Resident Evil: Revelations

Global Total as of 02nd Sep 2017 (units): 0.88m
Platform: Nintendo 3DSAlso on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Developer: Capcom Genre: Action

Comments (212)

fedfed (on 08 February 2017)
21 copies in 2017 - great!
oniyide (on 22 January 2017)
it had a whole year head start and was the cheapest of all the versions. It better have sold the best, why the excitement
fedfed (on 25 January 2016)
this has been on offer a few times I am sure it has passed the mil mark with digital - in retails I am not sure it will - I haven't seen a new copy in years!
atma998 (on 12 December 2015)
This game's now at 0.85M compared to 0.77M for PS3 version, quite good if you ask me.
b00moscone (on 05 December 2015)
Best-selling out of all the platforms. Congrats!
b00moscone (on 05 December 2015)
Best-selling out of all the platforms. Congrats!
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 07 January 2015)
I know how they're considered by the majority; hence, the previous explanation. There's no problem with using them whenever considered necessary, either, and I couldn't care less how that makes me seem by someone whose opinion doesn't matter to me.
acdcste (on 01 December 2014)
Ps back to you. Capital letters are considered shouting by the vast majority of people. You don't need to use them. All it does is make you seem illiterate.
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 08 November 2014)
P.S. The use of caps in an internet comment mustn't always b interpretated as screaming, or as a rude gesture (at least not necessarily), they're also used to make others take notice of a special observation in a non agressive manner. Just so u know, noob...!
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 08 November 2014)
DAMN! Congrats @ getting pretty much everything wrong, genius! First, I don't remember blaming Crapcom for the cheaply done port, but since u mention it,... it kind of was, wasn't it? Second, about the 1st. part of your comment, no, that's bullshit. I see u have no idea what a "good margin" really is. Third, If leaving the 3ds out for the sequel was such a bad decision, they wouldn't be doing exactly that; but they are, that's cuz the first game on 3ds was a dissapointing SALES FAILURE for Crapcom and they were expecting much better from it. If you don't like it, go and make a petition to see if they change their minds about it. We all know how effective and efficient those petitions are for these sort of things, right? Hahahahahahaha, XD! About being inflamatory, no, I just don't like all the fanboy bullshit here and I call it for it. If u and others are so in denial or so stupid to only want to see inflamatory behavior or trolling instead of valid criticism, that's your choice. Besides, the same could be said about others, but as long as they are defending everything Ninty related, it's all good I guess! And,... "Stop being screaming?"... "BEING screaming"????!!!! Really?!!... I don't know if I'm begging 2b moderated, but u sure should b begging for a better education. Good luck with that petition, lol XD!
Nuvendil (on 04 November 2014)
Wait...I can't...what? Leaving the 3DS was an ass-backwards decision if ever there was one. The 3DS version of this sold the most by a good margin. And the port being done cheaply isn't the 3DS's fault, it's Capcom and their inability to make intelligent decisions concerning where their resources go. Stop being screaming like a child and being inflammatory, btw. You're just begging to be moderated.
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 01 November 2014)
* shooters *
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 31 October 2014)
"Making it EXCLUSIVE FOR A SPECIFIC PERIOD OF TIME" on 3ds damaged it. That's pretty much the sum of what I typed b4 in regards to that, not just the fact of releasing it for it. Once again, some of u really need 2 have a better comprehension of the stuff you read. THAT temporary exclusivity was indeed, A PISS POOR & TERRIBLE DECISION about it. The whole sales declining thing is just a lame excuse. If u want better sales 4 ur product, then make a good product (RE game) instead of giving fans something they never asked for, like spin offs, on rail shotters, or more action and less horror. The "cheaper to make for 3ds" thing doesn't cut it either, since it makes nothing to explain that initial exclusivity. In d end, the home consoles just got a CHEAP port of that version with minor graphical improvements and the convenience of a much bigger and better screen, but that was it,... oh, also support for trophies/achievements, for those who care about it. Hell, they might as well should've done that from the beginning, but everyone knows what that time exclusivity was all about, of course. Now that there isn't any type of deal in place,... what did Crapcom decide to do???!!! They decide to release THE DIRECT SEQUEL for almost everything else, but the original platform that received da 1st. game; tragic for some, but HILARIOUS for everyone else. That proves that is about profits, alright,.. being as much profitable as they can with Revelations 2, and bcuz of it, it's precisely that the 3ds was left out this time around.
acdcste (on 02 October 2014)
Releasing the game on the 3ds did nothing to damage the franchise, thats only your opinion, its not a fact. You keep on saying its a fact doesn't make it so. Sales have been steadily declining game by game fir resi so releasing a cheaper to make game for 3ds was not the worst decision. For me its in my top five games for the system. Games don't have to sell millions and millions on a handheld to turn a profit.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 23 September 2014)
sales are fine, especially if you take into account that it was released to a much bigger user base relatively fast
GdaTyler (on 16 September 2014)
I never thought sales were so bad. :( I still plan on picking this up. Hopefully gameplay won't be so crappy without the 2nd circle pad. :/

Well regarding sales, in the words of the wise and mighty Meret," NINTENDO BOMBA"
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 07 August 2014)
@ angryazzwipe: Cannot edit? Who wants to edit them? Everything I posted was true and I even gave the specific reasons about it. The only thing embarrassing here is watching a poor stupid nintendo fantard such as yourself getting bitchy, angry n' frustrated about it, since u know well that you can't deny it. U clearly lack either d intelligence or the necessary experience to spot true "trolls", so don't even go there... Asstec! And yeah, by reading this as well as some of ur other posts, I see u're the 1 to talk about slope-headed children and how to make them realise they are... wow, thanks 4d invaluable lesson, hahahahahahahaha!XD.......... Yes, I agree there is no point, but that is cuz there's no argue to a FACT, you Moron, I already typed about it in other comments and I'm not going to repeat it; and if calling out you or any other fanboys on their bullshit "defines me" then whatever, stay "angry" about it if u want and keep living in Nintyland, asstec.
ZombieVito (on 21 July 2014)
I read your comment wrong haha.
AngryAztec (on 16 July 2014)
@ZombieVito - I dunno what you're on about. I said REV is part of the mainline series. Nothing you say will change that.

