Fire Emblem: Awakening

Global Total as of 07th Oct 2017 (units): 2.10m
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: RED Entertainment Genre: Role-Playing

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PAOerfulone (on 11 October 2016)
2 Million!! It's done it! 2 Million!
Fededx (on 07 October 2016)
Can't see the numbers, there's a problem with the tracking... It might already be 2 M at this point.
Munchies (on 26 August 2016)
Global Total as of 30th Jul 2016: 1,987,624

Marching towards 2M!
Darwinianevolution (on 18 April 2016)
250k was the necessary amount to save the series. Will Awakening be able to reach ten times that amount by selling 2.5m copies? I'm sure that counting digital it reached the 2m already, so it's not out of reach.
PAOerfulone (on 20 January 2016)
2 Million incoming!
PAOerfulone (on 17 November 2015)
If it was at 1.79 million as of December of last year. It's sold an additional 200k, and that's just with physical, so add (insert digital here) and this game has safely reached 2 million as of now!
And for a game that was going to be the death of the series if it didn't crack at least 250k, it has cracked 8x the necessary mark!
What an unbelievable comeback!!!
NintendoPie (on 11 July 2015)
Humongous adjustments. Damn!
Ryng_Tolu (on 22 May 2015)
Nintendo confirmed 1,790,000 unit sold by end of 2014.
VGChartz say 1,497,528... unrless massive digital sales, this game is undertracked.
Ryng_Tolu (on 15 February 2015)
Very amazing sales for the brand! :)
Skullwaker (on 10 January 2015)
This is the first and only FE game I've played. It's brilliant. I'm so glad this game sold so well and the franchise can continue. It deserves all the success.
Paatar (on 05 January 2015)
This game sold BETTER in America than Japan... brilliant!!! I can't wait for more Fire Emblem games!
garretslarrity (on 25 December 2014)
Wow. Think about it. The previous record holder for the best selling in the series was .97M. This is currently at 1.41M without digital (this is the first in the series to have digital sales) and is still selling! Where else have we seen a series have such a sharp jump in popularity?
Clyde32 (on 17 December 2014)
Wow, US sales on par with Japan.
Munchies (on 18 November 2014)
I bought this game today and played it for like 20 minutes. I am completely in love.
S.Peelman (on 08 August 2014)
The debs must be extremely happy. They said Fire Emblem was going to be done if this game wouldn't sell satisfactory. Then, sales were amazing. It's 400k over the former best selling game in the franchise, that's a 50% increase! Not to mention the increase over it's immediate predecessors!
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KingWithNoKrown (on 03 January 2014)
Amazing game. Great legs on this one. Well deserved.

The series is great and I'm glad its growing. Hope for another FE on the 3DS.
Fededx (on 03 January 2014)
Wow, it sold really good during the holidays! It's doing really good, hope there's another Fire Emblem on the 3DS, and that it gets localised here in America!
Juku_Lover (on 23 December 2013)
Amazing #'s. Best selling FE game.

