Battalion Wars 2

Global Total as of 25th Mar 2017 (units): 0.34m
Platform: Wii
Developer: Kuju Entertainment Genre: Strategy

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
03rd November 2007123,152N/A23,152
10th November 200729,284-59.9%32,436
17th November 200737,054-24.0%39,490
24th November 200748,61122.1%48,101
01st December 200754,755-44.8%52,856
08th December 200763,711-22.0%56,567
15th December 200773,279-11.6%59,846
22nd December 200784,46736.2%64,313
29th December 200792,868-35.8%67,181
05th January 2008101,725-39.9%68,906
16th November 20130379-78.0%N/A

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Kresnik (on 21 June 2012)
Just started playing this - really,
really surprised at how much I'm
enjoying it. It reminds me very much of
'Hogs of War', which is a good thing

It has a few flaws - the motion
controls aren't quite there, the camera
angles can get a bit dodgy, but as a
basic idea for a game it's an
incredibly good one. I hope Nintendo
contract Kuju to make a BW3 for Wii-U.
sethnintendo (on 10 June 2011)
Yea the voice acting was pretty bad in
this game. You can turn it off. Other
than that I have no complaints about
this game perhaps it is a little short.
The only vehicles that I had a little
difficutly controling were the planes
but they weren't terrible. All other
vehicles are easy to control.
Daileon (on 27 February 2011)
I've bought this game last month and it
is great indeed. A shame that no one
looks into it, the only thing where it
mess up is the voice acting (the
japanese missions are played with the
commander voices on mute, holy crap, how
AWFUL). Even then, the game plays
perfectly is artiscally very beautiful
and have a nice replay value. =]
spurgeonryan (on 17 January 2011)
Well others can always go on Amazon and
buy it! Looks Awesome! You say it had
online!!! I doubt anyone still plays so
I will not be buying it. Im happy with
the first on gamecube
Armads (on 02 May 2010)

Probably not well, it had
no multiplayer and the controls were
difficult before the wii-mote.

loved this game and still occasionally
pop on to try and get S rank on a
mission or play online. I really hope
we get a 3rd one where they can make
even more improvements.

For one maybe
make units gain extra Atk/Def when they
land a kill, like ranking units in the
Advance wars series as well as giving a
CO area boost to nearby units.

Offline co-op, more missions, better
online matchmaking setup, wii-speak
functionality, leaderboards and such
would all be great.
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