The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Global Total as of 07th Oct 2017 (units): 4.61m
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemAlso on: Wii, Game Boy Advance
Developer: Nintendo EAD Genre: Action

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ExplodingBlock (on 10 October 2014)
Low sales for such a high install base makes me sad
AshKetchum1992 (on 23 July 2014)
Great game
Roar_Of_War (on 11 January 2012)
By about 300k in the USA.
Roar_Of_War (on 11 January 2012)
That's an NPD chart. I know it's an old game, but LttP is apparently undertracked on this website.
Roar_Of_War (on 11 January 2012)
bigjon (on 07 December 2011)
Nintendo seriously needs to make a true successor to this baby.
Mordred11 (on 17 September 2011)
amazing game.
gunslinger (on 02 January 2011)
I still can sit down and play this for a couple of hours and get the same enjoyment out of it as much as i did when it first came out.
Icestyng (on 03 December 2010)
I agree... Best Zelda game!
Wickedshyn (on 22 May 2010)
Best Zelda game.
Imphamis (on 31 January 2010)
IMO This game has best story in the entire Zelda franchise.
Aidman (on 17 August 2009)
My Best Game ever
SHMUPGurus (on 26 June 2009)
I agree with Majin. I'm sure he liked Ezlo, haha! This bastard is worse than Navi by a mile! xD
Thechalkblock (on 16 June 2009)
I really should play this game again sometime.
HanzoTheRazor (on 12 May 2009)
10/10 Special game. Still my favorite in this awesome sreies.
Majin-Tenshinhan (on 12 May 2009)
Valkyria00 should be shot.
Valkyria00 (on 03 May 2009)
Minish Cap was much better imo
DreadRaptor85 (on 10 March 2009)
Zelda owns!
bigjon (on 31 December 2008)
this baby is on my VC!!
LNRT (on 20 November 2008)
A truly masterful game that has the perfect balance between exploration and actual progression.
PowerOn (on 29 October 2008)
It's my all-time favorite Zelda series. My opinion, the ending is far best.
blunty51 (on 15 October 2008)
This game will forever be a part of my life.
DreadRaptor85 (on 06 October 2008)
Fcuk Yeah!
Vas-y (on 25 August 2008)
Don't know why but somehow I don't like the atmosphere in this game.
sc94597 (on 25 August 2008)
Along with Majora's Mask as the best Zelda game, and one of the best Action Adventures ever.
HanzoTheRazor (on 20 August 2008)
10/10 I have lost count of how many times I've finished it!
SHMUPGurus (on 04 August 2008)
There's a typo in the game title. It should be: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Lots of people seem to forget the ''A'' for an unknown reason...! o_o
Soanevalcke (on 08 June 2008)
2D Masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and buy it :U.
oliist (on 05 June 2008)
I first played it on a rainy night in the year 1992.And this image was burned forever into my brain.When it's raining in a dark night i always get this special thunderstorm-Zelda-dungeon-feeling.
One of the five best games i have ever played.
trestres (on 24 May 2008)
Best Zelda game along with OoT.
Snake612 (on 17 May 2008)
i loved this game. i wish i still had my super nintendo
SaviorX (on 03 May 2008)
Funny how I was born 1 DAY after this came out in the US. I was born to be a Link fan.
Aidman (on 02 April 2008)
my big huge wish is to see a remake of that master-piece A Link To The Past you're the real best game that links any gamer to the past to that wonderful 2D of the past.
HanzoTheRazor (on 31 March 2008)
10/10 What a special game....was my fav until Wind Waker was released. All great things shine on forever!

Oh, and the thing about no perfect games, well you could argue that perfection does not even exist. Perfect for me :p
sinheart (on 03 March 2008)
Best in the series.
batusai69 (on 29 January 2008)
a great great game :)
lolita (on 23 January 2008)
@ Meow The Mouse... Difficulty too low? It's much harder than any of the 3D Zelda! O___o How can you say this? Beside, iono about you but I don't like it when a game is impossible I like to be able to beat it.
MeowTheMouse (on 20 January 2008)
^ its one of the worst zelda i played, and ofcrs by that u would figure that i didnt play the CD-I zeldas.

still gr8 game diffeculty is too low
NintendoTogepi (on 20 January 2008)
Call me weird but I'm not a fan of this game.