@legendaryTROLLbroly - You sound like a slope-head child yourself. You do realize that, don't you. Read your posts (which you CANNOT edit). Look at how embarrassing they are. They define you 100%. There is no point discussing anything with such an idiot.
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 16 May 2014)
U wanna see something really awful n' pathetic? That's ur reading comprehension, for sure. I wrote that it was the decision to make the game timed-exclusive to 3ds what damaged the franchise, (even more) and therefore, its initial further appeal AND SALES. I never said anything bad about the quality of the game itself. Revelations is far from perfection, but it's better than the other last 3 R.E. games that Crapcom published.
NintendoPie (on 27 April 2014)
Wow, you're acting quite pathetic. RE:R was a better game compared to some recent RE games. If anything, this game actually helped RE's appeal. It was actually well done.
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 23 April 2014)
@ nihilist: Dude, try to THINK for a moment about what u're typing, O.K.? 14 m.???? U think that's so little? This is R. E. Guess what? It's still a fucking sales failure for the franchise, you moronic whining bitch. And how much has the 3ds sold since, huh?! Basically, what I typed b4 was correct,... it was A TERRIBLE DECISION TO MAKE REVELATIONS TIME EXCLUSIVE TO THE KID FRIENDLY & WEAK 3ds, the game always felt out of place there, it would've been MUCH BETTER to put it somewhere else from the start, and yes, Crapcom just damaged the R.E. franchise even further by doing so. None of this will ever change, no matter how much you cry about it. There, u failed to prove me wrong, but hey, keep throwing tantrums and telling others to fuck off if that makes u happy, you retard.
supernihilist (on 06 April 2014)
idiot. the install base when this launched was 14m. it did OK to good. fuck off
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NintendoSupporter (on 10 March 2014)
I downloaded this game. For some reason I think this sold at least like 850,000 so far if you include eShop sales. This did well to be on a Nintendo handheld.
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 06 March 2014)
Crapcom idiots! Things like this r exactly why that company is in the state it is. It was a terrible decision to make Revelations time exclusive on 3ds. It would've sold much better had it been available on PS3/360 from the beginning. Revelations sold miserably on 3ds considering the install base, and the game itself always looked out of place in that lil' kiddy handheld. Lol Crapcom, whatever money Nintendo paid u clearly wasn't worth it. U just damaged the R.E. franchise even further, XD.
supernihilist (on 04 February 2014)
its been doing good at the eSHop too ass of latte. wonder how many digital copies have been sold...
supernihilist (on 12 January 2014)
should reach 800k+ adding digital when all its said and done. which is good enough. if it only launched now...
ZombieVito (on 28 December 2013)

@AngryAztec - If your definition of main games is that they have to be 100% canon then the Outbreaks, Dead Aim, the Chronicles (the new parts) and Survivor are Main games as well. They are 100% canon.
AngryAztec (on 25 December 2013)
@atma998 - Revelations is a spin-off as much as Code: Veronica is. Or in other words, it isn't. It's a main (100% canon) game. So troll harder next time. By getting informed about the series. M'kay?
ZombieVito (on 22 December 2013)
After playing the PS3 version, I have to say the definitive version is this one.
supernihilist (on 18 December 2013)
i like the 3DS version the most btw
supernihilist (on 18 December 2013)
CAPCOM dont be greedy 750k for this game which has a lame short story is pretty good. you made a profit there. plus digital sales are just a plus.
atma998 (on 18 August 2013)
0.73M, not bad for a RE spinoff.
swii26 (on 11 July 2013)
Only if save data could transfer between Wii U and 3DS like MH3U. Silly Capcom and their cheap, quick money ports
Meret (on 16 June 2013)
3DS > all other versions combined, lol
Nem (on 04 June 2013)
After those week one sales, it looks like this version will still outsell all the others put together.
Falk Sturmfels (on 29 April 2013)
Hm, are these numbers correct? .72 million is not that bad. Capcom already announced that they are not superhappy with the sales, but also not disappointed.
DieAppleDie (on 21 April 2013)
it sure is a matter of tastes but even if you liked action more than horror, this game is not a very good action shooter imho
still i had a lot of fun beating Raid mode and the game has the best bosses in a long time

never said it was bad, only that could ve been better to fit my tastes xD
acdcste (on 17 April 2013)
Each to their own i guess but i disagree with you on the action front. For me its one of the best games i have played and definatley deserved better than the 700k it currently has in sales.
DieAppleDie (on 08 April 2013)
the game is a mixed bag of rights & wrongs
the horror parts are great, the action parts are lame...Its good, but it could ve been sooo much RE3.5 compared to RE4.
acdcste (on 03 April 2013)
Dieappledie. Why is it not the best game? Its only his opinion. I own every one of the big 3ds games and i would consider this, along with ocarina of time the joint best two games, just ahead of kid icarus and then followed by mario 3d land and mario kart 7.
DieAppleDie (on 02 April 2013)
released on the eShop for 30€
DieAppleDie (on 01 April 2013)
actually, its not
zwei (on 21 March 2013)
The best game for 3DS
fedfed (on 28 January 2013)
with the HD version announced for home console. the chances of 1 mil are fading!
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 04 January 2013)
Really wish this would have hit one million. It really deserved it. The title was far from a commercial failure, but 1 million would have been the sweet spot to me.
TheKingofRedLions (on 03 January 2013)
I bought this recently at Walmart for 30 bucks
shiackz (on 27 December 2012)
well i did my part and, bought three copies for chrismas to give as gifts
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 14 December 2012)
I hope it reaches 700K by the end of the year. Still wish it got the sales it deserved.
Arfen (on 23 November 2012)
one of the best games on 3DS, it deserves much more sales
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 23 November 2012)
Selling 3K a week. This game clearly didn't get the sales it deserved.
DieAppleDie (on 22 November 2012)
its still full price here
the game is doing ok, too bad as this is one of the big games of the year, it should do awesome
DieAppleDie (on 22 November 2012)
its still full price here
the game is doing ok, too bad as this is one of the big games of the year, it should do awesome
swii26 (on 20 November 2012)
1 mil lifetime is possible... great game and now selling for $20 and under
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 15 November 2012)
Hopefully this crawls to 1 million lifetime in the end...

