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Welcome to the ultimate Pai Gow poker game!

Pai Gow Poker Tournament 2 has everything to please all poker fans.
Whether you're a pro or never even heard of Pai Gow Poker, this game was tailor made to meet needs and level of play.

From hand breakdowns to a practice mode letting you test out your newly found poker skills to full blown tournament modes using either money or point systems to multiplayer modes through Bluetooth or Wi/Fi or going head to head with computer players, this game has it all!

For the hardcore poker fans, you can customize the rules of play to match your preferred style.

From the number of wilds to bonus payouts, you will be amazed how much fun you can have playing poker even in solo mode.

Not only can you customize the rules, you can customize the look and feel of the game. Unlock tons of achievements to access new poker tables, decks or even maximum bets.

Don't be fooled by other poker games, this one will offer you the most bang for your buck...Literally! For 99 cents you will get a top quality product that is worth much more. We believe in keeping our fans happy.

You have comments or issues? Contact us via our website at www.blizzoid.net and we will listen. We depend on your feedback to offer you games YOU, our most valued customer, want to play.

This mode has two options, one shows the basics of poker and payouts ranking.

The other teaches how to play Pai Gow Poker. It was designed to generate quick hands and show you how to split your cards with the "Suggestion" option along with an explanation as to why the hand was split as suggested.

Compete against the dealer along with friends (over Wi/Fi or Bluetooth) or assign computer players (solo or multiplayer) to empty spots on the table.
Unlock tables, decks, maximum bet bonuses through achievements, customize the rules (number of jokers, bonus payouts).

Tournament play is an original game mode consisting of 4 players competing against each other rather than the dealer.

Two options are available for tournament play:

- [Last Dragon Standing] mode is a currency based system, clean out other players to win the tournament. Split the money pot between players that won at least one of their two hands. There are no round limits in this mode.

- [Dragon Sharks] mode is point system and is played for a total of 25 rounds. Points are obtained based on the lower hand. In order to obtain points, players must win at least one of the two hands (upper or lower). Winning on both hands will double the points gained. BEWARE : the player having the lowest upper hand is automatically disqualified from the round.


Source: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pai-gow-poker-tournament-2/id439788538?mt=8

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