The future of the series looks bright.
Pillow (on 16 December 2013)
Crazy good sales for FE, it should reach at least 2m lifetime.
leyendax69 (on 30 October 2013)
Recently finished shadow dragon, I need a damn 3ds now!
qwertyDANIELqwerty (on 13 October 2013)
This game is 3ds at its best
Fededx (on 27 August 2013)
I'm so glad it became a million seller :) Definitively one of the best games I've ever played, and one of 3DS' best!
ktay95 (on 25 August 2013)
best selling game in the series, cant wait to see the future of the series now
Ganoncrotch (on 06 August 2013)
there are probably an awful lot more than 1m people with this game by now, not only is it available digitally on the eshop but also it was one of the "too many games" promotion games which you could choose as your free game from Ninty if you bought 3 others.
F0X (on 03 August 2013)
Third best-selling Fire Emblem game in Japan. Third best-selling Fire Emblem game in North America. Third best-selling Fire Emblem game in Europe. #1 best-selling game in the franchise.
Selling well in all three regions must be better than kicking ass in a couple regions. Granted, this game is a definite hit in Japan...
TK14 (on 25 July 2013)
Number 1 selling game in the franchise now, according to VGChartz! Over 1 million at retail soon!
Meret (on 20 July 2013)
with digital sales i'm sure it passed 1 million already
DieAppleDie (on 05 July 2013)
this game is excellent, it should do even better if this was a fair world
atma998 (on 05 July 2013)
0.95M, will soon outsell Fire Emblem (GBA) at 0.97M and become the best selling title of the series!
ktay95 (on 25 June 2013)
damn it Fededx u screwed it up. u should have responded, BTW, Disgaea ripoff? LOL; Fire Emblem was born waaaaaay before Disgaea DOOD!
Otakumegane (on 23 June 2013)
Just a bit more to go until that 1 million mark.
Fededx (on 19 June 2013)
Come on americans, buy this game! So we continue getting gems like this in the future! I still can't believe they didn't bring the second Fire Emblem DS game :( BTW, Disgaea ripoff? LOL; Fire Emblem was born waaaaaay before Disgaea dud!
osed125 (on 10 June 2013)
@sniper989 Lol, funniest comment I've seen on this site.
sniper989 (on 09 June 2013)
fire emblem rip off disgaea
Michael-5 (on 03 June 2013)
YES!!! It's Awakening now!!! Happy days
TK14 (on 02 June 2013)
Despite a couple adjustments, this game STILL looks like it'll wind up being the best-selling in the franchise's history! And more sales hopefully means more games like this one, only even better!
Meret (on 25 May 2013)
@leyendax69 That's your problem, lol
Fededx (on 25 May 2013)
Finally bought it yesterday, it looks amazing really! What a high caliber production, really surprising! 3DS absolutely rocks!
Michael-5 (on 24 May 2013)
I believe the game sold 80,000 copies digital in US alone. If we include Digital, for sure this game is over 1 million.
Kresnik (on 18 May 2013)
It'll be extremely close to a million (if not past it already) with digial sales included.
DieAppleDie (on 17 May 2013)
the mil is a given
leyendax69 (on 16 May 2013)
I want this game, but I wouldn't buy 3ds only for this :/
acdcste (on 16 May 2013)
Been adjusted down 70k again. Pity they are not as quick to adjust paper mario up 500k and mario tennis up 400k.
RaitheNoblesse (on 13 May 2013)
@ leedlelee
agree with tbone51, PoR and RD are great and shouldn't be missed (they have some of the best maps and characters... -character development can be more crucial for the endgame- ....,if possible, don't play them on the easiest setting..., and definitly play the NGC version first)

...if/when they make a FE:A sequel, hope they use the same artist and composer... ( and make a story & character "connection" like with PoR & RD, would be great...)
acdcste (on 13 May 2013)
Just finished playing this game. Really enjoyed it and will definatley go back and level up some of my lesser characters. Really didnt expect to enjoy the game as much as i have. Played 25 hrs in one week which is something i very rarely do.
tbone51 (on 08 May 2013)
@leedlelee PoR and RD are awesome, definetly best maps in the series and fun non the less.I hope Fire Emblem can push as high as 1.5mil. Itstill hasnt gotten a christmas and pokemon boosting the user base this fall will help imo
leedlelee (on 05 May 2013)
I probably wouldn't have bought Awakening either if it wasn't for the Ambassador games...
Now I really want to play Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn...
S.Peelman (on 04 May 2013)
I think a big reason for the success of this game, when it reaches a million as the first in it's series, is due to the inclusion of Sacred Stones in the ambassador program. It got the franchise on my radar at least! The person that decided to include that game is a genius.
Michael-5 (on 02 May 2013)
@ Vinnie - I own all the Fire Emblems GBA on. I imported Hero's of Light & Shadow and Sword of Seals and play them on a english translated ROM. Amazing franchise, I might import SNES games and play English Tranlated ROM's, but SNES and NES are not region free, I wouldn't be able to play the original Japanese cartridge.
sethnintendo (on 30 April 2013)
pre grats on 1m
Vinniegambini (on 29 April 2013)
I'm really happy that Fire Emblem: Awakening has found such success. It will be the first entry to eclipse the 1 million barrier - Amazing. I for one was new to the series and I'm shocked by the quality and depth it has to offer. With the amount of coverage and acclaim the Fire Emblem series has earned, Nintendo can now count it amongst its B-tier franchises.
JayWood2010 (on 28 April 2013)
@Salnax. I believe it alread has. Didn't they say a big percentage of the game was from digital? I'm pretty sure this game has already passed 1m including digital
Salnax (on 28 April 2013)
Should become the #1 Fire Emblem game of all time in a couple of weeks.
Falk Sturmfels (on 28 April 2013)
Well, a better than expected start for FE in EU. People here still have a tendency to see the 3DS as a childs toy.
Meret (on 28 April 2013)
1 million copies, pleeeese
RaitheNoblesse (on 26 April 2013)
you do realize I said FE "series"....., look at the top 8 FE sales, why is it always so sold so much less in the EU? when J-RPGs often kind of sell near the same amount in the US and EU resp. not such a big difference as with the FE series.... (and of course, FE Awakening EU sales wasn't out at the time)

