Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 1.08m
Platform: PlayStation PortableAlso on: Nintendo DS, iOS
Developer: Rockstar Leeds Genre: Action

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TrevDaRev (on 17 December 2013)
1 million.
TrevDaRev (on 27 January 2012)
Will hit 1million late 2012 or early 2013.
Machina (on 23 July 2011)
Did alright in the end, hadn't checked the sales since release.
spurgeonryan (on 01 July 2011)
So should all systems! I want to know what there digital sales are.
sepulnation1986 (on 19 April 2011)
yeah! sony should release the PSN sales for all games...! i'm interested in it!!!
Boutros (on 18 April 2011)
@Mr Puggsly It perhaps already did with PSN sales.
Mr Puggsly (on 12 April 2011)
Good legs. Could sell better than the DS version.
VivaLaWiida (on 01 April 2011)
FINALLY a 2D GTA game again. I hate the 3D perspective
spurgeonryan (on 22 December 2010)
Good point drake! cannot see what my comment was so i dont know what I said a year ago. But still for a Ds game it couldn't have cost much. your right thought the totally #d version is what everyone wants!
-girgosz- (on 04 December 2010)
This could sell a million by the end of 2011.
drakesfortune (on 08 April 2010)
Not to mention that the vast majority of the sales for both the DS version and this version are at $19.99 or less, and the previous PSP games sold a lot more at a much higher premium for a lot longer. So they made a lot more money on less sales on the first two PSP installments.
drakesfortune (on 08 April 2010)

I have no idea what it cost to make, neither do you. I'd bet you $50 it was MORE than the cost of either prior GTA game on PSP, since those essentially had the cities prebuilt and ready to go, and the engine is just a modified engine of the PS2 game. They saved a bundle going that route. Those games sold about 9 million combined, this one combined with the DS game will probably sell 3-4 million. Again, this game, the world, the fiction, all had to start from scratch. So this almost definitely cost more to make than the other PSP GTA's.

Further, it IS a disappointment. Rockstar has said they're very disappointed in the sales. Case closed. At the end of the day, they don't feel the effort they put in was worth the sales. That's the most important metric.
aragod (on 06 April 2010)
This game is actually really good, I was rather impressed. Got it of EU PSN store sale for my PSP Go and I'm loving it. So much content in a portable game, minigames... you name it. Real sales are higher thanks to the untrackable PSN sales. Everyone should get this, really worth the money.
MarshmallowMan (on 05 April 2010)
This is my favorite of all GTA games.
spurgeonryan (on 04 April 2010)
Ok drakes, but how much did this 2d stinker cost to make? not anywhere near the price of the big 3d versions! And 1.5 million isnt thta bad
Ghazi4 (on 02 April 2010)
@sbvgc2012 check the news even on this site (check the date of my post tho :P) then see if it was a disappointment
Cold Light (on 24 March 2010)
So, it reached 400K + PSN sales. Not great numbers, but not a flop too ;)
aavidbacon (on 17 March 2010)
@sbv, they must have told rockstar this is the shit.Cause this is the best GTA I've played in a while. Is 2d? F that,the story is great and the gameplay made me remind the best moments in Vice city. People, if you like great games, buy this one.
sbvgc2012 (on 12 March 2010)
Rockstar has said that they were very disappointed in the sales of this game.And GTA fans also told them this game is a shit.
Mr Puggsly (on 11 March 2010)
@ drakesfortune
Bear in mind this isn't the kind of GTA the masses want. Even if the reviews were great, it doesn't have a large appeal.

It they wanted big sales they should have made this into a game like Liberty City Stories.
drakesfortune (on 05 March 2010)
Again, 1 million for a full release GTA game is TERRIBLE. It's a TERRIBLE number. Period. You don't have to listen to me, Rockstar has said that they were very disappointed in the sales of this game.
primogen18 (on 03 March 2010)
this is about to hit 1 million on DS... how can you say people weren't interested in this game? Also, shouldn't this game be smashing the DS version, seeing as GTA is a known brand on playstation/PSP?
Attoyou (on 01 March 2010)
@ primogen18 Samus Aran

why Would the Game Do Better after being Released on PSP MONTHS latter ??? people were not interested in this game on any Platform very Much.
primogen18 (on 21 February 2010)
so called analysts and journalists ignore what they want to make a point, including how bad this seams to be doing on PSP compared to the DS. This along with every COD game and RE game on Wii are sales people love to shove under the carpet and throw dead space extraction sales in our faces, lol. sad and pathetic, but oh well. This game still rules.
roccerfeller (on 15 February 2010)
Hey man, 350k for a game that opened with 12k is NOT horrid if you ask me.

