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Growlanser V Generations

グローランサーV ジェネレーションズ


Career Soft



Release Dates

09/18/07 Atlus
08/03/06 Atlus
08/08/08 Rising Star

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About Growlanser: Heritage of War

On an island continent shrouded in darkness and bounded on every shore by an impassable veil, war rages among desperate inhabitants fighting for survival. A mysterious famine has ravaged the land, leaving its denizens to struggle over what little fertile land remains. There is no safe haven; land that war has left untouched is still threatened by the Screapers, fierce and powerful monsters steadily encroaching on the cities of men. Hope is fading - who will rise to save this dying land?

Key Features

  • Over 70 Hours of Gameplay! A sweeping story arc spanning 5 lengthy chapters, with additional chapters to unlock.
  • A Fantasy World Comes To Life! Story unfolds through gorgeous hand-drawn animation and character portraits by artist Satoshi Urushihara.
  • Strategic Party-based Combat! The action is faster and more exciting than ever as you use an advanced troop command system to give orders to your allies – smart tactics are the key to victory.
  • Manage Your Character’s Ability Tree! Change your character’s abilities based on the needs of the situation. As your character levels, so too do your Ability Plates!
  • Discover and Train A Magical Fairy Companion! Cultivate Intimate Relationships With Your Allies!

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