Resident Evil: Outbreak

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 1.45m
Platform: PlayStation 2
Developer: Capcom Genre: Action

Total Units

North America: 0.54m 37.3%
+ Europe: 0.35m 23.8%
+ Japan: 0.46m 31.8%
+ Rest of the World: 0.10m 7.1%
= Global 1.45m

Release History

BioHazard Outbreak CapcomJapan11th December 2003Retail
Resident Evil Outbreak CapcomNorth America31st March 2004Retail
Resident Evil: Outbreak CapcomEurope17th September 2004Retail

Game Overview

Resident Evil: Outbreak is a game developed by Capcom and released on PlayStation 2.

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DanBal76 (on 24 January 2010)
Yes, the "tank" control doesn't work
as good as Code Veronica's (Outbrek's
turning speed is slower, making dodging
zombies more difficult than it should
be), and the 360 control doesn't work
as good as Devil May Cry's (camera
angles fault here). Finally, yes, the
online play was laggy as hell. Despite
all of that i loved this game. Why?
Well, it was, for me, the definition of
survival horror. The 4 people online
mode was awesome, with the ability to
exchance itens, heal your companions,
die and become a zombie yourself. The
scenarios were full of secrets, combine
that with the 8 selectable characters
and you had a game with a tremendous
replay value. I really miss this game
(and File 2 for that matter). I really
hope for another chapter in the Outbreak
Sash5034 (on 08 November 2009)
Its better than RE5 *prepares to get
attacked by rabid fanboys*
evilalbedo (on 01 June 2009)
this game is very good
PullusPardus (on 20 May 2009)
i hope capcom make another outbreak , i
dont like the new RE . this is awesome
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 22 July 2008)
it was avarange actually file 2 was
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