Demon's Souls

Global Total as of 02nd Sep 2017 (units): 1.82m
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: From Software Genre: Role-Playing

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ktay95 (on 05 June 2013)
just started playing this game... this is going to be fun, and controller breaking
thewastedyouth (on 08 January 2013)
why are the Euro sales so low, LOL EUROPEASANTS
Sal.Paradise (on 12 June 2012)
Certainly is interesting. And it got nowhere near the marketing push/hype of the sequel around launch. Very strange.
mantlepiecek (on 05 March 2012)
Demon's souls is ahead of dark souls PS3 + 360 combined, that is pretty interesting.
Solid-Stark (on 01 December 2011)
Cant wait till this hits 2m. Great game needs more sales!
paulrage2 (on 07 November 2011)
I already get Demon's Souls platinum trophy three times!
yo_john117 (on 03 November 2011)
This has been having great legs since Dark Souls came out. But damn is it hard!
postofficebuddy (on 08 October 2011)
I still say this is undertracked. We never got MEAA numbers and the chinese version sold well enough to get a greatest hits re-release. Probably about 50-100k in MEAA before the European launch.
paulrage2 (on 08 October 2011)
Wonderful game!!
DakonBlackblade (on 02 October 2011)
This is a classic example of word of mouth making a game sell a lot more tham initialy expected. The came came out it was awesome ppl talked it sold, simple as that.
coolbeans (on 29 September 2011)
I helped boost it to 1.27m :D
Crystalchild (on 23 September 2011)
i cross my fingers for reaching the 1,5m mark.. this game deserves it.
postofficebuddy (on 22 September 2011)
Closing in on 10 times its first week. Talk about insane legs.
MrMofongo624 (on 19 September 2011)
should i buy this game even if im not very good at games? im good at games, but people say its hard, an i dont want to get suck forever in the same part
Adobo (on 15 September 2011)
just bought this game! I can't wait to try it. Wish me luck!
Mordred11 (on 02 September 2011)
awesome sales!
-girgosz- (on 25 August 2011)
Outsold ToD in America (on 13 August 2011)
Some of my PSN friends play this game every day.....I think Demons Souls MMORPG would be amazing.
VXIII (on 11 August 2011)
Dgc1808 (on 10 August 2011)
Would be nice if it entered the top 5 RPG's for the PS3.
Dgc1808 (on 10 August 2011)
These sales makes me smile. SONY really missed a nice opportunity with this game...
Jay520 (on 10 August 2011)
This will sell a million in the Americas alone!
Jay520 (on 10 August 2011)
1.23m. That't amazing! It's going to reach 1.5m
Boutros (on 04 August 2011)
Very impressive sales.
binary solo (on 29 July 2011)
Disappointing EMEAA sales, but I guess that's to be expected with a low key, late release. Am very grateful to Namco to have the balls to release it in the EMEAA countries. Go Dark Souls! I hope it gets double Demon's Souls at least, what with simultaneous WW release and >100 million install base to sell to.
huaxiong90 (on 29 July 2011)
1.21 million...this is the best news ever.
Iveyboi (on 29 July 2011)
Holy adjustments up. So awesome to see. Hope Dark Souls has some great numbers
A203D (on 21 July 2011)
The real Demon's Souls dosent start until you finish your first playthrough, cant wait until Dark Souls. i think it has a good shot at game of the year!
Solid-Stark (on 19 July 2011)
Hello June Stark, You have managed to overcome the difficult beginning and are nearly done. Well done :)
Jay520 (on 19 July 2011)
More like the best game of all time. It sold what it did on quality alone. The game had absolutely ZERO advertising, and it's one of the hardest games around, yet its still going to sell 1.5m. That speaks the quality in this game.
pablogers (on 09 June 2011)
best game of the generation, period .... it is difficult at first, but then you catch the pace of the game, and also you can ask for help online
pezus (on 05 June 2011)
Game is too time consuming for my can spend hours repeating the same level because it's easy to die.
Solid-Stark (on 01 June 2011)
This game is good but just couldnt continue playing it
TheLordHimself (on 29 May 2011)
I never thought this game would sell over a million, but I'm glad that it has. One of the best games ever made IMO. Can't wait for Dark Souls...
-girgosz- (on 21 May 2011)
Wanna try this game.
dart1250 (on 12 May 2011)
@ ishiki I say the same. : 3
A203D (on 01 May 2011)
Ultr, the atmosphere is similar to Vagrant Story which is why i love it, but that game was darker imo, thanks to a haunting score.
Ultr (on 29 April 2011)
look at this ladder :D only word of mouth. btw I hate the game, but I bought it, dont get offended I just hate dark games and Demo souls is probably the best atmospherical HorrorRpg EVER, I fear everything of it (on 18 April 2011)
I got psn friends who play only this game. Wish sony paid for additional levels or at least one dlc.
AngelosL (on 17 April 2011)
Amazing game
ishiki (on 07 April 2011)
best game on ps3 imo.
Solid-Stark (on 06 April 2011)
@ A203D I dont think it will do that much better, but with the right marketing, it can sell as much or more than DS. And this is just looking at PS3 numbers.
A203D (on 27 March 2011)
Hopefully Dark Soul's can do better numbers in Europe, its a shame DS didnt pull better numbers there!
Solid-Stark (on 27 March 2011)
Awesome game. Over 1m!
Gilgamesh (on 18 March 2011)
Damn good legs in Japan
drakesfortune (on 13 March 2011)
I bought this game, played it for an hour...just brutal. I'm too old for it. I can't take the difficulty and the lack of tutorial.
Ultr (on 05 March 2011)
they must have a very solid fanbase! I wonder if it would be better to stay exclusive
three_33 (on 24 February 2011)
It is exciting to see support for this game. Go From.
A203D (on 18 February 2011)
Iveyboi (on 18 February 2011)
This thing just trucked along. Proof that Word-of-mouth is important and works
MrMofongo624 (on 18 February 2011)
im gonna have to pick this up
yahoocom1984 (on 13 February 2011)
First non-FF Jrpg to reach 1 million mark on HD console
Squall_Leonhart (on 13 February 2011)
Finally made its way to 1million! Got this the other day and it is brilliant! (on 13 February 2011)
Sparkly, twinkly, happy, happy!
Turkish (on 13 February 2011)
One of the best PS3 exclusives out there!
don_poop (on 12 February 2011)
1 mill!!! Nice but deserves way more!!
A203D (on 12 February 2011)
Nice job From Software!
osamanobama (on 12 February 2011)
wow, how did a game like this reach 1 million. great job
snyperdud (on 12 February 2011)
HOLY SHIT 1 Million!
arcane_chaos (on 07 February 2011)
Demon Soul to Hit 1 mil!!! greatest sleeper hit EVAR!!!
don_poop (on 05 February 2011)
I think xbox ais game seems to sell the best in america and the xbox dominate over ther :(
don_poop (on 05 February 2011)
which platform will dark souls sell the most?
DakonBlackblade (on 04 February 2011)
Gogo Demons Souls 1 mil is right there. The recent anouncement and gameplay video of Dark Souls might give this game a bost
Bristow9091 (on 03 February 2011)
Well I've added one copy to this for EU, since it came through the post this morning, it's absolutely amazing, it's not so much hard, but it rewards you for being patient and being on the defensive, which is a change of pace from all these fast paced action games... love it so much!
Rafux (on 03 February 2011)
10K more and its a million seller!
axumblade (on 03 February 2011)
Should hit a million next week most likely. :D! (on 03 February 2011)
I cant believe this! Almost 1m.
NSS7 (on 02 February 2011)
Nice sales but deserve much more.
A203D (on 28 January 2011)
3 weeks until 1 mil. gonna be awesome!!!
ivanpgcs (on 28 January 2011)
don_poop (on 24 January 2011)
Picked this game up for 20quid and cant stop playin it since
snyperdud (on 22 January 2011)
Holy shit. I can't believe this is actually going to hit a million. Hell yes.
VXIII (on 15 January 2011)
Project Dark is Demon's souls spiritual successor and it's coming this year.
A203D (on 15 January 2011)
Good point, what happened to the final world?? i completely forgot about it. well i think this means that DS2 could be happening 2012!
NotStan (on 14 January 2011)
About 70k in 3 weeks? Yeah definitely 1m by the end of February!
Gilgamesh (on 14 January 2011)
For every copy Demon's Souls sells I died in the game.
homer (on 14 January 2011)
1 million before the end of February?
sabby_e17 (on 13 January 2011)
Please...Demon's Souls 2...
Turkish (on 13 January 2011)
This game started as a niche, but it growed to a million wow! (on 11 January 2011)
Land of the Giants DLC please!
Slimebeast (on 07 January 2011)
ocnkng, my best game this gen is Oblivion. But Demon's Souls is clearly the 2nd best. It's almost miraculously good.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 07 January 2011)
Good legs.
leatherhat (on 07 January 2011)
50k more- you can do it!
-Sixx- (on 06 January 2011)
This week was good for DS, 1m incoming
Iveyboi (on 06 January 2011)
Will hit a million someday. Incredible!
axumblade (on 06 January 2011)
Wow...just passed Valkyria Chronicles....1 million soon. :)
mizzou_guy (on 04 January 2011)
I just started playing this game a week ago, and it's constatnly impressing me. I really wish the sales were higher - it deserves so much more!
Shadowfest3 (on 01 January 2011)
I'm watching my friend play this game and it can get intense.
ivanpgcs (on 01 January 2011)
1 million in 2 months
Pho_Hybrid (on 30 December 2010)
@4k1x3r they've done it twice now :/ o well sales are still amazing for a niche game, but horrible for a GOTY
ocnkng (on 22 December 2010)
@SlimeBeast glad you liked it. Best game this gen for me. Which one is the best of this gen according to you?
4k1x3r (on 18 December 2010)
It got adjusted down, dunno why and when.
kowhoho (on 17 December 2010)
naraku, that's what I've gathered from my pre-game research. >:D Bring it on!
postofficebuddy (on 17 December 2010)
Hot damn, 1 million ahoy. We'd probably be just about hitting it now if we had sales of the Chinese version. It'll still make it anyway.
Slimebeast (on 16 December 2010)
Comon people, spread the word of how amazing this game is. It deserves much bigger sales. Superb fantastic game, 2nd best of this generation.
VivaLaWiida (on 10 December 2010)
This game is a synonym for addiction.
naraku2099 (on 09 December 2010)
kowhoho, play like you're in the game. You can be dead in DS in 3 seconds... literally.
axumblade (on 09 December 2010)
11k this week in America alone is great.
palitococo (on 09 December 2010)
900K for end of the year, 1M april-may.
kowhoho (on 01 December 2010)
I watched a friend play this and have been eagerly awaiting it under the X-mas tree since!
VXIII (on 23 November 2010)
Masterpiece ...
Slimebeast (on 15 November 2010)
I just completeted it. So fantastic.
snyperdud (on 11 November 2010)
800k? That's an awesome number for such a niche game.
Ali-Kharazi (on 06 November 2010)
If you can get past the difficulty, this is an RPG you won't want to miss.
postofficebuddy (on 25 October 2010)
Just went greatest hits in the west. I can hardly wait for this to hit 1 million.
pablogers (on 23 October 2010)
remember america is not only usa, o i think it have old more than 420k.. excelent game btw
ethomaz (on 21 October 2010)
ATLUS shows 380k for Demon's Souls in US only... so 420k for America is on spot.
ethomaz (on 20 October 2010)
The best RPG of this gen.
PSwii60 (on 28 May 2010)
fun but can be frustrating at times; love it though
paulrage2 (on 26 May 2010)
This game is truly fun!
Lafiel (on 24 May 2010)
@ aragod ) yes, but after Atlus released shipment numbers for the NA version it had to be down adjusted (VGC sales nrs were much more than shipments .. so it clearly was misstracked)
A203D (on 21 May 2010)
The PS3 is doing really well in EU, hopefully this can reach 1 mil. the special edition looks badass by the way.
aragod (on 19 May 2010)
Wasn't this at like 800k not so long ago?
vic_viper (on 18 May 2010)
@NanakiXI: You have to admit that Abberon is a pretty good agitator. Understated, flies beneath the radar, passively insulting. He's gotten a taste of the banhammer already, it's only a matter of time before he slips up again.
gustave154 (on 15 May 2010)
awww i hope europe sales can make it reach 1 million...
NanakiXI (on 14 May 2010)