We'll see how things go holiday season I guess.
sethnintendo (on 10 November 2012)
Considering it hasn't even been out one holiday season I believe you are selling the title a little short, vitox. Wait after this holiday season and if it hasn't hit .9 - 1m by early Jan then I will admit defeat.
fedfed (on 05 November 2012)
I hope to see this at 1mil soon. It is a really good game.
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 04 November 2012)
1.5-2 mil? You're dreaming man, I'll be very surprised if this get 1 mil.
sethnintendo (on 29 October 2012)
Numbers will pick up probably around holiday season. This title will sell probably 1.5-2m lifetime. Not as much as it deserves but still a decent number.
oni-link (on 28 October 2012)
When will VGC do a sales adj on this game? The game is probably at least 130K units undertracked in the USA alone. NPD has the game selling 122K copies in March while VGC has it ~7K. Looking at the forums around the web this game is closer to 800K sold WW. Here's hoping for a sequel as I loved the 3D effect had on the game!!!
DieAppleDie (on 25 October 2012)
The flaw in your argument is that if you find 3DS library weak, well thats YOUR oppinion based on YOUR tastes
PS360 has a lot of core games that didnt sell well, does that mean a shit?

Thechalkblock (on 25 October 2012)
i thought this was a pretty fun game; the most fun i had from resident evil since resident evil 4. i enjoyed the brief "horror" portions of the game with jill in particular. i hope capcom will release a sequel for 3DS/Vita
Mr Puggsly (on 16 October 2012)
@ DieAppleDie
The flaw in your argument is you're ignoring the PS360 have massive libraries with countless noteworthy titles. The 3DS on the other hand doesn't have many noteworthy titles, so I find it surprising more 3DS owners didn't get this game.

Anyhow, I'm not here to crap on the 3DS. The 3DS and this game are great. However, I'm bothered by these lackluster numbers because they don't encourage publishers to bring more core games to the 3DS.
DieAppleDie (on 16 October 2012)

"Face it, these numbers are lack luster for a platform with a small library of noteworthy titles."
thats a matter of tastes, i for example find the PS360 having a small library of interesting games
sales are mediocre, but maybe its because its a mediocre game

i still dont get why its selling so poorly in the US
Mr Puggsly (on 13 October 2012)
@ oni-link - Perhaps you should have tried to be mature from the beginning.

You had options. You could have ignored me, agreed or disagreed. I gave my opinion and it apparently hurt your feelings so much that you had to attack me. That's pretty sad. Oh well, I respect you for trying to be mature now.
JTurner82 (on 13 October 2012)
It looks like this game sold best in Japan than in USA and Europe. Still, this is not bad for a RE handheld.
oni-link (on 11 October 2012)
@oniyide, I know, and I am the one who will show maturity and walk away from a troll who pretends he hasn't been trolling. It's pointless to argue with such shallow individuals and I consider that ugly troll to be way beneath me!!!
oni-link (on 11 October 2012)
@oniyide, I know, and I am the one who will show maturity and walk away from a troll who pretends he hasn't been trolling. It's pointless to argue with such shallow individuals and I consider that ugly troll to be way beneath me!!!
Mr Puggsly (on 10 October 2012)
@ oni-link - Perhaps you should see some of the PSP games ported to the HD twins. I've played God of War Origins and MGS: Peace Walker. They look great on my HD TV. RE: Revelations looks considerably better than those games. Hence, you're a moron.

But you can keep calling me a troll and ignoring the points I made. You're a moron and I expect you to continue being one.
oniyide (on 10 October 2012)
lot of maturity going on around here...maybe RE6 will give it a boost
oni-link (on 09 October 2012)
@Puggsly-Face it you're a've been trolling the Wii and Nintendo since I've joined here and nothing gonna change!!! You're butt-hurt response and attempt to insult (moron? that's the best you could do? lol what is this junior high?) just shows how low of person you really are. Enjoy trolling Nintendo as one just needs to check most of the Wii and DS games for your history of trolling. Oh by the way learn to read what I said, because your idea of porting a game made for a system whose resolution is optimized for WQVGA would look great on a 55" HD screen genius. 'nuff said I'm done with you and talking to UGLY "little" trolls!!!
Mr Puggsly (on 06 October 2012)
@ oni-link - You're moron. Resident Evil 5 sold extremely well on the HD twins. Racoon City sold quite well inspite of it being mediocre. Yet you don't think this wouldn't do well on the HD twins? Once again, you're moron and its pathetic how defensive you are about NIntendo hardware.

Face it, these numbers are lack luster for a platform with a small library of noteworthy titles.
Mr Puggsly (on 06 October 2012)
Finished this game recently and it was even better than I expected. Shame this isn't doing better.
DieAppleDie (on 02 October 2012)
why are NAn sales so low?
Wickedshyn (on 23 September 2012)
First game I bought when I got my 3DS. It did not disappoint.
JTurner82 (on 23 September 2012)
From what I understand, Capcom isn't displeased with the sales of RE: R. At all. They are interested in bringing another title to it (from what I heard a while). Undertracked or not, this is pretty good for a RE handheld.
hunter_alien (on 21 September 2012)
Is there any poof that the game is undertracked? If not, it did terrible. I mean even the atrocity that is RC outsold it, even on the 360. Too bad, it seems that we will get even more action oriented REs, seeing how only those sell :-(
oniyide (on 23 August 2012)
doesnt surprise me at all KH has a bigger presence on handhelds than RE does, a lot bigger
megaman79 (on 21 August 2012)
Im just surprised to see Kingdom Hearts smash the sales of Resident Evil.
TheDarkBender (on 10 August 2012)
Good sales, especially if it's undertracked.
Hopefully it will encourage Capcom to make the series more horror again, or atleast to make another title for the 3ds :)
DieAppleDie (on 06 August 2012)
severely undertracked
this game has chances to hit 1m LTD
oni-link (on 31 July 2012)
Same old troll line that Pugsly has been ranting on for years on Nintendo systems (c'mon port a 3DS game on a big screen try harder man). Only now it's on the 3DS instead of the Wii. You need to come up with a new hobby buddy or find a girl of something. Great sales btw and severly undertracked though from the sales Capcom has on the game. MosDef getting a sequel.
AngryAztec (on 27 July 2012)
Nope. It would do worse on the HD twins. The type of gamer on those 2 consoles would not go for a game like Revelations. It would be too slow for them. They need more action and mindless shooting.
Mr Puggsly (on 27 July 2012)
Wow, this is doing awful. Capcom needs to port this to the HD twins. That's where millions of people will actually play it.
AngryAztec (on 24 July 2012)
Revelations could only bump up in sales at the moment by way of a PRICE CUT. I keep reading on the web about people being on the fence about this game. And the only thing stopping them is the current retail price. The game could be sold for $29.99 tops. But it's still usually selling for $40-35 bucks (plus tax). Unless Capcom gives it a price cut soon, there will be no sales bump. 3DS XL or no 3DS XL. Only a price cut would do it. It may happen after it's first year on the market. And when and if it goes down to $19.99, you will see this game sell like crazy. Until then, a lot of people are on the fence.
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 15 July 2012)
I'm very interested in seeing how the 3DS XL impacts core titles like his and KI:U. Unlike the Dsi XL which had the most appeal for and was marketed to seniors. Many people who would be considered a part of the core audience seem to now have a much larger interest in the 3DS many said that the XL would push them to jump in first day. Though I'm sure MK7 and SM3DL will benefit the most, I curious if core titles vs. casual will see bumps.
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 15 July 2012)
I really hope that Capcom will share the true sales number with us and hopefully not the number sold to retailers, but instead sold (though how many copies were sold to retailers is what matters to them in terms of profit I believe).
acdcste (on 12 June 2012)
I agree with phantomlink nem. I think you misunderstand the difference between capcom shipping to retailers and actual games sold. I wish your numbers were right though as that would make me happy as a resi fan.
Nem (on 19 May 2012)
Its not that i dont believe the possibility phantom, but they explicitly say the numbers up are sales numbers. They can be lieing, we dont really know for sure, but i'm just going with the official numbers here until theres a trustworthy source saying otherwise.
PhantomLink (on 16 May 2012)
Shipped = sold to retailers, that's the money that counts to CAPCOM. If MH3G is more in line with VGC numbers is because it wasn't overshipped like SSF43D and is still selling.
Nem (on 15 May 2012)
Phantomlink, check this link here on number 50 and read the bit up-top. Its sales numbers according to them.
I'm extrapolating the number for this game based on how undertracked SSF43D is and im beeing pessimistic about it. I doubt theres 400k copies of SSF43D on retailers shops right now.
Notice also that number 29 MH3G seems to be more in line with what we have here on VGC.
PhantomLink (on 13 May 2012)
@Nem. Capcom figures are shipped copies, not sold to costumers.
Nem (on 13 May 2012)
Given how undertracked SSF43D is (by 400k) i am guessing this games real sales must be on the 700-800k units at this point.
AngryAztec (on 11 May 2012)
@Cold Light