Its pretty damn respectable, especially on a system plagued by pirates.
hunter_alien (on 12 February 2010)
Yep it will :-)
Kinneas14 (on 05 February 2010)
I think it will have legs like every GTA game!
Salnax (on 25 January 2010)
Look at these horrid numbers! The PSP is obviously not a friendly title for hardcore games. Look at how a causal game, LittleBigPlanet, outsold it. Despicable.
Samus Aran (on 19 January 2010)

The problem is a lot of game journalists use this game as an example why Nintendo platforms suck for adult games. Totally ignoring how bad this sold on the PSP... Ignorant journalists these days.
xbebop (on 18 January 2010)
So, the reason why this game flopped is because it was 2D, not because of the DS audience?
mai (on 12 January 2010)
Hmm, interesting trends. This one peaked during holidays, which is understandable, since it had relatively recent release date, while DS version took off again after distant March release just recently.
nomorehalo (on 09 January 2010)
Proof that a series can only sell so much on name alone; people who bought GTAIV want more GTA. This game just looks too off-putting. No mystery about it, good reviews or not.
DrYon (on 08 January 2010)
Yet, is very far from the DS numbers. To everyone who bet the PSP version would easily pass the DS version sales, got owned.
Buzzi (on 28 December 2009)
Well it's not a flop beacuse will reach 400+k, but were is the people calling the DS one "flop"?
OmegaRugalv3 (on 27 December 2009)
Seems it is that fans just do not care about the top down prespective GTAs. Before everyone was blaming the DS ... there is no excuse anymore now that it is on PSP.

Take Two needs to stick to the post GTA3 view from now on.
hanafuda (on 27 December 2009)
Week 9 the biggest yet.
Munkeh111 (on 25 December 2009)
Hmmm... I suppose this isn't selling great because people just see it as inferior to VCS, which it hasn't disproven to me yet
Majin-Tenshinhan (on 25 December 2009)
Huh, suddenly it's not quite a flop anymore. That's pretty cool, it's a good game.
NSS7 (on 24 December 2009)
Strange number especially others. This game is nowhere near flop. Will top half million
hunter_alien (on 24 December 2009)
200k already... just watch and see how the PSPs legs will save this title ;-)
-girgosz- (on 19 December 2009)
Wow! Others sales up!
NeoMatrix (on 18 December 2009)
When this game will hit 1M, it won`t be bomba anymore.
Though, i wonder, if 500k sales already will be considered as respectable for this port.
Ghazi4 (on 17 December 2009)
this game isnt selling that bad not counting psn numbers so its not a def flop :P
jonop (on 17 December 2009)
cool others numbers are here.
IxisNaugus (on 13 December 2009)
Wait... where are the others sales?
Aj_habfan (on 11 December 2009)
Others sales???
THATGUY (on 06 December 2009)
nice black friday boost, more than double the first week sales.
Phoenix_Wiight (on 02 December 2009)
scourge... no offense, but that's completley untrue. the game flopped- even with the psn, so don't try and redeem it. just admit it
Hisiru (on 01 December 2009)
errrm... how do you know?
drakesfortune (on 27 November 2009)
@scourge, uh I think you're pretty mistaken about that. I think a lot of the GTA audience pirates, and I think PSP games have long slow legs, that end up paying off in the end, but I don't think the platform has any big blockbusters left in it outside of Japan. I think the platform is pretty much dead, which saddens me, because it's the best handheld out there.
scourge29 (on 27 November 2009)
relax people and stfu, its selling pretty good on psn, people buy their games online for psp nowadays
primogen18 (on 25 November 2009)
I see this getting a sequel and another exclusive game, while the DS gets nothing. I know this isn't exactly the same comparison, but Force Unleashed on Wii sold better then on PS3 and which system got the Sith edition?
ShadowSoldier (on 23 November 2009)
Flop. No excuse just Flop. Next time R* do a PSP game in the same vein as LCS
Ghazi4 (on 20 November 2009)
uhh im guessing this game was for bonus wages?? lol
Salnax (on 19 November 2009)
"Let's put GTA: GW on the PSP! DS owners only buy kiddy casual games! PSP owners might actually buy an M rated game. Besides, its Grand Theft Auto. How can it not do well?"

This is pathetic
scourge29 (on 18 November 2009)
no no, this is like the most top sold game curently on psn, dont forget games on demand are on the psp now
coonana (on 17 November 2009)
Well this proves its just the over the head and the art style that threw off less informed consumers. The DS can have such M-Rated content and sell well.

