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Occupation Puzzles help your child learn while having fun. Little ones discover the names of different occupation as the drag little jigsaw pieces to solve the puzzle. They can choose three levels of difficulty, easy (9 pieces), medium (12 pieces) and hard (20 pieces). There are over 15 different and exciting puzzles to be solved. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Your child is quietly playing and having a good time while trying to drag and drop the jigsaw pieces into the correct position inside the box. Slowly he is trying to make a picture of his favourite occupation upon the backdrop of the workplace. Your youngster is totally engrossed and enjoying himself. He has no idea that he’s learning.

The Occupation Puzzles app is an educational game that helps little boys and girls learn the names of various occupations such as policeman, soldier, bus driver, sailor and even helicopter pilot.

Young ones can drag the jigsaw pieces into the box to solve the puzzle. When the puzzle is completed, they will hear the sound of vehicles used by the workers – police car siren for policemen. Along the way, the youngsters will have fun trying to drag the pieces into the correct position.

These are some of the features offered in Vehicle Puzzles:
* Super simple, clean and kid friendly interface
* Includes 3 different levels (easy, medium and hard)
* Introduces 3 popular occupation
* Kids just slide the jigsaw pieces with their finger
* Upon completion, the respective sounds of vehicle used by respective worker will be played
* In-app purchase option - only $0.99 (USD) to unlock 11 more puzzles



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