if Journey and TWD can be nominated as "GOTY", then handheld games should be nominated too..., FE:A for GOTY!
(well of course, GTA5 will win GOTY not matter how good or bad it is... )
Otakumegane (on 25 April 2013)
Hm actually quite a nice opening number in Europe.
acdcste (on 21 April 2013)
You do realise it has not had a full week in europe yet dont you. Numbers will be in next week. 100k lifetime would be good.
RaitheNoblesse (on 20 April 2013)
why don't Europeans like the FE series??...., Fire Emblem Awakening is a master piece, hope Europeans will finally start to like the series with Awakening
Michael-5 (on 18 April 2013)
Actually, it only sold 160k in USA (80k were digital downloads). Add Canada and then the game sold 180k. The Mystery has been solved.
Mnementh (on 17 April 2013)
@Michael and Otakumegane: overtracked. Nintendo said 240K, but one third digital. As VGC tracks only retail this game should be at 180K in the US.
Michael-5 (on 17 April 2013)
Undertracked by 44k. Nintendo confirmed 240k for USA alone, Canada usually adds 10% more sales (since we have about 10% USA's population, and similar spending habits, at least on video games).

The game is at 264,000 for North America, which puts global sales at 860-870k. With Europes launch in a few weeks, this game will be the first in the series to break 1 million.
Otakumegane (on 17 April 2013)
Lolz. Undertracked by 20k.

Confirmed by Nintendo that this sold 240000.
Michael-5 (on 12 April 2013)
You guys think this is over-tracked? When I went to buy the game in February, EB Games was sold out, and not just one, I made a thread and most people said that their local retailers were sold out, and there was a 2 week wait for more inventory.

Plus Fire Emblem in Americas, has a history of either matching, or outperforming Japans sales. Right now America's numbers are 50% of Japans, but if this game sold out, that makes no sense.
Kresnik (on 21 March 2013)
O.o? I was the person who pointed out on Mario & Sonic's game page that it's undertracked!
acdcste (on 18 March 2013)
And the numbers have been adjsuted down.
acdcste (on 18 March 2013)
Its been adjusted. You fail to mention mario and sonic at the olympics being well undertracked.
Kresnik (on 14 March 2013)
More than 100k overtracked, then.

Wonder if this will get adjusted down. Kingdom Hearts 3D didn't after NPD numbers for 2012, so you never know.
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 14 March 2013)
US numbers seem to be ridiculously overtracked...

Nintendo's report says 117k retail in february.
Otakumegane (on 14 March 2013)
Don't drop on me yet FE!

Not now!
sethnintendo (on 09 March 2013)
This game could be more near the top for USA sales if they shipped more copies... I wonder how digital copies have been sold in USA especially since there is a shortage of physical copies?
Otakumegane (on 08 March 2013)
Woah! The Japan numbers changed.Neat!
Pokemonbrawlvg (on 08 March 2013)
That was reported back in September (Japan only).
shakarak (on 07 March 2013)
Wow 1.2 million DLC been sold that means this game is probably around 1.5 million total.
brunofast (on 03 March 2013)
Nintendo reported that 1.2 million units of downloadable content had been sold, bringing in an additional 380 million yen (about $4.8 million).
brunofast (on 03 March 2013)
Nintendo reported that 1.2 million units
Otakumegane (on 02 March 2013)
@ Alpha. Wouldn't count of it, FE sells terrible in Europe.

