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04/24/07 Eidos Interactive
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05/25/07 Eidos Interactive

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Bionicle Heroes - Summary

Developed by the makers of the best-selling children's title, LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, BIONICLE Heroes brings to life the characters and world of LEGO's BIONICLE universe. This brand-new action/adventure title for kids allows players to control the entire 2006 toy lineup of BIONICLE action figures, which features both the heroic Toa Inika and the villainous Piraka.

Battle and explore your way through the jungles, volcanoes, and deserts of the mysterious island of Voya Nui in this epic quest. In order to survive, players will need to master the powerful weapons and elemental powers of each BIONICLE character in order to defeat the Piraka and to solve the challenges and puzzles of this uniquely, interactive LEGO universe.

  • The Official BIONICLE video game featuring the entire range of the latest BIONICLE action figure toys including both the evil Piraka and heroic Toa Inika.

  • Master the unique weapons and elemental powers of all of the Toa Inika and Piraka.

  • Uncover and collect unique LEGO pieces that can be used to upgrade weapons and special abilities as well as unlock special playable characters, such as the Piraka.

  • Discover secret areas and hidden extras that provide an interactive world in which kids will enjoy finding something new every time they play it.

  • Experience the simple controls and accessible gameplay design created just for kids and families.

Source - www.eidosinteractive.com (publisher)

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1 n/a 4,671 n/a 824 5,495
2 n/a 1,595 n/a 281 1,876
3 n/a 886 n/a 156 1,042
4 n/a 620 n/a 109 729
5 n/a 633 n/a 112 745
6 n/a 640 n/a 113 753
7 n/a 560 n/a 99 659
8 n/a 523 n/a 92 615
9 n/a 501 n/a 88 589
10 n/a 515 n/a 91 606

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