Maybe they can make a sequal for the DS and change the artstyle so GTA fans can accept it more. I am fine with the style myself and love the game, but I want more GTA games on the DS and that can only happen with better guarantee for Rockstar.
elmerion (on 15 November 2009)
@TrevDaRev so you are admiting psp owners are graphical whores who cant buy a game even when highly rated just because it has "bad graphics" (which arent bad at all anyway..)
shuckille (on 13 November 2009)
maybe ppl went for the digital copy on psn other than that the retail edition bombed
NeoGohan (on 13 November 2009)
it bombed really hard
DrYon (on 13 November 2009)
TrevDaRev, you're just saying this because Chinatown bombed on PSP. If if sold better on it, everyone would say "Nintendo can't have GTA, DS is for kids" and cliche bullshit from Sony fanboys.
TrevDaRev (on 13 November 2009)
Well of course it sold better on the DS. DS owners have no other choice if they want to play a GTA game, but with the PSP you have 2 other choices & When you compare the graphic on this to LCS & VCS of course you're going to pick one of them over this. Even though this is a good game.
bazmeistergen (on 13 November 2009)
Pastro you ought to check out this excellent games reviews and reconsider your opinion.
ArkZero (on 12 November 2009)
LOL at sales
reaver_x (on 12 November 2009)
this proves its impossible to sell any game when the platform is residing in pirate land
elzumo (on 12 November 2009)
No Euro sales...
pastro243 (on 12 November 2009)
expected when you port a game like that. What would a NMH ps3 version sell if ported from the wii? few copies, you can get much more better games.
Sapphire (on 08 November 2009)
bombed hard
chris_wing (on 07 November 2009)
And the DS is closing in on a Million sales of this game. Was the port cost worth it Rock Star, or should you have had faith in the DS?
drakesfortune (on 07 November 2009)
Wow, and I thought the DS version flopped.
marcianito (on 07 November 2009)
so the DS version flop?
Hammertime (on 06 November 2009)
laughable sales, outside of Japan the PSP is no longer a games machine.
Bagaren85 (on 06 November 2009)
Holy crap! :(
NSS7 (on 06 November 2009)
Come on Rockstar. We want GTA:SA PSP. That game for sure will sell more than 5 million.
-girgosz- (on 05 November 2009)
Outsold by Call of Duty: Roads to Victory this week. Ouch!
jonop (on 05 November 2009)
are eu numbers not tracked because they are so small, or for some other reason?
ArcticGabe (on 05 November 2009)
BUY THIS GAME, you can actually see you are making a difference....
ArcticGabe (on 05 November 2009)
OMG what a flop, I wonder what the publisher would react when they saw the numbers.
teknohick (on 05 November 2009)
given the abysmal numbers we do have reguarding PSN sales, for some major franchises... really??? @_____@

i mean,... you never know... but... seriously? lol
Paul (on 04 November 2009)
I saw a commercial for this tonight on spike. Funny that I never saw it advertised for the DS at all. PSP software is really terrible outside of Japan.
Hisiru (on 04 November 2009)
Someone told me that it sold 1,000 on psn but I will need to search for a source.
TrevDaRev (on 04 November 2009)
Would be nice to see how many it sold over PSN.
Rawnchie14 (on 04 November 2009)
Well... Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't VGChartz not track PSN downloads? Not to bust everyone's "Nuclear bomb" fun.

But in all honesty... who would get the UMD version?
-Z- (on 03 November 2009)
Actually, I really enjoyed this game on the DS. I don't know why it didn't sell well on that system. The PSP situation is tough, partly because of all the great games coming out this holiday season (everyone I know is playing Uncharted 2). I'm going to stay positive and hope this game's sales pick up by word of mouth. I plan on playing it soon.
intro94 (on 02 November 2009)
sorry.i love the game.but im glad in a way...analysts asumed the ds"Only" sold 70k first week because DS owners Should be kiddy.And psp owners mature.I asumed this game wouldnt sell ANY better on the not the market, is the good,but its misleading design was the issue. DS bombed?this is a Nuclear bomb.
-ku- (on 02 November 2009)
Maybe nobody wants to play as an asian?

Because you have Yakuza 4 for that which would make more sense?
Phoenix_Wiight (on 02 November 2009)
While I feel bad for Rockstar, I really had a blast reading these comments after everyone said the DS version was a flop.
jefforange89 (on 02 November 2009)
Ha, and people used this game as proof that the DS doesn't sell 'hardcore' games. What of the PSP, then?
oni-link (on 02 November 2009)
Major bomb indeed!!! Shows that it's really hard to sell quality software on PSP. This game HAD major advertising out the wazooo and it still bombed!
drakesfortune (on 02 November 2009)
Wow, major bomb.
Boneitis (on 01 November 2009)
Clearly a 3rd person GTA is more appealing than this retro style gameplay.

