Resident Evil 6

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 1.97m
Platform: Xbox 360Also on: PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Developer: Capcom Genre: Shooter

Total Units

North America: 1.12m 57.1%
+ Europe: 0.61m 30.9%
+ Japan: 0.07m 3.7%
+ Rest of the World: 0.16m 8.2%
= Global 1.97m

Release History

Resident Evil 6 Steelbox CapcomEurope02nd October 2012Retail
Resident Evil 6 Archives CapcomNorth America02nd October 2012Retail
Resident Evil 6 CapcomEurope02nd October 2012Retail
Resident Evil 6 CapcomNorth America02nd October 2012Retail
BioHazard 6 CapcomJapan04th October 2012Retail

Game Overview

Resident Evil 6 is a "dramatic" horror third-person shooter developed and published by Capcom. The game was released on October 2, 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it will also later be released for the PC.

Unlike previous games in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 6 allows players to select between three scenarios with connected storylines.

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Mr Puggsly (on 18 November 2013)
I finally finished all four campaigns.
Not a bad game, but its not the
experience I want from an RE

There are a bunch of little
thing that could have done to make it a
more enjoyable experience. For starters,
it didn't need to be so long.
Mr Puggsly (on 11 September 2013)
I finished the Leon Campaign so far and
its not a bad game. Its disappointing
but I'm having fun with it regardless.
DamnTastic (on 15 July 2013)
capcom sais this sold 4.9M copies
AngryAztec (on 01 November 2012)
Its funny how Capcom tailored made RE6
for the Western market (mainly the US)
and yet it did better in Japan than
anywhere else. In fact, in the US, RE6
is selling less than RE5 during the same
time period. Not a good sign. I guess
Operation Raccoon City is killing RE6's
Farrow (on 26 October 2012)
LOL @ dat sales drop.
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