Global Total as of 21st Mar 2015 (units): 0.80m
Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Developer: Ninja Theory Genre: Action

Total Units

North America: 0.23m 28.5%
+ Europe: 0.26m 32.5%
+ Japan: 0.19m 23.8%
+ Rest of the World: 0.12m 15.1%
= Global 0.80m

Release History

DmC: Devil May Cry CapcomNorth America15th January 2013Retail
DmC: Devil May Cry CapcomEurope15th January 2013Playstation Store
DmC: Devil May Cry CapcomEurope15th January 2013Retail
DmC: Devil May Cry CapcomNorth America15th January 2013Playstation Store
DmC: Devil May Cry CapcomJapan17th January 2013Retail
DmC: Vergil's Downfall CapcomEurope05th March 2013Playstation Store
DmC: Vergil's Downfall CapcomNorth America05th March 2013Playstation Store

Game Overview

DmC: Devil May Cry is an action/adventure title developed by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. The game subsequently received an enhanced port to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

A reboot of Capcom's popular Devil May Cry franchise, it features a younger and a more brash Dante. It takes place in Limbo City, a town where humans are secretly controlled and manipulated by demons through a soft drink known as Virility. Unbeknownst to Dante, the demons seek him out and when they find him he is through into a dimension also known as Limbo. Meanwhile, a "terrorist" organization known as The Order, fight for control of the city and Dante may just be the tool they need to win.

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A203D (23 hours ago)
Tisk, tisk Nero the emo fan. DMC4 uses
automatic lock-on. Enter a thread and
engage me and I will expose you for the
lying camp homo fan you are. DMC4's
gameplay is slow and clunky and the
story is attrocious. This is a fact and
not a mater of opinion. You lied for the
camp homo, and your camp homo game will
pay for that.
Rafux (2 days ago)
No you mental case the manual lock on is
new for the Definite Edition of DmC and
DMC4 never had automatic lock on it has
always been manual those are facts and
no matter of opinion.

I could tell
you to back up that claim but you live
in a fairyland.
A203D (on 29 March 2015)
Rafux. Will you ever stop lying for Nero
the Emo May Cry? DmC already featured
manual lock-on, it was DMC4 that
contained the outdated clunky automatic
lock-on. 60 FPS wasn't available on PS3
or 360. Yet even then DmC still managed
to look better and play better than DMC4
which is a clunky game by comparasion.
Yet you'll never enter a thread and
answer for this, you'll always try and
blame Ninja Theory for the lies that
came out of your mouth so you could
excuse Nero the Emo May Cry.
Rafux (on 24 March 2015)
This shit game actually got patchd with
the Definite Edition on PS4 with all the
things we demanded like manual target
locking and 60 FPS, its quite decent now
but the damage has been done as the new
version bombed horribly too.

By the
way did VGchartz adjusted down the
numbers on this garbage game? I though
it was 1M on ps3
A203D (on 12 March 2015)
@fatslob. Now your calling Hideaki
Itusno, Capcom Japan and the
professional reviewers liars? Lol. I
guess everyone in lying and only the
Nero the emo and Kyrie the Twilight girl
fans are telling the truth?

get your facts straight before talking
to a DMC

have yet to align their numbers with
Capcom's offical reports. Refuting your
claims yet again Nero the emo

Besides your wrong about the
combat, DMC4 is the one actually using
the automatic lock-on. DmC is using
manual lock-on. DMC4's combat is clunky
because the controls and movement are
limited and restrictive. The camera is
down right abysimal at times. The
movement is slow. The missions are
outright attriocious. That awful dice
game, or the gyro game, or the
attrocious platforming. Then you have
the utterly disgusting story of Nero the
emo and Kyrie the Twilight girl. Then
you have DMC4 Donte, the camp homo Donte
making homoerotic poses with red cowboy
boots. An utter insult to the original
fans and butchered an icon. I suppose
its DmC's fault DMC4 was only half a
game as well.
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