I wish Ninty would release some numbers about digital sales or something in Japan. They stopped tracking this in Japan a while ago too. Should be at 500k retail and a little more digital, maybe 25k-50k.
AlphaCielago (on 01 March 2013)
Should break 800k next week and when it releases in Europe it will have around 1 mil.
DieAppleDie (on 01 March 2013)
why r u not updated sales data?
sethnintendo (on 28 February 2013)
Bam! Got my physical copy of the game finally!
sethnintendo (on 28 February 2013)
It will easily break 1m once everyone can get a physical copy that are looking for one. It probably is already past or close to passing 1m if you include e shop sales that VGC doesn't track. For instance Animal Crossing New Leaf is already pass 3m but VGC has it under 3 since they don't track eshop sales.
Plezbo (on 28 February 2013)
I am so happy with this game. I have played many of the Fire Emblem games, but so far I have liked this one the most. There are just so many things to do. I love the side activities as much as the main missions, and the barracks conversations, especially the Kellam solos, can be hilarious.

Hope this thing breaks the 1 mil mark soon, and keeps its legs in 'Merkuh, because I love me some Fire Emblem.
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 26 February 2013)
Well, it seems I may have been wrong. This game is already the #19 all time best selling eshop game out of all software and #6 out of 3DS software. Seems like digital sales really did soar after the shortage.
leedlelee (on 23 February 2013)
I can't believe people are still having a hard time finding this game at retail...
Makes me really glad I managed to get a copy...
Hang in there everyone...
MRKs (on 21 February 2013)
After trying the demo i fell in love with this game. Seriously, I never liked FE games but this one is something else. Anyway I can't seem to find a physical copy for a reasonable price and I don't have the enough space to download it (and also I don't like download full retail games):(
pokeclaudel (on 21 February 2013)
This game isn't in any of the stores near me I don't want to buy the digital copy either.
NoirSon (on 20 February 2013)
Yeah, Nintendo seems to have underestimated the demand of the game or are using it as a test to see how many people will download a digital copy instead of going for a physical purchase. Either way they sort of sabotaged their own release but no doubt this is already a smash hit.
ECM (on 20 February 2013)
Would help a great deal if anyone could actually buy it...
sethnintendo (on 18 February 2013)
There is a shortage in the USA. I'll get a physical copy sometime soon.
Otakumegane (on 17 February 2013)
NA 1st week sales are always lower than Japan 1st week sales. Go look at Shadow Dragon and Radiant Dawn.
F0X (on 17 February 2013)
Not as good as Japan's first week sales, but the shortage may have played a factor.
Hopefully this game has some legs. I'd love to see 400-500K sales in the USA alone.
Otakumegane (on 16 February 2013)
Very nice for Fire emblem. I have great expectations for the sales now.
Salnax (on 16 February 2013)
After just one week in America, this is the fourth best selling Fire Emblem game ever. This will very likely be the first entry in series history to break a million. Great job Nintendo. Shame this didn't really push much hardware in America though.
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 16 February 2013)
Sad to see this couldn't push any hardware numbers. The 3DS is doing pretty mediocre in terms of hardware sales in the US at this point.
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 16 February 2013)
Why should digital be over 100k? Even with Japanese digital sales that seems ridiculously optimistic. Do you really think the shortage drove 100,000 people to just buy the game on the eshop rather than wait for their physical copy?
tbone51 (on 16 February 2013)
Its at 170k and digital should well be over 100k imo! This game will hit a mil without Europe, So that means this game got lots of potential to be a 1.5-2mil seller
Jankelope (on 16 February 2013)
170k in one week in US. That's pretty freaking good considering the supply shortage fiasco. Also kid icarus only sold 140k in it's first week in the US and now its a million seller. Hoping this also reaches that million level
Plezbo (on 15 February 2013)
@Thaelyn. I back ordered my from Amazon on the 5th (10 days ago) mine got to me yesterday. Try Amazon again now, they seem to be getting their supplies back up. I am totally hoping this game has amazing sales, it deserves them, and we non-Nihonjin need to show Ninty that they need to keep feeding us these SJRPGS.
Thaelyn (on 12 February 2013)
I STILL can not get this game. Amazon's sold out, my local Target/Gamestop/Wal-mart/ToysRUs are all sold out. Maybe I'm just having horrible luck but it'd be nice to get this game soon :)
shadowii (on 12 February 2013)
most likely whatever numbers we see now will be less then the actuall amount. A lot of people i know cancelled their preorders and downloaded the game
NoirSon (on 10 February 2013)
Still sold out at certain retailers in at least my portion of the US (Texas). I am seriously glad I relented and pre ordered the game a week or two before release.
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 01 February 2013)
Damn, Pre-orders jumped ANOTHER 30k+ this week putting it at 125k.