Yup. You sure you don't love this game though? Half of the last few post are yours lol.

@ Lyrikalstylez

How long does never take? Maybe if Sony pulls out the console business and pulls a Sega. It is a Sony ip after all.
Abberon (on 14 May 2010)

You're right, the game is what it is. There's no doubt that lots of people loved it and it has a pretty vocal cult following, but the reasons they loved it are the reason most people won't.
Lyrikalstylez (on 14 May 2010)
So when will the 360 version be released??
NanakiXI (on 14 May 2010)
@ Abberon

Funny thing is though WKC is going to have weak legs. It had a great Japan launch but terrible/crippling legs.

This game will keep on chugging along the lower 3-5k mark (Americas) and 1-3k mark (Japan). With great spikes with holidays, sales and just random articles. It became famous for what it is, not what its not.
Abberon (on 13 May 2010)

I meant NA + Japan sorry. The fact that DS couldn't outsell WKC in these markets is fairly telling...

It was reviewed well, but it was one of the blandest games I've played in recent memory and I'm not at all surprised by the sales. They seem bang on to me.
nen-suer (on 12 May 2010)
Adjusted down in NA :( tripled Atlus sales estimate so its alright i guess


what are u talking about?
WKC sold 180K in NA.
Abberon (on 04 May 2010)
@vic_viper: European release isn't going to impress me. This game didn't even outsell WKC in NA, which was coincidentally also bad.
Just having RPG as your genre is enough to get a game to sell .5M lol.

As for the difficulty level, it wasn't a hard game. It was time consuming and punishing. Make the boss fights hard, sure, but what does it add to gameplay to have to repeat half a level of boring hack and slash just to do the same fight a second time? If they made the ACTUAL boss fights as hard as some other games, nobody would have ever bothered finishing it.
Remnant (on 03 May 2010)
This sale tracking can't possibly be right. This game is well received by players and critic alike. Its awesome, I might import the EU version just for the goodies even though I own the NA version.
vic_viper (on 03 May 2010)
@Abberon: Well dry your eyes, because with the European release, sales will be right back up to where they were initially forcasted (the current total doesn't even factor in mainland Asia sales). Hopefully, when the inevitable sequel arrives, they will have an easy mode for people who need the gameplay equivalent of training wheels.
Abberon (on 03 May 2010)
I feel vindicated seeing how low the sales were compared to how high the reviews scored this game at.
No story and punishing (don't mistake punishing for difficult) gameplay turned people away here i think.
icelt (on 01 May 2010)
Only 300K in NA now, don't believe it.
homer (on 30 April 2010)
Gasp. Holy crap.Huge adjustment.
sbvgc20123 (on 29 April 2010)
By accurate I mean 0.2M is a "f***ing" huge mistake.

The question "Is your tracking reliable??" is not the question anymore,I just wanna know how worse can you do now??LOL.
sbvgc20123 (on 29 April 2010)
LOL,"Awesome" sales tracking.

Again,which number on this site is accurate??
think-man (on 27 April 2010)
Awsome game finshed it 3 times.
_mevildan (on 26 April 2010)
I don't play RPGs. I got this for my brother, cos he loves them. Anyway, I was browsing through my collection and spotted this and decided to give it a go.

And... it's really cool. This is literally the first RPG I have put more than 2 hours into. 6 hours in and I made it to the giant knight dude in the first land. He kicked my ass, but I will be back for more.

I may suck at this game so far, but even for a non-RPG'er I have to say this is an excellent game.
ElGranCabeza (on 25 April 2010)
This game is not for you, please sell your copy on ebay instead of trolling the game.
Kinneas14 (on 23 April 2010)
It was a LITTLE bit overtracked! XD
ameratsu (on 22 April 2010)
@Abberon: While there aren't any save points, there are shortcuts on many levels that make subsequent tries much easier if you make it far enough. I don't really find it repetitive. Yes, DS is hard but it's fair. If you die it's completely your fault for not having a good enough strategy. If it was only in your collection for 3 days, I'm not sure you gave it fair shake.

In the end though, it's a niche game and I can see why some players would detest it. At the same time, it's one of the most rewarding games *ever* to succeed at, especially against bosses and PvP.
Abberon (on 22 April 2010)
I've been a member for awhile. I'm not trying to troll. I'm surprised that as many people liked DS as it seems here, but not surprised at all that its sales were low given the ratings it got. Repetition is common in games, yes, but DS is unique in that you have to repeat hours of the same content over and over again because apparently not having save points is 'hardcore' and gives people some sort on internet street cred. The game didn't even really have a story. I found it incredibly boring and I think it's fair to be able to bash it.
ElGranCabeza (on 22 April 2010)

You signed up just for that? Wow. Any game you can name I can say it's just repetition, it's not that hard to troll if you really want to.
Abberon (on 22 April 2010)
Hope this piece of junk doesn't make it to 1M. This was one of the most boring things I've touched in years. Lasted 3 days in my collection. Repetition does not equal challenging. Repetition does not mean fun.
Dark Odin (on 21 April 2010)
well... I had the asian version, and now I own the NA version. cīmon people... such a great game.
flowjo (on 21 April 2010)
omg this game deserves at least 5 million, i guess this console generation really digs its shooters oh well , either way demons souls is my baby and i love him
ElGranCabeza (on 21 April 2010)
@Dark Odin

Yes, Atlus released a statement saying it sold 280k at retail by the end of February. ioi adjusted accordingly.
Dark Odin (on 21 April 2010)
WOW! was it that overtracked?
ElGranCabeza (on 21 April 2010)

It would have to have very long legs to reach 1 million. I don't see it doing much more than 100-200k in EU since the game has been out for over a year already and hardcore gamers have already bought it. The one plus is that it'll be translated into multiple languages and that'll generate sales.
sabby_e17 (on 21 April 2010)
Still has a chance to reach 1 million.
paulrage2 (on 21 April 2010)
Finally a readjustment for north america numbers.
rossoner (on 19 April 2010)
its storming preorder charts here in eu.1 million 4 sure,i think from software could have never imagined soo big success
BMaker11 (on 19 April 2010)
EU = this game > 1M
postofficebuddy (on 17 April 2010)
@sbvgc Obviously Atlus isn't lying, that would be illegal. Although keep in mind Atlus's number is as of the end of February. But for the most part the game isn't too heavily overtracked anyway. We're just incorrect on the regional breakdown. With Asian sales it might be overtracked by 50k-100k.
sbvgc20123 (on 17 April 2010)

Someone must be lying.

