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Get Canupa Band (free) and make music with your friends!

Featuring four different animal kids with great instruments:
- Kitten Percussion
- Hamster Trumpet
- Crocodile Ukulele
- Puppy Calimba

Tap a pet to hear super cute animal sounds:
- hear the cat meow
- let the hamster nibble
- watch the crocodile snap
- make the puppy bark

Cute looking animals and easy playable instruments make Canupa Band a great app for kids!
Take a whole set of fun instruments with you.
Play nice african or latino rhythms with the percussion cat.
Choose the dog to play sweet calimba tunes.
Rock the croc ukulele for a while!
Be Louis Satchmo Hamster Armstrong and play the trumpet!
Your children will love this fun app!

--- out now: Canupa Band deluxe ---

Canupa Band deluxe features four additional instruments!

The Octopus Organ:
- one full octave (13 keys)
- multitouch & slide
- four groovy sounds (e.g. hammond organ)

The Ducky Xylophone:
- slide through an octave, 9 keys

The Grashopper Violin:
- play wonderful tunes by sliding over the fingerboard

The Turtle Maracas:
- tap or shake for some great rattle rhythms

And we will add MORE instruments in the future.
All instruments are tuned in e-major, so they sound good together.

But that is not all!

- Time Limit:
If you don't want your kids to play videogames all day put the app to sleep after a given time - literally!
It was never easier to make your kids turn off the device.
No more struggle, no more nagging.

- Sound Volume Limit:
Prevent ear damage by limiting the maximum sound volume.
This is particularly important when you let your kids play with earphones!

What users say:

"My 18months old daughter loves playing this game. She's totally hooked."

"This app is really cute lol."

"My kids love this app"


-visit our website: canupa.com
-follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/canupa
-watch our videos on YouTube: youtube.com/canupacom
-add us on Myspace: myspace.com/canupa

source : itunes.apple.com

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