Street Fighter X Tekken

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 0.20m
Platform: PlayStation VitaAlso on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Capcom Genre: Fighting

Total Units

North America: 0.10m 50.6%
+ Europe: 0.05m 23.7%
+ Japan: 0.01m 6.1%
+ Rest of the World: 0.04m 19.6%
= Global 0.20m

Release History

Street Fighter X Tekken CapcomNorth America23rd October 2012Retail
Street Fighter X Tekken CapcomEurope24th October 2012Retail
Street Fighter X Tekken CapcomJapan25th October 2012Retail

Game Overview

Street Fighter X Tekken is a fighting game developed by Capcom and released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360.

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AngryAztec (on 16 July 2014)
@oniyide - Both games you mentioned
require the same amount of RAM. When
they asked Ono as to why there wasn't a
3DS version of SFvT, he answered that
there really wasn't a reason in
particular. Anyway, the real reason why
the game isn't on the 3DS, is because
Capcom didn't have the "incentive" to
port it. With SFIV however, Nintendo did
step forward and "asked" for a port.
Ganoncrotch (on 10 December 2013)
anyone who legitimately owns this game?
I would love to know if everyones
opening FMV movie glitches after a point
or if I have something up with my Vita,
no other game affected only this, and
unpatching it and trying to play it
vanilla still has the same effect.
Really sore on the eyes.
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 25 December 2012)
Yes, this will pass the 100k
Kresnik (on 13 December 2012)
Well this was a massive flop. They gave
Need for Speed some legs by advertising
it but there's been nothing to boost
this. Although, like Ganon said, I bet
the PR for the PS360 version really
didn't help.
Ganoncrotch (on 12 November 2012)
I'd say given the poor PR this game has
hanging over it capcom are probably
going to be happy out to finish up all
the versions they promised and then
distance themselves from it, heard some
fairly bad luck people had with the code
for the dlc not working on the vita
versions of this too, but bad when the
box states 55 playable characters but
that isn't the case of you got a dodgy
code with your copy.
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