Something must be wrong.
routsounmanman (on 16 April 2010)
Such niche games never sell well people, and drop off sharply after their first months. Also, since the 280k number Atlus gave is shipped, we can assume at least ~10% remains on the selves.

Therefore, It could be that both VGchartz and NPD overtracked this. As for Asian sales, 300k is quite an accomplishment, I think SCEJ would have announced the numbers. It's probably ~250k.
gustave154 (on 16 April 2010)
atlus is screwing with VGchartz
nordlead (on 16 April 2010)
Atlus claimed 280k shipped. Atlus can not lie about how much they sold, and they don't have to guess either as they know. Either NPD is wrong (not hard to believe), or it sold extremely poorly after the first month. Either that, or someone is really screwing up the translation. I don't speak Japanese but no one disagrees with the translation.

As for Asia sales, everyone claims 300k Asia, but It would be nice if someone could post where they get this information. I haven't seen the SCEJ or From Software financial info, so I don't know who you are getting this tracking information from. Either way though, Asia sales do not affect the NA totals.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 16 April 2010)
Again, it sold 150k in October according to NPD, which is in line with VGC figures.

But are you telling me it only sold another 130k over the holiday season and Q1 2010?

Those Atlus shipments don't make sense.
rossoner (on 15 April 2010)
actually is not overtracked by much,over 300k in na,and over 300k in asia.with eu 1 mill.for sure,
Jin_Shihouin (on 15 April 2010)
Even if overtracked, still easily 300k + for the Americas.

Hope it does well in Europe too.
XxXProphecyXxX (on 15 April 2010)
Its releasing in EU so even if the sales gets adjusted down EU will make it go back win.
postofficebuddy (on 15 April 2010)
@ArcticGabe It's overtracked in Americas but the worlwide sales aren't really that much lower with mainland Asian sales. SCEJ or From Software should mention it in their fiscal year report.
hellraider (on 15 April 2010)
If EU release gets the JP boxart and some extra goodies I will definitely buy it.I don't have a ps3 you see...Thank god I have friends... :P
ArcticGabe (on 15 April 2010)
Like I was always saying, this game is overtracked.... by a lot
--OkeyDokey-- (on 15 April 2010)
@ nordlead

It sold 150k in October according to NPD. With the holiday season to follow, I find only 280k shipped hard to believe.
Salnax (on 14 April 2010)
Now that this game is being released in Europe, it should top a million easily.
nordlead (on 14 April 2010)
don't be surprised when you see the US sales cut in half. Atlus just reported that they've shipped 280k to NA.
sbvgc2012 (on 14 April 2010)

At least 1.5M sales guaranteed by now if this game got advertised well.

Whoever underestimates the power of advertisement will regret it at last.
kowhoho (on 13 April 2010)
This game should last a good while. A good number of my friends (me included) really want to get this game but will ultimately take awhile to do so.
ImsoGreat (on 12 April 2010)
Nearly a million in sales for a game with practically no advertisement and no official European release date yet. Goes to show the power of word of mouth.
st_muscat0 (on 10 April 2010)
@non-gravity Yakuza 3 only sold like 90K in NA in weeks as well and the reason Valkyria Chronicles only sold 100k in Others was because it was only translated into English and no other languages.
ElGranCabeza (on 09 April 2010)
The Japanese numbers are undertracked unless ioi decided to separate between full version sales and "The Best" sales. It actually sold 160k + 23k+ The best
non-gravity (on 09 April 2010)
Valkyria Chronicles sold 100k in Europe and Yakuza 3 has sold 40k in 4 weeks, so don't get your hopes up for anything spectacular.
pariz (on 06 April 2010)
I never saw myself playing this game... Good thing I did buy it. What a great experience!
By the way, who takes count of my chinese copy? Shouldn't it be included in Others?
gustave154 (on 03 April 2010)
europe should help pick up its sales.
down-down-down-down- (on 01 April 2010)
will this game release in EU?if ''ýes'' when will this release in EU?
iWarMachine (on 26 March 2010)
it should reach 1M with europe.
italo244 (on 22 March 2010)
This game should be released in Others, and will hit 1m first than Valkyria Chronicles
sbvgc2012 (on 21 March 2010)
A hardcore gaming experience indeed.
vic_viper (on 20 March 2010)
Oh Arcticgabe, you're like the harbinger of bad news. If your not downplaying the FF13 sales adjustments then you're in here picking on Demons Souls.
nen-suer (on 20 March 2010)

No gamespot got it wrong, it was Sony who said the game sold 250K
not Atlus or gamestop

And i think that 250K is for Japan + Asia
ArcticGabe (on 20 March 2010)
to rossoner
so Atlus and Gamespot were lying. Its underperforming.;title;15
kowhoho (on 19 March 2010)
So then it's undertracked in Japan?
Ssenkahdavic (on 19 March 2010)
We want Demon's Souls 2! With a harder selectable difficulty
Skeeuk (on 19 March 2010)
from software must be thrilled with this.
rossoner (on 19 March 2010)
@artic its not overtracked

it sold 250k ONLY in japan without us.
ArcticGabe (on 19 March 2010)
Atlus said it sold under 250k in US....
Wagram (on 18 March 2010)
Release it to EU. Will make it a million seller! :D
droganmaster (on 18 March 2010)
Get the HK best version! Great Game!
ShadowSoldier (on 18 March 2010)
ATLUS you should put Persona 5 on the'll do just as well
STEKSTAV (on 18 March 2010)
@postofficebuddy - Say what!? Have i missed something? Is this releasing in Europe?!!
postofficebuddy (on 14 March 2010)
The platinum edition in Japan is selling surprisingly well. I think this would have reached a million even without Europe but nice to see PAL players will be getting this without having to import.
nen-suer (on 14 March 2010)
700K this week and with European release this can reach a million
Drage (on 14 March 2010)
Release it for the Europeans!
outlawauron (on 12 March 2010)
The Best Edition should easily put this over 200k. Nice!
grimygunz (on 11 March 2010)
japan cheap edition was the spike.
ocnkng (on 10 March 2010)
So I am guessing this game has churned a profit hasn't it?
snyperdud (on 08 March 2010)
700k next week.
Gearbox (on 07 March 2010)
so y did its sales spike up all the sudden?'s+Souls+-+PS3[31689]®2=All&game2=®3=All&game3=&weeks=60&weekly=1
GiantMeatStalk (on 06 March 2010)
Going to get this from Asia. Can't understand why it's taking so long for EU (probably the languages!)
rossoner (on 06 March 2010)
finally ordered from asia.coudlnt wait for eu release,stupid sony.
cant wait to play it.

demon souls 2 in eu
sabby_e17 (on 05 March 2010)
This will reach 1 million even without a Eu release.
Carl2291 (on 05 March 2010)
Needs a Europe release...
krimoz911 (on 05 March 2010)
Sold on par with U2 this week , nice.
axumblade (on 04 March 2010)
Should hit 1 million by the end of the year if EU gets a release date.
Ssenkahdavic (on 03 March 2010)
Highest selling Atlus published game now. GOOD WORK Demon's Souls!
ocnkng (on 03 March 2010)
Just lost the maiden astrea trophy because of the date bug :( Oh well I'll just beat it again.
Mubtee (on 01 March 2010)
I can't believe it has ONLY sold .66 . . . I would think this game would be 1.5 million if people knew what was good for them!
Dodes (on 28 February 2010)
definitely a great game. 1 milion is very possible.
huaxiong90 (on 26 February 2010)
PAL release please. PAL release please. It will hit a million without a doubt if it releases in PAL.
think-man (on 25 February 2010)
i cant get enough of this game been playing it non stop since xmas. its gunna be hard to put it down when ff13 comes out
StockoPS3 (on 23 February 2010)
ive has this game for 1 year and there are loads of people still playing :P its amazing there were like 10 soul signs still on there i so glad the game has caught on (p.s i have chinese/english version)
ocnkng (on 21 February 2010)
Still playing this almost for 5 months. Amazing game.
Dark Odin (on 19 February 2010)
one million for this will be so goood!
Dgc1808 (on 13 February 2010)
Wow... haven't really looked at the sales in a while. I'm impressed. Would hit 1M with a European release. No doubt about it.
Mubtee (on 13 February 2010)
Please, hit 1 million.
snyperdud (on 12 February 2010)
Keep on going DS.