2) Well, if you're trying to sell something to a crowd that barely knows your brand and you don't advertise it and even refuse to give it a decent sales pitch (like Capcom did with Revelations on the 3DS), you cannot possibly blame that crowd for not buying your product. And even if you try to come up with excuses as to why you don't advertise it properly ("that crowd doesn't look like they will like my product, so I won't spend a penny advertising it to them"), nothing you can come up with will change the fact that you have only yourself to blame. So yeah, Capcom-Unity gets all the blame here for not putting some effort in selling their wares on the 3DS. They must know that M rated games and RE games are not exactly established on handhelds. So it was a no brainer to at least set aside a budget to market Revelations. But they really didn't. And the results are right there for all to see. Capcom in Japan advertised Revelations a bit more and they sold more units than Capcom-Unity did. Same game, same crowd, different sales tactic. Different results.

3) I think Vita will bounce back. But presently, according to recent reports, the best selling game in the NA market is Uncharted for Vita and it has only sold a bit higher than the 100k mark. While the other games barely sell from 50 to 80k. Sony needs to fix this situation and they will at E3 (I hope).
Nem (on 09 May 2012)
The sales are quite good for a first year console and rumors say that were gonna get a new resident evil on 3DS starring claire and the 2 resi movies in 3D at the end of the year.
This game sold very well, the development costs arent high and were shared with SF43D and mercenaries and i suppose the upcoming RE:downfall. Capcom is no doubt making loads of making off this.
It certainly wouldnt be able to do it on the Vita, with a much smaller installed base and higher development costs.
Cold Light (on 07 May 2012)
@ AngryAztec:
1) k
2) Point number one is that you are blaming only Capcom and their poor marketing, but maybe Nintendo handheld gamers generally weren't really interested in RE:R. And point number two is you thinking that people all around are stating that Vita version would sell more than 3DS one. It is pretty impossible and port could be only an improvement of this game's overall performance. It could be close, but no more. And maybe it would increase popularity of handheld RE games.
3) I admit all problems of Vita, hell, I don't even going to buy one until some really serious reasons come. But all that doom crap is crazy and often pointless. And ignorant, yes.
4) Capcom is doing a lot of bullshit today. DLC, marketing, killing its own franchises, losing key people. But some decisions could be right. And I think decision to narrow the audience of this game is silly. Yes, today RE on handhelds isn't looking popular and it's bad.
AngryAztec (on 07 May 2012)
@Cold Light -

1) GTA Chinatown Wars sold better on DS than PSP. Regardless by how much. It's kinda ridiculous to say that it didn't by "quite a lot" since the point was that it still sold better on DS. And digital sales back in the early days when the game came out didn't make a dent in terms of revenue. I dunno why you even went with this, considering what I said still stands as fact. DS version sold better. If you have tangible proof of the contrary, provide a valid link that says it did. If not, then shut it.

2) Too much ignorance in your own reply (I treat you the same way as you treat me here, do you like it?). It's ignorant if you think "Nintendo platforms" are one and the same. They're not. You can't compare the Wii with the 3DS or even the DS with the 3DS. Each platform provides unique challenges and opportunities. Even if on the Wii, Capcom screwed the RE brand name by failing to deliver games that the user base wanted (games like RE4, which was a hit on Wii and not on-rail games). So you got different and specific situations with each "Nintendo platform". And this happens because unlike what you think, Nintendo gamers don't actually play on all Nintendo consoles. Some of them are handheld gamers. Some of them never play on handhelds. Another big fail in your reply, is that didn't notice that MAHTOORE games don't exactly have a very long track record on handhelds. Especially RE games. Unlike on home consoles, the RE brand name has yet to become popular with HANDHELD GAMERS. That has yet to happen on any handheld. And another thing that made your reply ignorant (sorry but you went there), is when you talk about my points being ignorant and yet you agreed that Capcom sends out games to die by not advertising them properly. Congrats for agreeing with my "ignorant" point.

3) Don't be so sensitive whenever someone talks about the Vita without using rose-colored glasses. The fact is the Vita barely has any system selling software on it. Proof of it is the lackluster sales of the hardware on every market out there. This actually happened with the 3DS as well after it launched. So no, no one is "bashing" the Vita here. The Vita can still recover and continue having a long life. The point is, Uncharted is undeniably the best title the Vita has and it still has sold the same amount as Revelation has worldwide. And unlike Uncharted, Revelations has had no advertising and a lot of competition. So, there is nothing at all that would make anyone with a forehead think that game would sell better on a system like Vita. When it's best title (Uncharted) has not exactly sold better than Revelations.