They should put this game on Xbox Live Arcade. I bet it'll sell there.
indodude (on 01 November 2009)
The sales of this game saddens me. Chinatown Wars is incredibly fun.
zzyoshiman (on 01 November 2009)
that was only one game
jonnhytesta (on 01 November 2009)
nothing sells on psp.too much piracy
Hisiru (on 01 November 2009)
That's because they're fanboys, if the psp version flopped, the DS version will flop even selling 10 million (they will compare with games like new super mario bros that sold almost 20 million).
cEED (on 01 November 2009)
Why does everybody say the DS-version flopped ? It didn't flop !
--OkeyDokey-- (on 31 October 2009)
That makes two times this game flopped.
Monteblanco (on 31 October 2009)
I believe many people dislike the top to down camera in this game. That's very unfortunate as I believe it fits the game better than the camera in other PSP GTA titles.
reaver_x (on 31 October 2009)
wow this did worse than DS version. Looks like that PSP GO is wreaking the sales of this game
haxxiy (on 31 October 2009)
... ....
I'm at a loss for words.
Hisiru (on 31 October 2009)
"The DS can't sell hardcore games bla bla bla shit bla bla bla this bla bla bla that"

Now we can all go back to our systems and play videogame like real gamers, no fanboyism! :)
Fleeman (on 31 October 2009)
I bet it gets ported to the wii next rockstar will do anything to make money off of this one
zaMy (on 30 October 2009)

what are you talking about?
More people baught this on hard copy then PSN, I can garauntee you that.

Show me your evidence that PSN sells more games then hard copy games.

If you ask me, your in denile you SONY FANBOY
BanTiger (on 30 October 2009)
The retail sale is low becz u can download the game from PSN
iBlah (on 30 October 2009)
see? flopped as expected.
sabby_e17 (on 30 October 2009)
The PSP really can't sell software anymore. It only has life in Japan but everywhere else, its just dead.
jonop (on 30 October 2009)
got #5 on NA PSN chart.
hunter_alien (on 30 October 2009)
Old port of a DS game... also there are no DD numbers ;-) So no surprise here ;-)
-girgosz- (on 30 October 2009)
Don't know what to say, maybe people like the new type of GTA's like LCS and VCS. Or maybe the PSP can't sell software no matter how good is the game itself.
SaviorX (on 29 October 2009)
Pathetic sales.
Metallicube (on 29 October 2009)
yikes.. So much for the DS "casual" userbase being the reason of this game not selling.
spurgeonryan (on 29 October 2009)
Oh hell is raining down the DS has made GTA:China bomb. That was what was being said months ago. Look at this! The wii may fail sometimes, but the DS does not. For now nintendo knows how to make excellent portable systems. So go ahead iphone and microsoft and whoever else you see what is happening..lose more money. Has sony made a profit on anything in the last two years?
Sherlock99 (on 29 October 2009)
teknohick (on 29 October 2009)
if anything, i could see this type of game selling ok on the ds given the systems limitations, but top down old school gta on psp? i kinda had the opinon it would flop hard... though i didnt think it would do this bad :| it really gets out shined by the other gta outings on psp, chinatown wars just isnt for every person who plays gta today. even people who liked the original gta probably wouldn't want to go BACK to playing old school gta lol
Fleeman (on 29 October 2009)
Well atleast we finally know who's fault it is for this game not selling.
llewdebkram (on 29 October 2009)
Weird opening sales for a GTA game on a sony platform.
kutasek (on 29 October 2009)
Ouch major flop.
dojhal (on 29 October 2009)
miss it by 7k , these are awful sales
TopCat8 (on 29 October 2009)
Hmmm...I'm pretty sure these first week sales are not what Rockstar was hoping for.
Justin (on 29 October 2009)
Sad first week. Not the "mature" sales Rockstar were looking for.
Wazzim (on 28 October 2009)
5k?! A guess, or real numbers?
I think 20k max, it didn't get very much marketing.
dojhal (on 28 October 2009)
5k first week
Munkeh111 (on 27 October 2009)
For god's sake, how has this not come yet!!! It was sent on Thursday
zzyoshiman (on 21 October 2009)
how could you put pts ctw on psp? will they remove the stuff only use on touch screen?
whatz3rname (on 21 October 2009)
First owner, yeah!
AndrD (on 13 August 2009)
I didnt know that it was coming to the PSP.
Aj_habfan (on 23 June 2009)
Shving! I will buy this because it's GTA and GTA is awesome.

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TrevDaRev (on 17 December 2013)
1 million.
TrevDaRev (on 27 January 2012)
Will hit 1million late 2012 or early
Machina (on 23 July 2011)
Did alright in the end, hadn't checked
the sales since release.
spurgeonryan (on 01 July 2011)
So should all systems! I want to know
what there digital sales are.
sepulnation1986 (on 19 April 2011)
yeah! sony should release the PSN sales
for all games...! i'm interested in
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