I hope it reaches 600k in NA with ease.
Spoony (on 12 February 2010)
It's one of my favorite game !
Ssenkahdavic (on 11 February 2010)
Dont blame Atlus or FromSoftware for no European Release. Blame Sony!
routsounmanman (on 11 February 2010)
Fellow europeans, just import this gem. Atlus must be having difficulties releasing tit overseas and Sony probably doesn't even care.
iWarMachine (on 09 February 2010)
please Europe release and a sequel..please god please.
Boutros (on 09 February 2010)
They are very mean not to release it in Europe.
think-man (on 08 February 2010)
i love this game!
scourge29 (on 06 February 2010)
i hate this game, its too hard
Zuhyc (on 06 February 2010)
Atlus and From Software must have made some big bucks on this one!
Pho_Hybrid (on 04 February 2010)
Amazing, I believe I'll break a mil, without being ported to Europe :P
postofficebuddy (on 03 February 2010)
Still no Asian sales. Any chance of them being mentioned in Sony's or From Software's quarterly report?
superbeast1370 (on 29 January 2010)
@ShadowSoldier. DS is Sony's game. Atlus just published it. but yes, Atlus should put Persona 5 on PS3.
scourge29 (on 28 January 2010)
will def break a mill (on 28 January 2010)
2k sold last week in NA. Wow this game still sells well.
Vas-y (on 26 January 2010)
Did this game even have some advertisement? (Except those on the internet).
Ping_ii (on 25 January 2010)
Great sales!!!
DOLBYdigital (on 24 January 2010)
Give us a sequel please with even more integrated online. Please!!
ShadowSoldier (on 24 January 2010)
ATLUS! Put Persona 5 on PS3
Xen (on 24 January 2010)
Excellent job, NA!
Notorius.A.i.G (on 24 January 2010)
It'll hit 1 Million even without Europe.
iWarMachine (on 22 January 2010)
if this game launches on EU it'll get into the million mark EASILY...damn it lazy publishers.
jaime713 (on 21 January 2010)
Take it to Europe damn it!!!!
Dark Odin (on 20 January 2010)
11k in itīs 15th NA week. Hope that can sell 700k LTD.
jneul (on 20 January 2010)
this game is so awesome and very addictive, well worth importing!!
palitococo (on 20 January 2010)
Can WKC with the NA release outsell this?
MLight80 (on 17 January 2010)
This was a great game! It's in my top 3 for best PS3 games in this generation.
Devilater (on 17 January 2010)
They want to sell a million?
Bring this game to europe and the sales will go up.
makingmusic476 (on 12 January 2010)
Demon's Souls won RPG of the year and came in 3rd overall in [url=]neogaf's game of the year vote[/url]! :D
ameratsu (on 12 January 2010)
Well this game has exceeded all my expectations sales-wise. Counting the Asian releases which aren't tracked on here, From, Sony and even Atlus must be happy with how this game has sold.
d3xt3r (on 11 January 2010)
I recently found the collector's edition and I can't resist to buy it, I never think I'll found it in Mexico, I have just play it a little and I think the difficult of the game is fair, you always know that was your fault that you die, and it becomes addictive and challenging.
solidpumar (on 11 January 2010)
Does JAPAN include CHINA/KOREA versions?
Cause if don't this heavily undertracked.
Most sales of this game was China/korean imports...
MarshmallowMan (on 10 January 2010)
Just crossed into the top 100 best selling PS3 games. Nice.
r505Matt (on 09 January 2010)
This is the best game I've ever played. I can't believe I put off buying it for so long.
terislb (on 07 January 2010)
and why wait for a eu version when you can get the game for the regular price of 69€ already
terislb (on 07 January 2010)
bah you cant really compare its "difficulty" with ninja gaiden
it was hard in a frustrating unfair way while demons souls is hard in a demanding way where its always clear why you died and how you could have avoided it
Squall_Leonhart (on 07 January 2010)
I am still debating on whether to get this game or not since i'm not too keen on the apparent insane difficulty lol e.g. Ninja Gaiden Sigma
yusuke93_ita (on 07 January 2010)
release in europe
postofficebuddy (on 07 January 2010)
As tjallern pointed out, this game is obviously lacking others sales. The game has been released in mainland Asia. Probably close to 600k with those. I can hardly wait to see this cross a million. Currently working on my platinum.
KeyStyle (on 06 January 2010)
i think there will be Europe release in summer...i hope so.....
tjallern (on 06 January 2010)
have the asian version been tracked here on vgchartz? i see japan, but what about the asian version?
sabby_e17 (on 06 January 2010)
My copy arrived today.
Zuhyc (on 06 January 2010)
A Euorpean release will follow after a publisher sees the good American sales. The question is when will they bring it over?
terislb (on 06 January 2010)
if you wait for a european release you will probably wait in vain forever .. no other game is that easy to import i did it and so should you
AngelosL (on 05 January 2010)
Hasnt been released in Europe Yet..Still Waiting for it
massiso (on 05 January 2010)
Awesome Game, why aren't they made like this anymore?
goyolap (on 01 January 2010)
man i really love this game its retro and hardcore style make it worth playing, well the sales are good by march this game should be hitting 800k without the eu released if it ever comes out
keywe666 (on 31 December 2009)
About to roll a new char as a full out caster till NG+
Gearbox (on 30 December 2009)
:( went from .5 to .49 :(
jankazimierz (on 30 December 2009)
Hey ArcticGay, Demon's Souls is not a WRPG, it was developed in Japan.
Riachu (on 29 December 2009)
Bro got Demon's Souls. Haven't played it yet.
NYANKS (on 29 December 2009)
This games doing pretty well in the U.S.! :)
pinkyxyz (on 27 December 2009)
just bought this game, saying its hard is a massive understatement
onionpaper (on 27 December 2009)
WOW Demon's Souls wins gamespot's game of the year award!
dobby985 (on 26 December 2009)
Why on earth was there no European release?
Aprisaiden (on 26 December 2009)
500k -- now if only this game was released in PAL regions (or at least Australia / New Zealand / UK )
Kersed (on 26 December 2009)
At EBGames in Canada, this game is 69.99 or 19.99 if you trade in 2 games.

Think I might trade in 2 games for it, its winning all these GoTY awards so it MUST be good. (on 26 December 2009)
A DLC for this game would be all I need now. I would even pay GBP100 for it.
routsounmanman (on 26 December 2009)
I'm so happy this got GotY over CoD or Uncharted 2. My favorite HD game by far this!
phinn (on 25 December 2009)
500K congrats Demon's Souls, your worth buying a PS3 over (as if MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Gran Turismo 5 weren't)
terislb (on 25 December 2009)

even gamespot realised how great the game is
Dioxinis (on 25 December 2009)
yay 500k!
Kamal (on 25 December 2009)
Just fantastic sales, can't wait to dedicate my sunday for this game.
NeoMatrix (on 24 December 2009)
PS3 GOTY @ GameSpot.

1 mln. in 2010. LTD probably between 1.5-2 mln. But who knows, it may reach 2.5 mln. someday. Amazing PS3 games have legs...
PlaystaionGamer (on 24 December 2009)
will probs do 1million life time...which is amazing! im shocked it hasnt done more in Japan!
Marco (on 24 December 2009)
great sales und Demon Souls became 2 Awards@Gametrailers, best "New ip" and "best rpg 2009" =) i love the game.
Ssenkahdavic (on 24 December 2009)
Good to see Demon's Souls doing well. Best game this Gen!
Lurker (on 24 December 2009)
Pretty good sales for a game that will beat down anyone without patience.
sabby_e17 (on 24 December 2009)
I think this could manage another 300-350K in NA alone. Maybe more.

