Luminous Arc

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 0.24m
Platform: Nintendo DS
Developer: imageepoch Inc. Genre: Role-Playing

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
10th February 2007128,825N/A28,825
17th February 200727,849-72.8%36,674
24th February 200735,524-29.6%42,198
03rd March 200743,475-37.1%45,673
10th March 200752,765-20.4%48,438
17th March 200762,244-18.8%50,682
24th March 200771,784-20.5%52,466
31st March 200781,467-17.8%53,933
07th April 200791,156-21.2%55,089
14th April 200710990-14.4%56,079

Japan Annual Summary (Units)


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Kuksenkov (on 01 July 2015)
Loved it. Loved the music. Made me laugh
a few times, that's an

I defeated the last
boss in my first try...
You just gotta
use your head. And grind a bit :D
Saki (on 09 July 2009)
Not a bad game but it drags on forever
and the end is insanely hard. I played
the game up until normally up until the
final fight and just wow. Its broken
because that boss is insane. I had to

The game had potential and
starts of really good imo but fails in
the end.
pearljammer (on 10 June 2009)
An okay SRPG. Lame dialogue, easy maps,
boring characters, standard battle

I'd recommend only if you
love SRPGs, even then, there are plenty
out there that are much better.
Relias (on 07 April 2009)
Not bad by any stretch of the means...
Not great but if you are into SRPG then
pick this up.
jpelles (on 18 October 2008)
Definetly a case where reviewers got it
wrong. I agree that its surprisingly
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