4) Capcom didn't mention Revelation because they weren't thinking of issuing a budget to promote it. That just wasn't in the cards. Unlike you, Capcom Japan was a bit more realistic with how the RE brand sells on haldhelds and didn't see any indication that it would suddenly start selling like on home consoles, where the brand was already established as a certifiable hit (with RE5). That's why instead of using money to promote Revelations, they instead went with promoting the hell out of Operation Raccoon City. Because such a twitchy game was a sure bet on home consoles. And there was minimal risk with that game becoming a hit. What with all the CoD fans on home consoles (and almost none on handhelds).
Cold Light (on 07 May 2012)
@ AngryAztec:
1) DS version of GTA: Chinatown Wars has less than 300k advantage above PSP version (remember, there are also digital sales of PSP version which aren't tracked). That's not quite a lot. Anyway, game underperformed everywhere.
2) Too much ignorance in your words. Yeah, RE is the most popular mature-rated series on the Nintendo platforms, but there are already two examples of its games on 3DS that weren't huge hits. 3DS owners just care much more about other types of games. Even if it was poorly marketed, Capcom guys show themselves as idiots when they are producing big-budgeted title and just throwing it on the street without proper advertising.
3) I can understand Vita bashing (it really has a lot of troubles to solve), but Uncharted will sell much more with time. It's one of the biggest titles here and still worth 50 bucks and it isn't bundled. It will more than double its current numbers later. There is no alternative at this moment.
4) And yes, there is fine perspective to sell some Revelations on Vita with minimum costs of porting. RE series is popular on PlayStation platforms as well, you know. Finally, in Capcom's financial report this game is barely mentioned in line with niche Asura's Wrath and UMvC3. And it's not a very good sign for RE:R's performance.
AngryAztec (on 05 May 2012)
@Conegamer, because the game was sent out to die with little promotion. There is a lack of awareness of the product within the 3DS user base. And even among those that have heard about it, they haven't been given the adequate sales pitch. Mostly because Capcom-Unity can be arsed to do it. Instead they're hoping that regular fans will promote the games and do their job for FREE.

@Heavenly_King - LOL Dude, GTA Chinatown Wars actually sold WORSE on the PSP. It actually sold a lot better on the DS. Get informed son.

And another thing, the Vita best and practically the only title to really own on that system (Uncharted) has sold pretty much the same units worldwide as Revelations did on the 3DS. And unlike on Vita, Revelations had a ton of competition from other games. Games that were better advertised and promoted. Considering the lackluster sales of the Vita at the moment, I dunno what makes you even think Revelations would sell better there. Since the problem is not with the platform, but with Capcom-Unity's tendency to send games out to die, unless they're ACTION games designed for twitch gamers.
Conegamer (on 05 May 2012)
I'm not sure why people are moaning. It's over half a mil, which makes it
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 04 May 2012)
Please stop coming to this comment section just to friggen port beg!

It just bothers me that the wheels of the "Nintendo Cycle" may begin with this title just because Capcom was too lazy to do what a publisher is supposed to do and promote the title. Racoons City did the numbers it did because its add campaign was huge. Print ads, Tv ads, everywhere. How could Capcom feel that releasing information about the game online and on the eshop would be enough when the likely has one of the least pro-active user base's of any gaming system? The ad campaign of Raccoon City would have done wonders for this game, and even if it had received it on a smaller scale things would have been much better. TV would have been the most effective place to advertise as well as some gaming magazines, but instead it gets next to nothing. I wonder if they even had ads in fricken Nintendo Power for christ sake....
pokeclaudel (on 03 May 2012)
Well I hope this is severely under tracked. This is a really good game.
Heavenly_King (on 03 May 2012)
When they make the game for PSVITA, it will sell much better. It will happen, it is just a matter of when. Just like it happened with GTA:Chinatown for the DS, the sales were so poor that it got ported to the PSP.

