Rayman Origins

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 0.78m
Platform: Xbox 360Also on: Wii, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Ubisoft Genre: Platform

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
19th November 2011139,734N/A39,734
26th November 2011226,515-33.3%66,249
03rd December 2011326,479-0.1%92,728
10th December 2011428,6128.1%121,340
17th December 2011539,44337.9%160,783
24th December 2011656,78244.0%217,565
31st December 2011760,7607.0%278,325
07th January 2012823,962-60.6%302,287
14th January 201299,580-60.0%311,867
21st January 20121011,00114.8%322,868

Global Annual Summary (Units)


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Mr Puggsly (on 29 April 2016)
Now that its on X1 BC, I'm gonna make
an effort to get it off my backlog.
Mr Puggsly (on 18 June 2014)
This seems to have done pretty well in
the long run.
T.Rexington (on 16 May 2012)
Yup, it's a success. I remember Ubisoft
expressing very positive reactions to
this games sales at a shareholders
T.Rexington (on 26 March 2012)
I think I'm ready to call this game a
success. This game embodies the
platformer genre and how good it's
really been this gen. Very happy to see
it survive and thrive. Rayman Origins is
easily one of the best games made on the
current generation consoles.
Metroid33slayer (on 04 March 2012)
Got 1000g off this but it is a very
challenging game and a very good game,
9.2/10 IMO.
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