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03/19/13 Capcom
12/10/11 Capcom
03/22/13 Capcom

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Owners: 38
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Discover the epic world of Monster Hunter as you journey through more than 200 exhilarating quests, battle larger-than-life monsters and create hundreds of weapons and armor.

Don't hunt alone! Hunt with your two AI companions in single player quests or team up with up to 3 players via local connection. A fully customizable touch screen allows you to personalize your hunting experience and local Nintendo 3DS search feature allows you to find other hunters near you location. Nintendo StreetPass™ functionality gives you the ability to share you guild card with fellow hunters.

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1 525,827 n/a n/a 525,827
2 200,324 n/a n/a 200,324
3 154,654 n/a n/a 154,654
4 105,869 n/a n/a 105,869
5 99,138 n/a n/a 99,138
6 45,273 n/a n/a 45,273
7 32,578 n/a n/a 32,578
8 26,713 n/a n/a 26,713
9 25,226 n/a n/a 25,226
10 21,068 n/a n/a 21,068

Opinion (89)

ExplodingBlock posted 07/09/2014, 10:16
Outsold the Wii version
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Krast posted 26/10/2013, 10:57
Great game but incredibly hard to get into for newcomers like me
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leedlelee posted 03/09/2013, 09:22
I live in New York...
The Bronx, to be more specific...
I too see a lot of ACNL and Awakening...
I was seeing a lot of Dark Moon for a while, but that seems to have mostly passed...
If I had to rank them, it would be ACNL, then MHTriU, and then FE Awakening...
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atma998 posted 17/07/2013, 04:39

I'm from Montreal and I see a lot of people playing this game through StreetPass, along with Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem too. 2.19M is still really good number tough even if only 0.14M in NA as of now...
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oniyide posted 16/07/2013, 05:22
@leelelee where the hell do you live? Because i swear i was going to post the SaME THING. everyone is either playing this, Fire Emblem or Animal Crossing
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