PilotWings Resort

Global Total as of 16th May 2015 (units): 0.92m
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Monster Games Genre: Simulation

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
16th April 2011126,803N/A26,803
23rd April 2011210,920-59.3%37,723
30th April 201138,826-19.2%46,549
07th May 201148,235-6.7%54,784
14th May 201153,446-58.2%58,230
21st May 201162,878-16.5%61,108
28th May 201173,19811.1%64,306
04th June 201181,972-38.3%66,278
11th June 201191,749-11.3%68,027
18th June 2011101,597-8.7%69,624

Japan Annual Summary (Units)


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DarkRPGamer007 (on 18 August 2014)
This might reach 1m lifetime depends on
if it's in a future bundle or something
maybe or like buy a 3DS get 5 games free
in 2019 something like that
atma998 (on 08 January 2014)
Now 0.87M, the game is not selling as
much as I expected, wonder if it could
reach 1 million at some point.
ganoncrotch (on 28 May 2013)
I finally picked up a copy of this for
20euros since that is what everyone was
saying it was worth for the past year
and I have to say, what an amazing
pilotwings game this is, if you like the
one on the N64 you will absolutely find
hours and hours of enjoyment here, I
would consider myself a Vet of the N64
game and got about 12 hours worth to 3
star every mission in this, it is a
shame that it is just all around the one
Island and even that is small compared
to the "little states" in the N64
version but saying that there is still
an awful lot to do around the Island....
now I need to get back to finding the
60th Mii trophy my jet pack!!
atma998 (on 14 December 2012)
0.83M... moving slowly to the million...
leedlelee (on 26 November 2012)
If I'm not mistaken...
This is on the
eShop in Japan...
Selling for
(slightly) less than the other
originally retail titles (Star Fox, OoT,
SM3DL, etc.)...
This and Steel Diver
would have made fantastic eShop launch
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