It's probably my second least favorite Zelda of the eight I own.
ClaudeLv250 (on 06 January 2008)
So good I had to say it twice.
ClaudeLv250 (on 06 January 2008)
Best Zelda game ever.
StarcraftManiac (on 30 December 2007)
Got it on VC... That counts right? :-)...
lolita (on 22 November 2007)
Epic game, perfect difficulty and the dongeons were just amazing!
Aidman (on 19 November 2007)
10/10 all I can do.. just do it .. do the ZELDA.
AwareQP (on 27 October 2007)
Could give it a 10 but only "perfect games" should get a 10. OOT is perfect. LTTP therefore gets a 9/10. Easily one of the best games of all time and #3 in the Zelda series behind OOT and TP.
natedog4000 (on 14 October 2007)
haha...ok so I just did some research on the zelda timeline and learned that it is very cloudy and all that's out there is many arguable theories....

Here's a link to a video of one of the theories which is quite interesting...
natedog4000 (on 14 October 2007)
This is an awesome game and if you haven't played you should at least give it a try even if you think you don't like zelda games...

also from what I've read A link to the past refers to it being a prequel to the two NES games. Also Ocarina of Time is a prequel to A link to the Past...
eclipse27 (on 27 September 2007)
Link to the Past was the best Zelda indeed, Wind Waker 2nd and a distant 3rd is OoT
quarashi (on 27 September 2007)
OoT is garbage compared to this game. Greatest Zelda game of all time!!!
Chadius (on 21 September 2007)
Best. Zelda. Ever.

Probably best SNES game ever.
masterisaac21 (on 09 September 2007)
Unos de los mejores juegos de todos los tiempos, en la escala del uno al diez= 9.5
nathantay (on 05 September 2007)
Great game easily the best of the series and probably my favorite SNES title ever.
PaperChronoRPG (on 18 August 2007)
I don't like this game. It's very boring. I probably just don't like large 2D games.
ClaudeLv250 (on 30 July 2007)
Best Zelda ever, hands down. It defined the series, created all the good tools (Bottles, Hookshot, Flippers), introduced the dual world scenario and the fomrula that's been re-used even today. OoT was good but it was just a 3D LttP, not nearly as good as the source material, the original, while important for making the series what it is, is just surpassed in all areas. LttP is THE Zelda.
Maverick Hunter Z (on 29 July 2007)
Never really liked this one, guess its because I didn't play it until after Ocarina of Time. I still hold the original Zelda to be far superior. 6/10.

P.S. I'm not really sure this was meant to be a prequel since it was originally called Zelda 3 when originally planned for the NES. But its a hard call.
OldManOnCampus (on 28 July 2007)
I'm pretty sure the name implies that it's a prequel to the first two as well. My favorite Zelda game, something was lost when they made it into 3D, but only a little.
ssj12 (on 27 July 2007)
I prefer the Japanese name, The Legend of Zelda: Triforce of the Gods, that sounds cooler.
Psycho1984 (on 17 July 2007)
I think z64dan is right, in fact, they could also have said: The legend of Zelda: a link ''with'' the past. For the ones that speak French, we would get: ''La légende de Zelda: un lien avec le passé''
z64dan (on 10 July 2007)
Fuzzmosis, I believe the descendants of the 7 wise men are the links to the past. Zelda, herself, is a link to the past.
Fuzzmosis (on 06 July 2007)
What perplexes me is the title. Link does not go to the past. Link stays in the present, just goes to the dark world.
Pejko (on 04 July 2007)
Best Game ever!!!!

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ExplodingBlock (on 10 October 2014)
Low sales for such a high install base
makes me sad
AshKetchum1992 (on 23 July 2014)
Great game
Roar_Of_War (on 11 January 2012)
By about 300k in the USA.
Roar_Of_War (on 11 January 2012)
That's an NPD chart. I know it's an old
game, but LttP is apparently
undertracked on this website.
Roar_Of_War (on 11 January 2012)
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