Halo 4

Global Total as of 19th Jul 2014 (units): 9.08m
Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: 343 Industries Genre: Shooter

Germany First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
10th November 2012160,282N/A60,282
17th November 2012214,854-75.4%75,136
24th November 2012311,535-22.3%86,671
01st December 201249,478-17.8%96,149
08th December 2012512,71434.1%108,863
15th December 2012611,726-7.8%120,589
22nd December 2012717,23947.0%137,828
29th December 2012811,551-33.0%149,379
05th January 201394,776-58.7%154,155
12th January 2013103,698-22.6%157,853

Germany Annual Summary (Units)


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sales2099 (on 22 July 2014)
#10 of all time 360 games sold :)
Mr Puggsly (on 23 April 2014)
@ teamsilent13 - Yet its still one of
the most popular online games on home
consoles. Surely that's worth
something? I'm guessing it still has a
couple hundred thousand plays a

A growing install base doesn't
guarantee increased sales for an IP. Go
do some research.
teamsilent13 (on 13 April 2014)
By a failure I mean it had the worst
online population for the series and
proportionally to the console install
base it sold worst for the series.
teamsilent13 (on 13 April 2014)
@Dadrik Record launch sales for the
series (due to hype and broken
promises). The game is a failure from a
consumer perspective. The Xbox 360 has
such a huge install base compared to
2007 it should have sold double what
Halo 3 did. Also, the cheap GOTY edition
with all DLC boosted the slowing sales.
It's still a complete disappointment
from every halo fan I know.
Welfare (on 07 April 2014)
@Dadrik Dat GotY edition and casual
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