DmC: Devil May Cry

Global Total as of 30th Apr 2016 (units): 0.82m
Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Developer: Ninja Theory Genre: Action

USA First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
19th January 2013192,770N/A92,770
26th January 2013216,363-82.4%109,133
02nd February 201338,145-50.2%117,278
09th February 201345,406-33.6%122,684
16th February 201352,947-45.5%125,631
23rd February 201361,602-45.6%127,233
02nd March 201371,333-16.8%128,566
09th March 201381,317-1.2%129,883
16th March 201391,152-12.5%131,035
23rd March 2013101,102-4.3%132,137

USA Annual Summary (Units)


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AgentRedgrave (on 07 March 2016)
I never admitted anything. And as I
said, Capcom themselves debunked your
A203D (on 29 February 2016)
@AgentRedgrave. You already admitted
that DMC4 was using automatic lock-on,
and that DmC was using a true manual
lock-on. How does lying about Hideaki
Itusno now change that? How does it
change that DMC4 is using an automatic
lock-on? How does it change DMC4 Donte
is not Dante? How does it change DMC4's
slow, clunky gameplay mechanics? Let me
guess you refuse to answer for the way
DMC4 butchered the series yet again...
AgentRedgrave (on 23 November 2015)
@A203D Not according to Capcom, when
they stated DmC's lock on was
automatic, and the one added in the DE
(Like the ones the previous games had)
was manual
A203D (on 28 May 2015)
Its actually the previous games using
automatic lock-on, this was the first
game of the series to use the manual
[PACT] (on 15 May 2015)
Damn, this comment section. Two years of
animosity and salt. Sheesh...
Decent numbers for the most hated game
of last gen. I really loved the
soundtrack, level design, weapons and
the flow/pacing of the game. But no
60fps, no manual lock-on and no
aggressive enemy AI held this game back
from it's fullest potential. (Fixed in
the Definitive Edition though...)
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