And if it releases in Others, then 1 million+ is easy.
palitococo (on 24 December 2009)
reaver_x (on 24 December 2009)
500k about damn time
Dark Odin (on 20 December 2009)
maybe a release in others would add 100-150k. but I donīt see this selling much more than this there.. (on 20 December 2009)
Pure WW Tendency xmas event 21-28 December!
Squall_Leonhart (on 19 December 2009)
I wonder when/if Sony plan on releasing this in the EU anytime soon...
Porphyr (on 19 December 2009)
I've seen this game now on import in Europe not only at specialized retailers but also at large distribution chains. No wonder you can't find it anymore in the U.S.
Thus, doubt a Europe release would increase numbers by that much.
But that has to say something about what a good reputation the game has acquired. I friggin loved it.
kunaixhaku (on 19 December 2009)
the original version of this game could be called limited about being sold out everywhere :/
swordplay (on 18 December 2009)
Best RPG I've played this year! This game really deserves to sell at least 1M.
reaver_x (on 17 December 2009)
i think they adjusted it down too much. This should be at 500k by now
huaxiong90 (on 17 December 2009)
Release in Europe already for better sales!
nen-suer (on 17 December 2009)
500k next week
sabby_e17 (on 17 December 2009)
Adjusted down?
MarshmallowMan (on 16 December 2009)
Thanks to no Others release (as of now), this may be the best game NOT to sell 1M copies.
snoddas (on 15 December 2009)
well it was released in japan in febryary i think and north america in october so perhaps europe in june 2010 (on 15 December 2009)
Too late to release this game in Europe. They could have sold 350-400k easly.
demonfox13 (on 15 December 2009)
They are truly shooting themselves in the foot by not releasing this in Europe. If they decide to by now, I'd say easily 250-300k sales within weeks if they do.
Ssenkahdavic (on 15 December 2009)
In week 9 in US and still over week 2 numbers in Japan. Amazing. GO DS!
test (on 14 December 2009)
Dioxinis (on 14 December 2009)
noo adjusted down 30k why?
solidpumar (on 14 December 2009)
China and Korean version, which are numbers that should be as big as the USA sales aren't being counted.
Crystalchild (on 13 December 2009)
a hidden gem, like Valkyria Chronicles.
superbaboonfacex (on 13 December 2009)
if they want to one day reach a million i'd recommend they release it in europe soon
TheThunder (on 12 December 2009)
The game is selling really well. I hope we see more from "From Software".
Ghazi4 (on 12 December 2009)
great demand for this game in USA
Ssenkahdavic (on 09 December 2009)
This is awesome. Keep it up GOTY!
Dgc1808 (on 08 December 2009)
500K in America would be awesome. Hope it happens.
NeoMatrix (on 08 December 2009)
1 mln. in 2010.
palitococo (on 07 December 2009)
Incredible sales, i never hover this high US numbers.
Demon_Hunter (on 07 December 2009)
Demon's Souls is by far the best game of this generation. This is what happens when real old school gamers create games. I hope it gets all the sales it deserves.
lestatdark (on 07 December 2009)
This is the best game in this generation, so far. I really hope that it gets the success it deserves and that a sequel has much more impact and marketing behind it
Crystalchild (on 07 December 2009)
400k+ in America confirmed ^_^?
ocnkng (on 07 December 2009)
The best game of this generation yet. I am willing to buy another one just to boost the sales.
elzumo (on 06 December 2009)
Atlus could probably operate off these sales for 5 years, lol.
reaver_x (on 06 December 2009)
holly molly it increased even more. Most impressive game of the year by far
TheThunder (on 06 December 2009)
Awesome sales I'm really happy that this is a success. Hopefully the next DS successor is published by SECA and gets a proper marketing push.
leatherhat (on 06 December 2009)
I hope this game can break 1 million
OmieeZ (on 06 December 2009)
when this gets released in europe it will break the 600.000 mark real easy
ACEtheVAMPIRE (on 05 December 2009)
Awesome game! My fav on PS3
Dioxinis (on 04 December 2009)
i want a boost from black friday and 500k by week 10!
terislb (on 04 December 2009)
thank to the ps3 being region free this was really easy to aquire in europe

got it from amazon for 59 along with artbook and soundtrack !
superbeast1370 (on 03 December 2009)
so many AAA games for the PS3. I hope it squeezes into my collection soon.
BearGryllss (on 03 December 2009)
One of the best games on PS3 to date. Lets hope this hits a million, totally deserves it.
pslee (on 02 December 2009)
i hate to say this because i love Uncharted1&2, gt5p, metal gear solid 4, and so many other great games but demon's souls is the best of all ps3 games i;ve played so far.
routsounmanman (on 30 November 2009)

Just import it. Best HD game for me thus far. By far :-)
--OkeyDokey-- (on 30 November 2009)
When are they releasing this in Others? :(
Euphoria14 (on 29 November 2009)

They thought the same about US gamers importing it. They thought that anyone with interest would have already imported.
Mad Mike (on 29 November 2009)
One of the best game I've played last time.Not so hard as they say,only beginning is bit hard but later when you learn what and how its easy.

"Think hard..." ;)
Xen (on 29 November 2009)
Good consistency.
Ssenkahdavic (on 27 November 2009)
7 weeks in and still above 2nd week sales in Japan, amazing.
dara5000 (on 27 November 2009)
probably anyone in europe who is already interested in it has imported it from north america
headshot91 (on 27 November 2009)
mil seller soon? Are you joiking?!!??!
ps3_jrpg_gamer (on 27 November 2009)
mil seller soon
pslee (on 26 November 2009)
this game is just amazing. I never thought I would play this more than uncharted 2. My Uncharted 2 is collecting dust right now. I haven't taken out the game from my ps3 for 2 weeks.
reaver_x (on 26 November 2009)
wat the...the legs are still going!!!??? wow amazing!!
huaxiong90 (on 26 November 2009)
Goddamn it. Release it in EU already so it can sell more.
MetalGearSolid_4ever (on 26 November 2009)
There are about 7 weeks left in 2009.
If it sells 25k each of those weeks it would be +175k (probably around 200k more in America with holiday boost) in 2009.
Its @ .39m .
By the end of 2009 - .6m

Similiar sales in Europe = MILLION SELLER BABY !

And it would sell atleast another 75k - 100k in america for 2010.
Bagaren85 (on 25 November 2009)
No, but close..
MetalGearSolid_4ever (on 24 November 2009)
This will reach a million if released in others.
Crystalchild (on 23 November 2009)
Oh please dear god (and Atlus), bring that game over to others and give it at least 750k in total. This Game fuggin deserves it.
leatherhat (on 23 November 2009)
I never thought it would be the case, but if this could break 1 million I would be so happy.
HelloMotto (on 21 November 2009)
NICE! great word of mouth definitely helped it!

if this game were to release in europe, it just might have a chance to break 1M!!!!

and i hope atlus sees this so they announce persona 5 for PStriple @_@
Pho_Hybrid (on 20 November 2009)
dam! good legs for America (sorry I'm a bit new) even with dragon Age: Origins, sales are pretty consistent in America
Aj_habfan (on 20 November 2009)
Ridiculous sales.
Ssenkahdavic (on 20 November 2009)
It absolutely killed Atlus's own internal prediction! GO DS!
onionpaper (on 20 November 2009)
Someone should release this in "Others," I'm sure it would do well there :)
Zlejedi (on 20 November 2009)
It's already at almost 400k?
That's very impresive. I must get my copy soon.
Ghazi4 (on 20 November 2009)
cmon EU release alrdy lol so it can get over 500k sales!! :D
makingmusic476 (on 19 November 2009)
It'll easily top 500k. It'd be awesome if it nears a million.
TheThunder (on 19 November 2009)
Deserves every single sale.
Spedfrom (on 19 November 2009)
Will buy it for sure but only if it comes to Europe.
zaMy (on 19 November 2009)

We do buy games, we just dont buy the non knowned games. Must people dont even know this game exsits, because of lack of advertising.

Infamous had bad advertising IMO, plus I heard theres alot of bugs with it so I decided not to get it.

However, I will probably pick up one of them if i can find it for cheap
Jin_Shihouin (on 19 November 2009)
Demon's Legs
pablogers (on 19 November 2009)
legs = amazing
THATGUY (on 19 November 2009)
id buy it if they brought it europe, though i think i might import this becuse that aint going to happen anytime soon
leatherhat (on 19 November 2009)
MW@ and uncharted might be selling more, but this is the game that has exceeded all expectations
cmeese47 (on 19 November 2009)
I just want this game to break 1 million but fuck you other PS3 owners buy some damn games. Infamous just barely over 1 mill despite it being awesome. Bad sales for borderlands, dragon age, ratchet and clank and brutal legend all awesome games far more in need of purchasing than MW2.
Zuhyc (on 19 November 2009)
It might even hit 600k if the holiday sales are good.
reaver_x (on 19 November 2009)
wow i cant believe the legs are still holding amazing. 500k is guaranteed
NicholasCage (on 19 November 2009)
Sexy ass legs.
yusuke93_ita (on 17 November 2009)
if atlus release this in europe i think that it will sell less than 100k (on 16 November 2009)
Online co-op in this game is so much fun and quick way to lvl up!
RVDondaPC (on 15 November 2009)
Don't know if they want to do all the localization but they should atleast release the English version in EU if they dont plan on localizing.
routsounmanman (on 15 November 2009)
Best PS3 game yet for me...
elzumo (on 14 November 2009)
Hopefully Atlus prints enough copies for the end of the month/Christmas shopping...
Abberon (on 13 November 2009)
It has legs because there aren't enough copies on the shelves. This game hasn't been available where I live since after the first day it was out.
tedsteriscool (on 13 November 2009)
They should release this in Others. It'd probably sell at least another 200k.
huaxiong90 (on 13 November 2009)
Word of mouth is really helping this game.
masterb8tr (on 13 November 2009)
with a Eu release could 1 million be reached!!!!? an eu release is looking very likely at this point.
Euphoria14 (on 13 November 2009)
What a pair of legs this beauty has!
Avarice28 (on 13 November 2009)
I think that this game is going to out sell VC and become the best selling rpg for the ps3 (that is until FF 13/versus comes out).
ps3_jrpg_gamer (on 13 November 2009)
Ssenkahdavic (on 13 November 2009)
Still over week 2 sales in Japan! Word of mouth wins again!
snyperdud (on 12 November 2009)
400k next week?
TheThunder (on 12 November 2009)
Holding up nicely in NA.
metalgearmatt (on 12 November 2009)
I wonder how much more copies Atlus will make. I want to buy this game but I cant afford it until Christmas.
Dark Odin (on 12 November 2009)
Great game!
Hradekal (on 12 November 2009)
NicholasCage (on 12 November 2009)
What the.... best legs of the year.
pablogers (on 12 November 2009)
wow at the legs of this gem
Ssenkahdavic (on 12 November 2009)
Great game. if you own a PS3 you should try it out!
Salnax (on 11 November 2009)
Not too bad for a niche RPG. Pity about Europe though.
FootballFan (on 09 November 2009)
this would sell 30k per week in the UK alone! The demand is there!
Abberon (on 08 November 2009)
It would be doing a lot better if they actually made enough copies. I haven't been able to find this game anywhere in my area (just outside Toronto). This game's sales are being held back by distribution BIG time.
elzumo (on 08 November 2009)
Bigger debut than Ratchet & Clank...Sony made a mistake in passing this up.
sabby_e17 (on 07 November 2009)
Wow at the sales in NA. If Sony/Atlus brings this to EU, I could see this game reaching 1.3-1.4 million.
-ku- (on 07 November 2009)
I think IT could reach overall 500k by xmas
and American 500k-650k by 1 week anniversary