This game for VITA will look better, maybe it could look as great as Uncharted:GA. And would play even better with the 2 analog sticks. I know the 3DS has an accessory with a 2nd analog, but it is sold separately.
oni-link (on 02 May 2012)
definetly undertracked!!!
AngryAztec (on 01 May 2012)
@xxbrothawizxx63 There is no point trying to convince Capcom-Unity about this issue. As long as they have Sven there, they will continue to send games OUT TO DIE. With little to no budgets to promote them at all. I can't tell you how many times I had to explain Revelations to users on the 3DS by way of Swapnote/Letterbox. Trying to convince them that the game is worth a look. Inviting them to try out the FREE demo. I also find myself doing the same on Twitter. Lots of 3DS users do not know enough about the game. Many are not even familiar with it. It's so depressing how much lack of awareness there is about this game. More so when you consider how Capcom-unity have failed big time, in promoting it.
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 28 April 2012)
That statement is BS. Operation Raccoon City had a MASSIVE AD campaign. I saw CG commercials of the game on several channels and often too. If Capcom comes out later and says "Revelations sold poorly because of Nintendo's strong 1st party titles that overshadow our own and its user base's demographics", I'm going to be very pissed. They need to cut the bullshit and own up to their mistake. The truth is in the numbers. Nintendo published both Mercenaries and Revelations in EU and both of those titles did much better relative to the North America in comparison to the usual ratio between NA and EU on platforms other than the PS3, especially other RE titles on previous Nintendo consoles. NA:EU ratio on Nintendo platforms is usually around 2:1, but Mercs and Revelations have some of the lowest NA/EU sales ratios in series history with only some of the low selling PS2 spin-offs and RE:5 getting anywhere close to an only 7% sales difference between NA and EU for Mercs and an only 3% difference for Revelations (the lowest in series history I believe, also one of the lowest percentages of total sales for NA in series history with EU tracking closely to usual share performance). Surely Capcom has to see this. The proof is right there......
AngryAztec (on 26 April 2012)
I agree, Capcom-Unity did a terrible job promoting Revelations in the US. I wrote about it on their forums. Asking Sven about that stupid "word of mouth" strategy they used to sell the game. Barely investing any cash in promoting it by traditional ways. Despite the low sales, Capcom-Unity still stands by their lousy strategy. The only hope Revelations has to pick up sales, is with a PRICE DROP. If the game were to be sold at 29.99 it would start selling like crazy. Nevermind at 19.99 (but this price would only happen in two years).
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 24 April 2012)
A total fiasco in NA because Capcom made it so. It is obvious that the majority of the 3DS install base is not the type to actively search for game news or keep up with titles. In Europe, the push for this game was pretty immense (from what I heard from those in Europe and the various high quality commercials for European countries released). Guess who published the game in Europe? NINTENDO. The only push Capcom gave Revelations in America was the demo, but from what I gathered it didn't exactly stir people's feelings too much. The rest of the push for the game in NA was essentially Nintendo with the Nintendo Video footage and special editions for the game, showcasing the title a bit on the eshop (trailers ARE NOT in 3D and I believe there were only one or two, KI:U on the other hand has around 7 all in 3D and look at its sales for a new IP), and the commercial showcasing it and SM3DL (doubt Capcom had too much to do with it being in the commercial or even had to pay). Poor sales in NA really fall on Capcom's shoulders.
MRKs (on 23 April 2012)
A total fiasco in NA. A shame really. Hope this continue to sell at least in japan
DarkFury (on 20 April 2012)
Games get the sales the consumers get, the gamers vote with their wallets. The Western gamer (thus far) has not shown interest in this game.
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 17 April 2012)
This game deserves more sales.
AngryAztec (on 15 April 2012)
Anyway, Revelations is clearly one of the games that every young/older adult 3DS owner should have on his/her radar. And considering that it just came out a couple of months ago and that it will eventually get a price drop, it will eventually get some legs down the line. Let's see how it does after it's first financial year on the market. It's alread above the half a million units sold. Not bad at all considering it came out on a 1 year old handheld and not on the 2 systems with 60 million users each.
AngryAztec (on 15 April 2012)
I have nothing against Vita, but seriously, what makes anyone think Revelations would do better on that system? Especially when Uncharted on Vita is getting similar numbers as Revelations on the 3DS worldwide. And Uncharted is pretty much THE game to own on Vita. Unlike Revelations on the 3DS, where there are other games like Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D land, Kid Icarus, Monster Hunter and popular eshop games that get most of consumers attention. And even so, it's sales are not that far off from Uncharted's. They're practically neck and neck.
Heavenly_King (on 15 April 2012)
this game will be released on PSVITA eventually, considering this sales.
JTurner82 (on 14 April 2012)
There's no way this game is going to come to Vita. Capcom is satisfied with the sales numbers; it has done well for itself on the 3DS. It's hardly a failure.
Cold Light (on 14 April 2012)
122K is a lifetime number in US to date. Horrible that this game underperformed when bullshit like Operations Raccoon City has sold so well. No trolling, but I hope Vita will get this game. Together, sales would be decent at very least (just like with GTA: CW) and this game deserves it much more than ORC.
oni-link (on 14 April 2012)
should really say 620K+ instead!!!
oni-link (on 14 April 2012)
sorry but everyone who is everyone stands by the 122K sold for march instead of 7K sold for that month that vgc undertracked (more common than joystiq misquoting it).
PhantomLink (on 13 April 2012)
I'm pretty sure that they meant 122K LTD and not just for March, wouldn't be the first time that joystiq makes a mistake with NPD data.
oni-link (on 13 April 2012)
actually it sold 122K in march not feb so it is undertracked by at least 110K since VGC has it ONLY selling 7K for the whole of March!!! Honestly, that's pretty bad undertracking!!!!
sundin13 (on 13 April 2012)
According to NPD this sold 122K in february so this has to be undertracked by at least 15K in the US...
PhantomLink (on 10 April 2012)
A lot of games "share" development costs by reusing things for previous entries and still sell tons. The sales of Revelations are not great in the west that's for sure. But how much CAPCOM expected from Rev? Even I could tell that this game wasn't going to be a huge success and why didn't they put this on consoles? I think CAPCOM is trying to create a market for Resident Evil in handheld and the sales of Rev while not great are a first step into that. I repeat what I said, numbers are not great but this wouldn't have sold better on Vita. Dissapointing sales but it's a starting point for RE in handhelds and fan reception was great.
AngryAztec (on 09 April 2012)
@ HelloMotto You sound like a troll. First of all, Revelations production costs were shared with Mercenaries 3D costs. Both games were produced at the same time using the same budget for both games. Mercenaries is basically like a DLC update for Revelations that was sold separately. And that game sold nearly 400k while Revelations already is above the 500k mark. So guess what, troll? Revelations didn't flop. It barely out for a few months and has still a long way to go. Especially with a price drop near x-mas. Then it will really take off.
AngryAztec (on 09 April 2012)
@chickenmoshpit, Uncharted for Vita has not outsold Revelations. Cehck the numbers again. And even if it did, consider that Uncharted is practically the best game the Vita has. So obviously, most Vita user have no choice but to buy that game. On the other hand, the 3DS has LOTS of great games since last year. Revelations had to compete with Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land and Monster Hunter (in Japan). The holy trinity right there. Plus all the recent games coming out like Kid Ikarus and the great eShop games like Pushmo.
HelloMotto (on 08 April 2012)
ok. i take back my previous comments. i'd say 900-950k lifetime.
luiaots (on 06 April 2012)
@ HelloMotto: You really think that? The game already sold 500k and it hasn't had its first christmas and it hasn't been out for a year.
JTurner82 (on 05 April 2012)
Million seller or not, the fact is that it still has outsold MERCANERIES in all territories. So it's in no way a failure.
JTurner82 (on 05 April 2012)
Hardly a failure in any way; it's still successful for a portable game.
HelloMotto (on 05 April 2012)
wait, scratch that, i honestly think it only do 650k, and that's being generous.
HelloMotto (on 05 April 2012)
the most reveLAITIONS will sell is 700k - 750k. which is a mega flop for a RE game.

