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10/13/09 Majesco
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As Jill Evans nervously prepares for her big wedding day, disaster strikes when a mysterious ‘timebender' crashes to the floor. As her friends and family rush to pick up the shattered pieces, her loved ones suddenly vanish. Now, in order to rescue them and get back before the ceremony begins, Jill must travel through time and work her cake-making magic on everyone she meets in this all-new adventure based on the best-selling PC title from Sandlot Games.

  • The third addition in the award-winning online PC Cake Mania franchise from Sandlot Games that has been downloaded 100 million times worldwide and sold more than 650,000 units worldwide across DS and Wii
  • Master 84 new levels of cake-baking craziness!   
  • Travel to 6 different bakery environments including the Jurassic Period, Medieval England and the Future. Each environment has its own unique cake styles
  • Customize Jill's bakeries with 50 unique kitchen upgrades: Ovens, Shoes, Frosters, Display Stands, Microwaves, TVs, Toppers and Frosterators. New upgrades include the Fridge and Hot Drink Machine!
  • Serve 30 new demanding customers, from Medieval Wizards to Ancient Egyptian Mummies
  • Unlock three different mini games, including Servo-Rama, Cakey-Makey and Match Cakes
  • Receive trophies for completing specific tasks and follow your accomplishments in the Trophy Room

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