really nice banner
Mordred11 (on 03 September 2011)
MARCUSDJACKSON (on 01 September 2011)
ok so who added all those screen shots?
Fufinu (on 28 August 2011)
The re-released collection will surpass the originals in sales.
MARCUSDJACKSON (on 18 August 2011)
the battles are just epic
MARCUSDJACKSON (on 18 August 2011)
simply breath taking
Machina (on 16 May 2011)
Completed this again today. Hard to put into words how amazing this game is.
ishiki (on 01 May 2011)
the framerate is aweful, and really unnacceptable imo. But, I played it again on emulator w/o slowdown. And this game has my favorite boss battles in videogames.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 09 January 2011)
This game would be over 2 million with EMEAA sales.
spurgeonryan (on 07 January 2011)
7.8 could be good just because of the control, and the lack of anything else to do in the game, even thoug it is fun with out.
Galvanizer (on 05 January 2011)
The most epic one-on-one battles in the history of gaming.
Boutros (on 23 December 2010)
I'm ready when you are patapon ^.^
Boutros (on 23 December 2010)
I gave this game a 7.8 ^.^
spurgeonryan (on 20 December 2010)
Well its a great game! Graphics, sound, gameplay, game time! But the controls drop this between 8.5 and 9.5.
patapon (on 17 December 2010)
Oh yea, and die.
patapon (on 17 December 2010)
The people who scored this below a 9.5 can suck my dick
Ali-Kharazi (on 06 November 2010)
The most EPIC game ever. and the subtle story-telling was great.
NYANKS (on 20 October 2010)
I love this game so much. And no to Severance, that isn't weird at all.
Severance (on 28 April 2010)
i idolize this game, if that is even possible or a sane thing to do, but i do it.
RockSmith372 (on 12 April 2010)
this game was amazing! Ever second was exciting
rpg70 (on 18 February 2010)
16 boss fights, no filler, 100% gold
homer (on 11 January 2010)
I want this game so badly.
Salnax (on 05 January 2010)
This game doesn't offer that much content, but every scrap of it is gold.
Red4ADevil (on 08 December 2009)
just got this at my local gamestop with my new PS2 (replaced my old one) Its phenomenal!!
Attoyou (on 29 November 2009)
one of the best games all time
TrevDaRev (on 23 November 2009)
Fuck this game looks amazing!!!
*Goes searching on Ebay for a copy*..:D
shuckille (on 31 October 2009) true especially on the ps2 pushed the system to its limits not graphically however but the game still looks great even today
--OkeyDokey-- (on 16 October 2009)
Others sales NAO!
superbeast1370 (on 26 September 2009)
amazing game, totally amazing.
ylowbstard (on 05 August 2009)
One of the greatest achievements in gaming history.
c03n3nj0 (on 23 July 2009)
This game is full of awesomeness! ^_^
VivaLaWiida (on 21 July 2009)
Wow it totally sucks, that a used copy
still costs about 50 euros.
BxN (on 26 May 2009)
Greatest game of all-time ? It is a serious contender IMO.
Kantor (on 22 May 2009)
If you guys enjoyed it, why not replay it?
nen-suer (on 20 May 2009)

It sold about 1.5 million

And ICO sold about 950K

If i remember correctly
TheThunder (on 11 May 2009)
such an amazing game I can write all day long on how much I love it
looking forward for their next game
skeezer (on 10 May 2009)
Just bought it on ebay last week, I can't wait to play it tomorow
Blaiyan (on 03 May 2009)
Probably a million seller.
Wickedshyn (on 02 May 2009)
Amazing game.
antfromtashkent (on 28 April 2009)
Got it yesterday YAAAAY!!
saimcheeda (on 23 April 2009)
im getting this one of these days!!
c03n3nj0 (on 14 April 2009)
I will be getting this soon! ^_^
MetalGearSolid_4ever (on 12 April 2009)
sold 4 copies this week !
Kantor (on 29 March 2009)
Fuck my controller's crappy R1 button that keeps unpressing itself!

On the 13th right now.
Kyuu (on 03 March 2009)
This is the master of all the pieces! ... can't wait for any announcement regarding its sequel.
vic_viper (on 29 January 2009)
Aestheticly amazing coupled with incredibly epic gameplay. Team Ico can do no wrong.
pearljammer (on 27 January 2009)

Another good reason to catch the film is to hear Pearl Jam's great cover of The Who's "Love, Reign O'er Me".
zuvuyeay (on 13 January 2009)
what a game it was...i'm going to stick it in my ps3 to remind myself.....when i track down that beautiful edition i bought and had to trade.....grrr
--OkeyDokey-- (on 09 January 2009)
@ Fazz

Yeah. It was the only reason I watched it :P

This game sold 30 copies last week. Go SotC!
fazz (on 05 January 2009)
I didn't know this game had a quite prominent role in an Adam Sandler movie.
BroFe (on 02 January 2009)
One of the best games in history, I'm looking forward to seeing what ICO Team does with PS3.
Nazir (on 16 December 2008)
just finished playing
im so happy i can't think of anything good to write.
wow...just wow

FilaBrasileiro (on 06 December 2008)
This game has sold at least 190k in Japan.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 02 December 2008)
I wouldn't be surprised if this was close to 2 million with Others/Japan sales included.