But I think it would be smart to release this in Europe for december
nen-suer (on 07 November 2009)
Amazing legs in NA
binary solo (on 07 November 2009)
C'mon Atlus/SCE bring this game to the rest of the world.
zaMy (on 06 November 2009)

Im just like you at the moment, but from all the reviews and videos I would say this game looks like Diablo games so far.
MarshmallowMan (on 06 November 2009)
I've not played it yet, but I want to. If you had to pick - which game does this most resemble?
Domo-Kun (on 06 November 2009)
Best game ever.

I got it two weeks ago and I've dumped about 70 hours into it, and still want more.
Dark Odin (on 06 November 2009)
great legs! 500k in america seems possible.
ps3_jrpg_gamer (on 06 November 2009)
HelloMotto (on 06 November 2009)
NICE legs. good word of mouth helped out.
NSS7 (on 06 November 2009)
Very nice legs. 500k in US alone and 400k for Others. 1 million sellers. Biggest games ever for Atlus.
MetalGearSolid_4ever (on 06 November 2009)
Awesomesauce LEGS !
ZorroX (on 05 November 2009)
Well, looks like it's going to be a million seller.
Word of mouth and PS3 slim sales are really helping a lot.
NicholasCage (on 05 November 2009)
Holy, those are some sexy legs.
TheThunder (on 05 November 2009)
Come on Atlus put more games on the shelves.
ocnkng (on 05 November 2009)
Wow. Very little drop off from week 3 - 4. Lets hope it continues selling. (on 04 November 2009)
Can’t stop playing this game! Sweet Jesus help me..
snyperdud (on 03 November 2009)
@ Gearbox

Really? I mean, yeah, it won't do that well.

I think anywhere from 40k - 70k lifetime is possible.
ArcticGabe (on 03 November 2009)
Well, looks like it's not going to be million seller
Gearbox (on 03 November 2009)
@snyperdud- lifetime
geddesmond2 (on 03 November 2009)
problem with european sales will be all the people who imported. I imported it. A few on my friends list imported it and theres a few threads around the internet with a lot of replys from people who imported. So European sales might be smaller than people think.
snyperdud (on 02 November 2009)
@ Gearbox

For first week you mean?

Gearbox (on 02 November 2009)
@snyperdud - 30k in others max
drakesfortune (on 02 November 2009)
Damn good sales for America. It's already done more than I thought it would lifetime.
snyperdud (on 02 November 2009)
@ Metal

Yeah, I think 300k is certain in NA.
But, would it be popular in PAL?
Blood_Tears (on 01 November 2009)
This game kicks my a$$ everytime lol
MetalGearSolid_4ever (on 01 November 2009)

If sales are 300k in the US by the end of the year, it will get a PAL release and will hopefully be a 1,000,000 seller !
Crystalchild (on 01 November 2009)
Million Seller on lifetime if released in Europe. (they are out of Copyīs at Atlus America, lol.)
geddesmond2 (on 31 October 2009)
Dam holloween ruined my game today. I'm on new game plus and I've only 5.2 and 5.3 left to do in this playthrough but the place is full of Black phantom Giant trolls. Anyone who's played demons soul knows how hard the game is like that. Even with warden cast the giant trolls kill in 1 hit
snyperdud (on 31 October 2009)
@ Metal

I don't think it's impossible. But very unlikely.
Spedfrom (on 31 October 2009)
PAL version please!
MetalGearSolid_4ever (on 31 October 2009)
Million Seller ?
snyperdud (on 31 October 2009)
I hope the Holiday sales for this will be huge.

It deserves it.
NYANKS (on 30 October 2009)
Is Europe getting this?
jankazimierz (on 30 October 2009)
Everyone needs to play this game Halloween night, all the world tendencies will be black during that time.
Gilgamesh (on 29 October 2009)
Well I just finished Fallout 3 and the ending was very disappointing. So I need a new RPG now, I guess I'll give Demon's Souls a try if I can find it.
TT Makaveli (on 29 October 2009)
please give us a PAL version...pleaaasseee!
NicholasCage (on 29 October 2009)
Whoa... Go Demon's Souls. Barely dropped this week.
DOLBYdigital (on 29 October 2009)
Simply amazing game, easily the best real time action online RPG I have ever played. Can't wait for halloween to come since they are shifting everything to black so tougher enemies but better loot drops!!
pchyczewski (on 28 October 2009)
This game is awesome!! Didn't expect it to be this good!! So glad i got it!! Feel bad for anyone without a ps3...uncharted 2, ratchet, gow collection and demon's souls..and there's still the upcoming ps3 banner year of 2010...
Dgc1808 (on 28 October 2009)
It deserves so much more...
skiptomylou41k (on 28 October 2009)
I've put in 14 hours in just a week which is a LOT for me. The most i have ever played a game is maybe 3 hours a week before i get sick of it. This game is awesome
ocnkng (on 26 October 2009)
@zaMy demo is never going to work for this game. Its coz it is an RPG and u HAVE to have a minimum of 2/3 hours gameplay to even start realizing how it is. Your best bet it to rent it if you want evaluation.
PlaystaionGamer (on 26 October 2009)
bring it to Europe next year please sony
Dioxinis (on 25 October 2009)
wow nice 2 weeks and it tied japan (on 25 October 2009)
This game deserves to be at least 1m seller. Second game this year after KZ2 keepimg my PS3 on most of the time
vic_viper (on 25 October 2009)
Very much deserving of all it's success.
zaMy (on 24 October 2009)
Need a demo to see if its a game I'll enjoy.

69.99 is just to much money for a game, unless I know I will get my moneys worth out of it
Crystalchild (on 24 October 2009)
give Demonīs Souls a PAL release, and it sells 1m lifetime. (imo) because, as already said, it will have long legs. see the Japanese Sales.
snyperdud (on 24 October 2009)
Word of mouth will keep this game going.

I'm expecting long legs.
TheInfectedBy590 (on 23 October 2009)
I saw like 30 copies of it at a Best Buy earlier
urameshixr (on 23 October 2009)
this game is realy visual dark. well need lauch in europe NAO!
TheLordHimself (on 23 October 2009)
I want a PAL release. =( I'm hesitant to import in case I'm unable to play co-op with my friends if does get released here in the end.
Nice sales though! It could be well on its way to 500k.
rccsetzer (on 23 October 2009)
Unfortunatelly sold out. I want mine. :(
palitococo (on 23 October 2009)
Can do it a little better, because its out of stock almost everywhere.
golfgt170 (on 23 October 2009)
any news for a european release? :/
jonnhytesta (on 23 October 2009)
sony needs a bigger install base in the "great satan".thats their biggest problem right now.(great satan was a joke by the way:)
ocnkng (on 23 October 2009)
It is critical that this game sells to a certain extent so that we can get dlc for it but also more importantly that the ideas and principles behind this amazing game gets preserved.
Xen (on 22 October 2009)
It's not a bad second week. Atlus earned lots of cash on this already, not having to translate almost anything and all. I wanna get it, but I have no time to sink my teeth into it.
ocnkng (on 22 October 2009)
Can't wait for the latest numbers
sexc_abbas10 (on 22 October 2009)
i realy want this game but, it has like 50 hours of game play and i just started year 12, and wont have much free time know, since i need to sudy heaps, speeeeeeewing, i baught uncharted 2 on launch day, and that was on the holidays, and ive pre ordered R&C ACIT AND DBZ RAGING BLAST, becuase there like 10 hours game play and from what i hear demons souls is to addictive lol
sangbyung (on 21 October 2009)
just got this game!!!!!
ocnkng (on 20 October 2009)
@kingofwale. If you die in body form outside of Nexus, the world tendency becomes darker and the enemies actually become stronger. Dying in soul form, no matter how many times, doesn't make a difference.
kingofwale (on 20 October 2009)
i have a question about this game. when you die twice and lose all your souls, will the enemies get easier also?
TheInfectedBy590 (on 19 October 2009)
New Game+ is hard as ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk! loving it! :p (on 19 October 2009)
Can't stop playing this game. Not easy when you have to go to work. Weekend is never soon enough!
sabby_e17 (on 19 October 2009)
Damn it, I need this game bad.

