Tales of Xillia

Global Total as of 01st Aug 2015 (units): 1.21m
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: Namco Tales Studio Genre: Role-Playing

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
10th September 20111509,026N/A509,026
17th September 2011253,046-89.6%562,072
24th September 2011322,407-57.8%584,479
01st October 201148,996-59.9%593,475
08th October 201155,534-38.5%599,009
15th October 201165,9227.0%604,931
22nd October 201172,809-52.6%607,740
29th October 201183,26616.3%611,006
05th November 201193,2870.6%614,293
12th November 2011102,695-18.0%616,988
10th August 20131167,2166,104.7%832,245
24th August 2013310,947-93.5%876,347
31st August 201348,344-23.8%884,691
07th September 201356,104-26.8%890,795
14th September 201364,588-24.8%895,383
21st September 201373,709-19.2%899,092
28th September 201383,503-5.6%902,595
05th October 201393,277-6.5%905,872
12th October 2013102,999-8.5%908,871

Global Annual Summary (Units)


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KingWithNoKrown (on 18 August 2014)
Take that Symphonia!
think-man (on 18 May 2014)
Will soon be the highest selling Tales
of game
mtachi (on 07 May 2014)
So close to being in line with Tales of
Symphonia now...
Kresnik (on 07 April 2014)
Well well well. Looks like I was wrong
and it is going to beat Symphonia after
greencactaur (on 31 March 2014)
The sales are okay I think /shrug.
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