I honestly cannot wait to see first week numbers. I've seen quite a few people say they were going to purchase digital though.
tbone51 (on 26 January 2013)
Pre orders is going out! I predict 250k First week!
Otakumegane (on 14 January 2013)
Wow. Them pre-order numbers. Also doesn't anyone else think that box art with all the characters in dynamic fighting positions is just the best box art of FE so far?
tbone51 (on 14 January 2013)
It'll break a mil for sure Jap lifetime will probably end up 600k. America should pull the same amount. 1mil by this end year, maybe b4 holidays
Michael-5 (on 11 January 2013)
Except Shadow Dragon, but even then it was close. This will be the first Fire Emblem to break 1 million
AlphaCielago (on 07 January 2013)
From what i have seen in the Fire Emblem total sales page, I think that NA might outsell Japan. Every FE game that has been released in NA, has outsold what Japan achieved.
itachi-89 (on 04 January 2013)
its been selling and been in japans top every week but the sale nr is the same,
vgchartz has to be better with updates of japan games
Lelouch_Vi_Brittania (on 10 September 2012)
With those legs it should reach 0,50m before year's end if the sales increase a little in the holiday, hope this one reaches 1 million worldwide, what is very likely as most FE games sell more in NA than in Japan.
mootap (on 07 June 2012)
It's coming to the us,YAY
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 03 June 2012)
they will bring it over of course, for the RPG fans

great sales for the series : )
NoirSon (on 09 May 2012)
The game will most likely come but the higher cost means that Nintendo won't do a rush job in translating it. Not to mention this is the first Nintendo game that has DLC, they will no doubt bring it over as a way to test the DLC market. Nintendo knows that FE has a dedicate audience and the response to the DLC will be a good testing ground depending on how many of its costumers make the purchases.
spurgeonryan (on 04 May 2012)
I highly doubt with how well the 3DS is doing that they will not bring this over. Import games have saved the Wii this year! Fact. Put that on top of the 3DS not doing spectacular in the West and you have yourself a bonifide release!
Alby_da_Wolf (on 02 May 2012)
Asked about a possible American release, Reggie answered with a video:
fvgc2049 (on 01 May 2012)
There is one FE game sold over 1 million copies already on GBA.
mootap (on 30 April 2012)
well the audience isn't as big and considering how this game has a higher production value than the other fe games,Nintendo might think there's little to no reward for bringing it
spurgeonryan (on 30 April 2012)
I see no reason why it would not go west.

mootap (on 29 April 2012)
Great sales,Hopefully it sells extremly well in europe too so it gets release in america
Salnax (on 29 April 2012)
Already ahead of the Wii and GC games lifetime in Japan. If this gets an international release, I can see it being the first title is series history to break a million.
homer (on 29 April 2012)
Did extremely well FW in Japan.
Michael-5 (on 10 March 2012)
Can't update the game database with box cover, but if you go to Wikipedia, the Japanese cover is there. Looks amazing.. Common fix VGC so I can update this!
Michael-5 (on 14 September 2011)
Another NES remake? (Also available on NES)

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PAOerfulone (on 11 October 2016)
2 Million!! It's done it! 2 Million!
Fededx (on 07 October 2016)
Can't see the numbers, there's a
problem with the tracking... It might
already be 2 M at this point.
Munchies (on 26 August 2016)
Global Total as of 30th Jul 2016:

Marching towards 2M!
Darwinianevolution (on 18 April 2016)
250k was the necessary amount to save
the series. Will Awakening be able to
reach ten times that amount by selling
2.5m copies? I'm sure that counting
digital it reached the 2m already, so
it's not out of reach.
PAOerfulone (on 20 January 2016)
2 Million incoming!
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