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09/08/09 Konami
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10/09/09 Konami

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The beloved childhood pastime of lazy Sundays spent with a magnifying glass and an ant farm finally arrives on the Nintendo DS in this challenging and addictive strategy simulation that trains your ant minions - as well as your brain - through the use of the DS stylus. You must zap, tap, and manipulate your ants to make them tough enough to survive a variety of harsh environments and strong enough to defend the planet against evil alien robot insect invaders! It's up to you to build the best Ant Nation!


  • Ant Farm 2.0. The classic ant farm returns in a new, modern, and portable form. No more worries about glass breaking and ants escaping; now they can go wherever you take your DS.
  • Train your minions. Train your ants to be soldiers and survivors through the DS stylus. Tap them to make them stronger, douse them with droplets of water to improve their water resistance, torch them with a match to build heat resistance, and much more!
  • Stand your ground. Evolve and manage your ant population to be numerous and strong enough to defend against menacing invaders.
  • Architect your community. Design and strengthen your ant colony to withstand natural disasters and sustain a healthy population. Can you take the heat of a volcanic eruption? Or will your ants' messy habits poison the whole swarm before Mother Nature has her way with it?
  • Strategize for your success. Nearly 100 missions are available to keep you busy with fresh and exciting challenges, including managing your population and resources to ensure your dominance. Devise defensive and offensive attacks to help your colony survive and thrive.

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