Release it in EU!!!
Aj_habfan (on 19 October 2009)
Average? You're insane. Although I seem to recall you talking about how you wanted to have this game on 360... so I shouldn't be surprised.
ArcticGabe (on 19 October 2009)
Erm, Average opening week in NA imo, but this one will have legs...
zaMy (on 18 October 2009)
I might get this in the winter,
I dont really know anything bout the game, but I hear its basically like Diablo which could be very fun/addicting!
Hiko (on 18 October 2009)
great sells for a game that barely has any advertisement.
skiptomylou41k (on 17 October 2009)
this is like diablo but in 3d sim form, so fucking awesome
StockoPS3 (on 17 October 2009)
Wooo 105k thats surpising, espically when its a NICHE RPG :P Demons IS the best Japanese/Action RPG This Gen PERIOD!
Dgc1808 (on 17 October 2009)
I really wonder just how accurate the Japan sales are...
Fame_Mcswagg (on 17 October 2009)
next 2 weeks its american total alone will outsell ninja blade...
elzumo (on 17 October 2009)
soooooo sony and from pretty much have to make a sequel now right? it's a bona fide hit in the USA...and sony passed on publishing it!!! morons.
Marco (on 17 October 2009)
Very good Sales!

Buy a Ps3, americans!
scottsdone (on 17 October 2009)
Just got it. Love it.
axumblade (on 17 October 2009)
105k?! DAYUM. And that's with major supply contraints.
metalgearmatt (on 16 October 2009)
no one expected these sales!
TheInfectedBy590 (on 16 October 2009)
Great Sales! Loving the game, highly recomended! :D
PlaystaionGamer (on 16 October 2009)
wow amazing first week sales! never thought it would do this well in NA, come on SONY give us it in Europe!
drakesfortune (on 16 October 2009)
Wow, great US sales.
Riachu (on 16 October 2009)
Atlus are getting more well known year after year
superbeast1370 (on 16 October 2009)
Holy Fudge! great first week NA sales
Strategyking92 (on 16 October 2009)
wow, I did not expect such strong sales in america. cool.
Kamal (on 16 October 2009)
Great first week NA sales. Way above Atlus's expectation.
ivo (on 16 October 2009)
i ordered the game today.
living in europe but with no signs of a release at all made me importing it as my first game from over the ocean
Unclean (on 16 October 2009)
Importing the deluxe edition:)
Euphoria14 (on 16 October 2009)
Awesome 1st week NA sales. This game deserves it.
KeyStyle (on 16 October 2009)
I think this game can sell more then a mil with Others.
Noobie (on 15 October 2009)
can it be a million seller.? i doubt it but if it has legs like that of Japan, i think it has a very remote chance of hitting 100k..

atleast Sony should put some ads for it..
IxisNaugus (on 15 October 2009)
MUCH better opening in NA than i expected. Here's hoping for great legs; and Atlus, hurry and get this out in Europe please.
elzumo (on 15 October 2009)
I was thinking 90 - 100k first week, so I was close...I wonder if Europe will get it?
palitococo (on 15 October 2009)
Great great first week in NA.
DOLBYdigital (on 15 October 2009)
Seriously, I am buying a PS3 for this game alone.

This game and Way of the Samurai 3/4 are the only reasons I am getting a PS3. Hope it does great so they make a sequel. We need more hardcore games like this!!
letsdance (on 15 October 2009)
keystyle - 500k in NA would make this game a huge hit. It would have a shot at 1 million then.
PeteyPeeps (on 15 October 2009)
This game reminds me alot of a DS game called ' the dark spire ' for some reason ... i want it bad!
KeyStyle (on 13 October 2009)
I hope it'll get to 500k with us. And Sony, bring it to Europe!!!!
sjhillsa (on 12 October 2009)
Just finished it, then continued again; and got to meet 'Miralda' :) Really recommended game, Great Stuff!
maverick40 (on 12 October 2009)
im from Ireland and imported it!so glad i did.
Kaixes (on 12 October 2009)
I was initially getting this to support Atlus in finally doing something for the PS3. Then I got it because it's a great game.
snyperdud (on 12 October 2009)
Best Jrpg I've played in years.
geddesmond2 (on 11 October 2009)
Dam Sony. Why the hell won't they publish this game in europe?
invetedlotus123 (on 11 October 2009)
People from EU, just use play-asia and import it! We didn't have to wait even for the US release, since the South Korean edit had full english as option.
letsdance (on 10 October 2009)
I can't wait to see the sales of this game. The surprising AAA title of the year. No one would have guessed. Unfortunatly Atlus won't get AAA sales since it's a very unkown title. 1 million sales would be impressive for me. Hopefully word of mouth spreads.
huaxiong90 (on 09 October 2009)
I so want to get this...
IxisNaugus (on 08 October 2009)
@ PlaystationGamer.

Like many ATLUS games, we'll have to wait a bit longer than everyone else but eventually we'll get it... probably. (on 08 October 2009)
Still waiting for it to arrive in the post....
snyperdud (on 07 October 2009)
Pretty cool game so far.
PullusPardus (on 07 October 2009)
i went to "Talk" to this girl and someone had a message saying.

"Sticky White Stuff"

and i lol'd
arcane_chaos (on 07 October 2009)
this game is sweet!
PlaystaionGamer (on 07 October 2009)
why doesnt Europe get this? NOT FAIR
haxxiy (on 07 October 2009)
Climbed to 90 on Metacritic.
Dgc1808 (on 06 October 2009)
@ MetalGearSOlid_4ever

Disgaea and Valkyria Chronicles are 100% 3rd party. Sony doesn't own those IP's or the developer.

Examples of 2nd party games would be Demon's Souls, White Knight Chronicles, inFamous and LittleBigPlanet. SONY owns these IP's. You will only see them on Playstation Platforms. However SONY doesn't own From Software, Level-5, SuckerPunch or Media Molecule.
st_muscat0 (on 06 October 2009)
Thanks for clearing that up Jalocin :). And at least now I also understand how they gave a RE:5 a 8.5 presentation and not something much higher, yay.
metalgearmatt (on 05 October 2009)
This will have a huge opening because many people will be afraid of lack of copies being made. They think they have to buy it in the first week or they'll never find it again.
ocnkng (on 05 October 2009)
@Dsister: visit this link and check the name of the publishers
Blood_Tears (on 04 October 2009)
There's plenty of links, just google it. At this point everyone knows that "SCEJ" announced this game in Famitsu and last years TGS. It's a joint collaberation that Sony funded (owning the ip) and having From Software develope the game for them..
Jalocin (on 04 October 2009)
@ st_muscat0
Presentation is not only graphichs but art, music, story, storytelling etc etc.
MetalGearSolid_4ever (on 04 October 2009)
sony published it in japan...its a 2nd party game ...(like disgaea, vc, etc.)
sjhillsa (on 03 October 2009)
Pre-ordered for the UK, but it cost me wayyyyyy too much...
dsister44 (on 03 October 2009)
Really DGC? do you have a ink to support that statment?
st_muscat0 (on 02 October 2009)
That 8.7 scores really confuses me, as the gameplay is 9/10 and the valve is 10/10 the 2 most important aspects of the game and yet the overall game gets an 8.7 because of its 7.5 presentation? Do graphics really matter that much to Vgchartz?
Dgc1808 (on 02 October 2009)
Incase some of you didn't know... SONY owns the IP...

Stop talking about a possible 360 version.
CaptainDJ (on 02 October 2009)
Wow, The sales are insane. They should make this for 360 and PC as well.
Malio (on 02 October 2009)
Really hoping this comes to the 360. (on 26 September 2009)
I managed to order it from a store in Canada. Will be delivered to my address in the UK!So happy. Too bad this game isn't available in Europe.
ocnkng (on 24 September 2009)
just pre ordered the deluxe version. Can't wait for Oct 6
Bagaren85 (on 24 September 2009)
!! Sick Sales. So low for a quality game. RPG and PS3, also. To shame!
Gearbox (on 22 September 2009)
this game looks so sick, ever since i saw that first dragon thing. im so mad they didnt hypt this up, it got lost to white knight..
Bruno Muņoz (on 22 September 2009)
I've just preordered the Deluxe Edition ^^
sabby_e17 (on 22 September 2009)
I can't wait for this. Bring it to Europe all ready :-D
MAFKKA (on 21 September 2009)
That second screenshot in the review is so sexy!
NicholasCage (on 21 September 2009)
100k First week [NA+EU]

I hope.
IxisNaugus (on 20 September 2009)
This game is getting amazing reviews, can't wait to see how it does in US.
Fame_Mcswagg (on 17 September 2009)
I predict 300k total by the end of the year
reaver_x (on 12 September 2009)

game is tuned towards westerners more so thats probably why
GamerSam (on 09 September 2009)
@afi77 not really, compare with other RPG's and you can see that it outsold games like Oblivion, Fallout 3, Folklore, Eternal Sonata etc..
afi77 (on 09 September 2009)
Sales are kind of low in Japan
gustave154 (on 09 September 2009)
dam i wanna play this
pablogers (on 06 September 2009)
today i played coop for the first time, only thing i can say is WOW
Fame_Mcswagg (on 04 September 2009)
if you wanna see funny and cool demon souls video get a Japanese psn and download the videos. Dont know what they are saying but it looks funny.
pablogers (on 04 September 2009)
this game is really cool, i have it since launch and must say that is one of the best rpg if not the best of this generation
snyperdud (on 30 August 2009)
Very excited for this.