I know it did 100+ in Japan first week and Europe was responsible for the majority of Ico's sales.
FPSrules (on 01 December 2008)
im going to buy this game, game of the year back in 2005
Lord_Yggdrassil (on 28 November 2008)
This game has sold well in all territories. almost 5x the amount ICO sold.
Khuutra (on 28 November 2008)
Still no word on whether or not we can track down Japan/Others numbers, eh?

Isn't there just some Sony GUY that we can ask?
zexen_lowe (on 26 November 2008)
No, Seraph, you gotta try this one NOW, there are very few games that deserve to take priority over this masterpiece
Kantor (on 23 November 2008)
Must be on greatest hits by now sixaxis.
Seraphic_Sixaxis (on 22 November 2008)
So this is the game i've been hearing alot about, Hmmm gotta try this one some day.
Kantor (on 19 November 2008)
This game is amazing, but even with the other two regions, it can't be above 3 million.

Why do people continually buy the crap that EA pumps out every two weeks and ignore amazing games like this?
indodude (on 09 November 2008)
Epic masterpiece....
okr (on 10 October 2008)
I never payed the game but I love the music so much that I imported the soundtrack.
Simulacrum (on 10 October 2008)
How in hell there are no other sales????????
Gingasaurus (on 03 October 2008)
Incredible game.
Gilgamesh (on 28 September 2008)
According to this webiste it says that it sold 140,000 units in it's first week for Japan
makingmusic476 (on 07 September 2008)
I wish we could get EU and JP sales for this title, particularly JP sales, so that we could judge how well the third one might do.

HanzoTheRazor (on 27 July 2008)
Art on a disc. Pure heaven this game is. Team ICO are very special and I just hope their next game gets more recognition.
EdGuila (on 22 July 2008)
Part of my Top 5 PS2 games.
Can't wait to see something by these guys on PS3.
insomniac_dog (on 17 July 2008)
This doesn't deserve to be a million seller... technically there should be 120 million sales for this game. But I guess PS2 owners can't recognise a masterpiece when they see one.
ToAks (on 19 June 2008)
how much did this one sell then? , only one region is listed here.

by the looks of it , it seems it sold more than a million and thats good as this is maybe one of the best games ever made, its up there with ICO,Okami,RESI4 and MGS4
ItalianBoyPhil (on 13 June 2008)
No Japan/Euro sales?
--OkeyDokey-- (on 06 June 2008)
For the fucking win!!!!!!!!!
Dark Odin (on 19 May 2008)
awesome game! canīt wait for team ICO in PS3
Grass (on 08 May 2008)
2005 Top 100 Best Selling Japanese Console Games

69 Wanda & the Colossus 190,916
segajon (on 22 April 2008)
i love team ico
r3av3r2k1 (on 11 April 2008)
if you look at it as a videogame its just a good game
has its flaws
but look at it as a work of art ,and all the brilliance of the game becomes clear as water

best gaming experience of the decade so far
Harry Angel (on 04 March 2008)
Almost, almost deserving of its praise. So close to being a masterpiece for me, but not quite. I look forward to whatever Team ICO put out next.
Parokki (on 21 February 2008)
Many people, myself included, are surprised to see so high sales for this game, because it has a reputation for being an under-appreciated cult classic. You know, one of those games that were too good for the general public to appreciate them. =P
Soriku (on 17 February 2008)
You guys are surprised to see it as a million seller? Wow.
Munkeh111 (on 03 February 2008)
I'm surprised that this game is a million seller, I thought it was another niche game, although I don't doubt that it deserves it
Dolla Dolla (on 03 February 2008)
It warms my heart to see the SotC love :'(
don1991 (on 25 January 2008)
best game i have played
leo-j (on 19 January 2008)
Its a million seller so its what the 204rth ps2 million seller?
Brianna (on 19 January 2008)
I read somewhere that it sold 140k+ first week in japan.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 18 January 2008)
wow, 730k in america alone? i had no idea it sold that well. with japan and others taken into account, this game would have sold well over a million. that makes me so happy :D
zexen_lowe (on 13 January 2008)
One of the best games ever created, and without a doubt a game that can be described as "art". Masterpiece
segajon (on 05 January 2008)
deserves to be the highest ranked game on ps2 and it is.
KillerMan (on 26 November 2007)
Maybe the best game i have played...

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Clyde32 (on 05 February 2015)
Best game on the PS2.
Dadrik (on 05 September 2014)
Seems undertracked in Europe.
narre (on 07 April 2014)
I meant a hidden gem.
narre (on 07 April 2014)
This game is a hidden game.
Lynx_7 (on 13 August 2012)
Amazing game so far. Great atmosphere,
big landscapes and huge colossus
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