guess this game is too mature for the 3DS audience.
JTurner82 (on 05 April 2012)
The sales for this game already surpass those of MERCANERIES big time in all three territories. Capcom is satisfied. More RE titles for 3DS are guaranteed. End of story.
JTurner82 (on 05 April 2012)
I dunno, I think the game's sales are pretty good, especially for a handheld title. Of course it's not console quality sales, but all things considered, half a million units in two months isn't anything to sneeze at. At hey, it sold more than MERCENARIES.
oniyide (on 02 April 2012)
could be, but that still doesnt explain the terrible legs, its like everyone who was really interested in this game already bought it.
acdcste (on 31 March 2012)
I think the this was overshadowed by the new resi release persoanlly. Even though there have been a few weeks difference i have seen plenty of adverts for the new resi and none for the 3ds. I still think the sales are decent. Handheld games always continue to sell longer so it should end up just fine.
oniyide (on 31 March 2012)
Mercs is a bad comparison, that wasnt even a real game, they just took a MODE from an actual RE game and sell it for full price, not a surprise why that only sold as much as it did. THis game was hyped to all hell and is a full length RE game. Yes going gold is not bad, but the game has no legs, its been out of the top 100 for weeks. I though ORC might give a boost but maybe 6 will do that.
acdcste (on 25 March 2012)
Its important ti remember that uncharted golden abyss is the only game worth buying for the vita, hence its good sales. I persoanlly don't think the sales are that bad considering mercs is only on 330k
chickenmoshpit (on 24 March 2012)
lol uncharted golden abyss is outselling and that game's on the VITA which has a much much smaller install base than 3DS.

revelations is a huge bomba for a Resident Evil game. i fully expect CAPCOM to port this to PS3/360/VITA very soon.
PhantomLink (on 18 March 2012)
I believe Kawata only said that he would like to do more Resident Evil games for 3DS not that they are already planning them. I don't think that Revelations would have sold better on Vita, but these are defenitly not good numbers.
oni-link (on 18 March 2012)
Seriously just talking facts and no assumptions!!! IF I was to assume this game is a great success seeing Capcom is already planning future spin-offs for the handheld. I haven't heard anything being said about RE on the Vita!!!
oni-link (on 18 March 2012)
LOL...this is selling better than if it would have been on the dying Vita!!!
Salnax (on 14 March 2012)
@DarkFury Seriously, Half a million units in two months is enough for a handheld game. Besides, it's not like this was a console title. The engine is recycled from RE5 and Mercenaries.
DarkFury (on 14 March 2012)
I very seriously doubt this was profitable with such sales. We shall see how long-term sales are.
megaman79 (on 12 March 2012)
Its already surpassed GC RE4 in Japan, its got a while to beat the other GC RE remakes, but if you consider the bundle together (inc. SSF43D, MH3G) i think they'd be happy enough with the business.

Consider a Rev. Bundle in Japan for Christmas 2012? Would do very well. I think Capcom should be spitting out the entire RE back catalogue onto the 3DS asap too.
swii26 (on 11 March 2012)
This game will have legs!
Salnax (on 10 March 2012)
11th best selling 3DS game at the moment. It will easily surpass Lego Star Wars 3 and Star Fox over the next few months.
Juma009 (on 08 March 2012)
How can I check the week by week numbers, the way it used to be.
morenoingrato (on 07 March 2012)
Horrible, horrible sales.
Looks like this time, Vita sabotaged Nintendo.
jbee02 (on 07 March 2012)
The only reason this game hasn't sold more in America is they didn't ship enough copies to America. Almost every time i walk into the stores this game is sold out. Though granted it not nearly as bad as it is with Tales of Abyss, that game is just really difficult to get your hands on.
Salnax (on 02 March 2012)
@megaman If I had to guess, several reasons.

1. The Vita launch, like you said, stole the spotlight for the month.
2. As a hardcore console-style game, rather than a 1st party handheld game, sales are front-loaded.
3. Reviews were merely good, around 80 or 85% across websites. This does not hurt the game's rep, but it doesn't help either.
4. Resident Evil's fanbase is on the consoles.
5. Other 3DS games like Tales of the Abyss, New Love Plus, Metal Gear Solid, and Theatrhythm have stolen the spotlight in America and Japan.
6. This is a spinoff. Sales are obviously going to be less than the main series.
megaman79 (on 02 March 2012)
I dk why its dropped so much. Maybe Vita attention has only temporarily distracted the handheld dollar? Maybe its permanent? We'll see what Nintendo will do to keep this in the market, and im sure they'll do something.
IamAwsome (on 01 March 2012)
They released bundles for every other 3DS game, why not this?
Salnax (on 01 March 2012)
Honsetly, I can see this game reaching half a million in Japan alone, especially if a budget version, special edition, or bundle comes out. The 3DS is still young, and they love Resident Evil and the 3DS over there. The game's strong legs in that part of the world are encouraging.
Veit (on 29 February 2012)
I can't believe it disappeared in it's 3rd week from the top 100 in the US.
TheDarkBender (on 29 February 2012)
I saw lots of ads of this game. It's being advertised together with Kid Icarus and MGS 3D here in Europe
RedInker (on 29 February 2012)
Supurb game. Far superiour to Resident Evil 5 in every way.
adsl (on 27 February 2012)
Don't worry guys this game will sell for years, 1.5 mi is something achievable in a couple of years. Also this game was not an expensive HD tittle so 0.5mi would be enough pay development costs.
Salnax (on 26 February 2012)
@spurg I've seen nothing on TV for this game. Still, I can easily imagine this doing well over its lifetime. It's already game #11 of all time for the 3DS, and has easily surpassed Mercenaries, even after just a couple of weeks. The Japanese sales in particular make me hopeful. This can end up selling 15,000 or 20,000 a week for the rest of the year until the holiday boost. All in all, not bad for a game that scored around 80 or 85 on a young platform.
PhantomLink (on 26 February 2012)
@Falk Sturmfels. I think the part after the credits is a reference to RE5
spurgeonryan (on 26 February 2012)
First off I love that we can click the sales number above and be transported to the actual sales page. Has anyone in America seen previews or trailers for this game on TV?
Falk Sturmfels (on 26 February 2012)
Is say something about 750.000 at the end of 2012. That is okay, but it looks like the western 3DS-players donīt trust in harder games. I expect from Metal Gear Solid nothing than poor sales, and I hope the 750.000 Revelations will be enough for a sequel (which is mentioned after the credits).
ryuzaki57 (on 26 February 2012)
Quite a drop... Looks like the 3DS western audience is very different from the Japanese 3DS audience.
Paul (on 25 February 2012)
Pretty sad numbers for such a great game. Games like this will fail on the 3DS and the Vita will fail completely so no developers will make this style of handheld game in the future. Quite sad.
NintendoPie (on 25 February 2012)
Yikes! Hopefully it'll keep some good legs, and hopefully it'll have a Holiday boost this year since it didn't get to it last year.
Smeags (on 24 February 2012)
I'm gonna give a shout out to the awesome soundtrack that Revelations provided. Give a listen to "Queen Zenobia (Hall)' and "Queen Dido (Submerged)'. Both are fantastic, especially the latter... which is hauntingly beautiful.
snowdog (on 21 February 2012)
Got this th other day and it's Resident vil back to its best.Have got to Episode 4 and have already had 2 stingers on a par with the dogs jumping through the windowin th first game...I jumped a mile for one of them in particular lol. Hopefully Capcom are going to have Resident Evil 6 following in Revelations' footsteps with more emphasis on survival horror than action.
Araknie (on 20 February 2012)
I see a lot of missed trust in the series.
NintendoFanDj (on 19 February 2012)
@TGM well not all cause that would mean little kids who can take horror and 3d.
More likely to the nintendo gamers or gamers who has it.
TGM (on 18 February 2012)
I truly think this is the best looking/sounding 3ds game out right now. Single player is longer than RE 1 and the achievements will make u go through the game at least 2 times. Multiplayer is MEGA deep and can be played on or offline. I HIGHLY recommend this game to ALL 3ds owners and people who are "on the fence" on the 3ds.
Smeags (on 18 February 2012)
Not a bad start, but RE4: Wii got to where it is today through great legs. Hopefully Revelations can continue the trend.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 17 February 2012)
it is doing well indeed!! although it could be better, it may have legs which will hopefully carry it to 1m
Salnax (on 17 February 2012)
Global week 1 is about 300,000. It's already the fifth best selling 3rd party game on the system, and #12 total.
Iveyboi (on 17 February 2012)
Wish sales were higher; best 3DS game
TheDarkBender (on 17 February 2012)
Almost half a million :D
Definetly doing very well.
NintendoPie (on 16 February 2012)
I wished it was at least 90K but still good!
Zim (on 16 February 2012)
Us pre-orders 88K+unexpected price drop+very positive reception = FW 86k......... Yea I'm thinking the pre-order numbers must have been WAY out or the game is way undertracked. Most likely the former.
Salnax (on 16 February 2012)
What? I thought it would be closer to 100,000! Oh well.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 16 February 2012)
only 85k in US launch : (
Salnax (on 09 February 2012)
Should be .29 or .30 when the data comes in. Add another .12 on launch week in America... pretty good progress.
luiaots (on 09 February 2012)
@ nebnosneh: I guess you are going to be asleep forever then XD
MasterZack (on 09 February 2012)
I jjust play it in the dark.
Nebnosneh (on 09 February 2012)

