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Creative Braining is a thinking game that is simple and fun yet provides a mental challenge. Playing this game consistently will improve brain health and build the creative strengths of fluency, flexibility and originality*

Details: The Creative Braining app consists of 16 games. Each game has 25 questions. One game may take several days to complete depending on how much braining (brain exercise) you wish to put into it. Click the "save game" button when you are ready to quit for a while, or when you want to change games. Answers can be added to your lists any time until you are completely finished. When you have answered all you can, press "delete game". This will prompt you to enter your name by your high score.

Pressing Delete Game saves that score, deletes the answers, and resets the game. You can choose another game, or let someone else play it and compare your scores.

You can go back and forth between games without worrying about your answers being deleted. Answers are only deleted when you click the Delete Game button.

* Information on the 3 Creative Strengths that this game builds:

1. Fluency - Fluency reflects the "quantity" or number of ideas you can come up with. Brainstorming is an excellent way to become a more fluent thinker.
2. Flexibility - Flexibility is looking at things from different angles or perspectives. Trying to think of answers from a different perspective stretches and builds brain synapse and this can lead to quicker, more flexible thinking.
3. Originality - Originality is built and even rewarded in this game. You get 5 points when you give an original answer (an answer not found in our database of common answers).
For example, as you are thinking of answers for the question "Flowers That Begin With R" you may type the word "ruby". It's a word... and it starts with an R...so "ruby" would count as an original answer and you will get rewarded with fireworks and 5 points instead of just 1 point. Can you now justify that answer?

Making mental connections to justify your answers stretches thinking and this builds brain synapses.

Creative "Braining" helps to keep your brain fit and your mind quick.

source : itunes.apple.com

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