Someone wake me if they do a Wii port.
Ronster316 (on 08 February 2012)
Campaign complete........ 18 out of 21 raid mode stages complete, (some stages done in co-op to test the online waters)... this game is simply SUPERB...!!!!!!!
pokeclaudel (on 07 February 2012)
Absolutely amazing game. Sitting in the dark with the 3d on very strong and headphones is the best.
Iveyboi (on 07 February 2012)
Love it so far!
Paul (on 07 February 2012)
Got it, shot me some zombies.
d21lewis (on 07 February 2012)
The day has finally arrived! Going to buy it, now.
man-bear-pig (on 05 February 2012)
man-bear-pig (on 05 February 2012)
This looks goo!
Falk Sturmfels (on 05 February 2012)
Really great game. I'm now at the end of chapter 9 and the playclock says 10 hours. I did not even touch the extramode, which is bigger than mercenaries.
Salnax (on 04 February 2012)
It's already outsold Mercenaries in Japan.
AstroMaSSi (on 04 February 2012)
Good game! More than 1M extimated IMHO.
menx64 (on 04 February 2012)
I am expecting 200k sells from america, so 430k FW. 1st america + 2nd japan+Eu should be about 150k... 600k after 2nd week... 10 weeks or so to reach 1million... Not bad at all.
Level1Death (on 03 February 2012)
Good start especially without America.
Salnax (on 03 February 2012)
Topped the charts without America. Already the 11th best selling 3DS game in Japan. Excellent.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 03 February 2012)
sales of 230k without USA, and just 1-2 days in Europe is very good, interesting to see how it sells the coming weeks
z101 (on 03 February 2012)
It is available since 27. February in europe, not 26. as mentioned here.
TheDarkBender (on 03 February 2012)
Will end up selling around 1.5 million, I think. That seems as a pretty good number and should guarantee other 3rd party coming to 3ds. Hopefully it will eventually end up selling 2 million, knowing it's early in the 3ds's lifetime and the game is very good.
Matt_182 (on 03 February 2012)
Sales are pretty good considering it has been out for less than a week and hasn't reached America yet.
llyod85 (on 30 January 2012)
Cannot wait for this! It looks like 2012 is gonna be a good year for RE!
Ronster316 (on 28 January 2012)
The 3DS is really showing it's muscle here, RE: Revelations looks simply amazing, also happens to be a damn fine game too, puts a lot of console games to shame.
stitch55555 (on 26 January 2012)
I'm playing now...incredible graphics!!!
Smeags (on 25 January 2012)
Yep. Demo kicked all kind of butt. Can't wait!
Ronster316 (on 23 January 2012)
Can't wait, demo was fantastic.
Salnax (on 23 January 2012)
So, what kind of numbers can we hope for. A million lifetime?
acdcste (on 17 December 2011)
Hopefully this one will sell a lot better than Mercs did. I believe pre order numbers for the US are around the 75k mark so hopefully will be around 200k before release date.
Salnax (on 06 December 2011)
This looks like the best 3rd party 3DS title yet. I'm hyped.
WarioTime (on 13 October 2011)
dark room max 3d cant wait for this
Smeags (on 20 September 2011)
The extended trailer for this looks fantastic. I am now officially hyped for Resident Evil: Revelations!
spurgeonryan (on 06 July 2011)
Well hopefull this one will be good.
mysticwolf (on 08 June 2011)
yeah it came out over 100 years ago, didn't you get the memo?
VivaLaWiida (on 03 March 2011)
Release date: 1899. wtf?

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fedfed (on 08 February 2017)
21 copies in 2017 - great!
oniyide (on 22 January 2017)
it had a whole year head start and was
the cheapest of all the versions. It
better have sold the best, why the
fedfed (on 25 January 2016)
this has been on offer a few times I am
sure it has passed the mil mark with
digital - in retails I am not sure it
will - I haven't seen a new copy in
atma998 (on 12 December 2015)
This game's now at 0.85M compared to
0.77M for PS3 version, quite good if you
ask me.
b00moscone (on 05 December 2015)
Best-selling out of all the platforms.
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