It comes out the day after my birthday in NA :)
subzerohk (on 24 August 2009)
This game is a must buy for all PS3 owners.
cliffhanger (on 23 August 2009)
wow those screen shots look really cool. I might have to think about getting this.
Zuhyc (on 22 August 2009)
I hope this game gets a new boost with the Slim and price cut in Japan.
outlawauron (on 21 August 2009)
Game of the Year.
Fame_Mcswagg (on 18 August 2009)
been reading up on this game and I can say I cant wait havent been this excited for a game since socom confrontation
binary solo (on 17 August 2009)
How come if this game is selling outside Japan there are no Others sales numbers? Doe4s that mean VGC doesn't get sales data from these Asian markets for any games?
Hero_time88 (on 17 August 2009)
It's probably already close or over 200k with the Hong-Kong/ Corean sales.
XxXProphecyXxX (on 17 August 2009)
I hope this sell 300k once released in U.S and for god sakes hope they release it in EU as well.
makingmusic476 (on 16 August 2009)
AnarchyWest (on 16 August 2009)
hopefully a demo will be released
Theo (on 09 August 2009)
Defo gonna buy this, pity it doesn't have offline coop tho : /
dsister44 (on 09 August 2009)
I can't wait. I need a good RPG
outlawauron (on 06 August 2009)
Now back to selling ~1k!
ithis (on 04 August 2009)
I wander if these sales include the Asia versions that the westerners buy(import), or just the Japan versions ... that the Japanese buy?
XxXProphecyXxX (on 31 July 2009)
why wont they bring this to EU??? it will get them more sales.
dsister44 (on 30 July 2009)
I just pre-ordered it :-D
sabby_e17 (on 24 July 2009)
Cant wait for this.
snyperdud (on 23 July 2009)
I believe this was adjusted up 0.01.

Dallinor (on 18 July 2009)
Was this adjusted up?
GamerSam (on 16 July 2009)
@mario64 depends on how you look at it, the sales for Japan are very good for this kind of game. It outsold Folklore, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Eternal Sonata etc...
mario64 (on 13 July 2009)
I guess it's undertracked because it's a PS3 exclusive ?

Sad sales anyway for such a great game. Hardcore action / RPG at its finest, get the US release asap ;)

Despite already having the Asian version, I'll get a US copy to benefit from the better Atlus translation and the strategy guide.
skiptomylou41k (on 12 July 2009)
just pre-ordered the deluxe edition, can't wait for this game
NanakiXI (on 12 July 2009)
I hope this was adjusted down before the Famitsu Top 100 was released.
tonio_13 (on 10 July 2009)
Undertracked by 20k now ! Why adjusted down...
FilaBrasileiro (on 05 July 2009)
Electronic, can you link me to where you got that number from?
ElectronicRocker (on 02 July 2009)
undertracked by about 10k
according to media create:

[PS3] Demon's Souls
1100 / 136400
sabby_e17 (on 30 June 2009)
does anyone know if this is gonna get an EU release?
StockoPS3 (on 30 June 2009)
This game is so awesome i just got the magic swrod mokana which cureses u but this samurai said i will trade souls for the sword and i was like no way... and i just killed him lol this game rocks best ARPG THIS GEN!
jmcraddock (on 28 June 2009)
Hope it sells big in America, it looks like such a great game but wont be recognized.
makingmusic476 (on 25 June 2009)
Still my GotY. I may have lost my 100+ hour save file, but I'm willing to slog through it again!
Shinlock (on 17 June 2009)
imported the chinese version.. what a absolute gem of a game! Easily my game of 2009.
XxXProphecyXxX (on 17 June 2009)
Im so sad there isn't any word on EU release cause then I have to import my copy sigh......
FilaBrasileiro (on 03 June 2009)

:) (on 31 May 2009)
I want Persona5 for PS3.
Atlus and SCE are good relations.
snyperdud (on 28 May 2009)
YES! Thank you Atlus.

Will buy day one.
Xen (on 28 May 2009)
Atlus, I love you! :D
Skeeuk (on 26 May 2009)
i really want this game, atlus are gonna fix bugs for NA release i sure hope they release in the uk.
outlawauron (on 26 May 2009)
I put it the first cheat!
StockoPS3 (on 24 May 2009)
Demons souls fukin rocks nd its coming to the US in Q3 thanks 2 Atlus, i got the import so im happy, its epic!
imran_nxt (on 22 May 2009)
Here it is : :)
imran_nxt (on 22 May 2009)
Its coming to the west..I read it somewhere
ameratsu (on 16 May 2009)
This gets my nomination for GOTY 2009. Excellent game, but shame that many people may never get a chance to play it.
Xen (on 15 May 2009)

Go baby go!
GamerSam (on 13 May 2009)
Most import sales are Asian and Korean versions, those are not being counted on Japanese sales.
chefsean (on 11 May 2009)
Are they counting all the imports from sites like ebay and amazon? Obviously not the used copies, but all the new ones being imported.
palitococo (on 11 May 2009)
Wow 5K again, please Sony bring it to us.
Kantor (on 11 May 2009)
If this sold 2k a week for four years, it would be at 536k in Japan.

Zlejedi (on 11 May 2009)
Am I crazy to belive it has good chance at 300-400k with proper Western release ?
Kantor (on 11 May 2009)
This game has a lot of different names.

Demon Soul
Demons Soul
Demon Souls
Demons Souls
Demon's Soul
Demon's Souls

I've seen all of those at one point or another.
makingmusic476 (on 11 May 2009)
I love this game! It's probably my third favorite ps3 game along with Uncharted, right behind LBP and MGS4.
pablogers (on 10 May 2009)
this game is REALLY awesome, best time with a rpg in a lot of time (can only remember chrono cross for the moment)... hope they release it worldwide so more people can touch this gem..
Xen (on 10 May 2009)
You can't fucking kill it. It's like a smaller Monster Hunter.
snyperdud (on 10 May 2009)
Back to 5k this week.

I don't get it.
NanakiXI (on 10 May 2009)
DAMN! Keep those Japan legs going. At this rate it could sell poorly in America/EU and still break even. Although I think alot of people want this in the states so I don't think this will be the case.
NicholasCage (on 10 May 2009)
Wtf... why did the sales rise? Maybe a lot of people importing lol.
Bravo315 (on 08 May 2009)
@Gabriel84 The game is published by SCE, there's no chance it's coming to Xbox 360. And with Yakuza 3 & WKC to compete with, these sales are expected.
Gabriel84 (on 08 May 2009)
I'm waiting for an xbox360 port :)
PullusPardus (on 07 May 2009)
you , and everyone who played the game are like pushing me way too much to import it -_-;
Dark Odin (on 03 May 2009)
Iīm playing. Great game!

Iīm a priest... a little bit lost hehe But loving it
GamerSam (on 02 May 2009)
Yea awesome indeed, best PS3 game in my opinion. Too bad most people will never get to play it.
wenlan (on 01 May 2009)
this game is awesome
axumblade (on 30 April 2009)
Great games.
TheThunder (on 26 April 2009)
Sony better announce a NA release date at E3 for this or else ...
Dgc1808 (on 21 April 2009)
Why do I get the feeling that I'll be forced to import this... If I don't get an anouncement by the end of E3 then that settles it... I'm importing.
snyperdud (on 19 April 2009)
Next week,I predict sales for this to be above 5,000.

Hopefully more.
Egghead (on 18 April 2009)
Wow AMAZING legs, this is selling really well
axumblade (on 18 April 2009)
I'm getting my copy sometime over the next few weeks and can't wait. :D
Noobie (on 18 April 2009)
let see if it can double it sales in golden week.. maybe sell like 10k & 6k in golden week. then it might have a chance for 200k Lifetime Sales
ameratsu (on 17 April 2009)
Just wanted to point out that this site most likely tracks japan sales only, meaning the total is higher than shown here. Maybe someone can double check, but i don't think VGC is able to track the korean and asian versions, which are sought after by those looking to import.
Gearbox (on 15 April 2009)
uhm.. its only at 110k... plus the big hit wave for ps3 has ended so sales will fly down really fast, i doubt it will hit 150k
Globox (on 12 April 2009)
love how i was right when i said it will hit 150k in Japan eventually, and said it after first week. damn i am good.
INMATEofARKHAM (on 11 April 2009)
Zedux and Quickdraw McGraw; thanks for the answers!
Zlejedi (on 10 April 2009)
Then the game might be close to 150k really nice.
Quickdraw McGraw (on 10 April 2009)
@ Zlejedi & INMATE

I believe the Asian continent is included in "Others".
Obviously, being such a new and developing market, tracking game sales would be difficult. Assuming I'm correct, of course.
Zedux (on 09 April 2009)
asian version are left untracked as it has nothing to do with japanese numbers. The asian version sold lots of copies I believe more than japonese by far but VGcharts is just for fun. they normally will copy the data once a major consultant release its data!
INMATEofARKHAM (on 08 April 2009)
Did anyone know the answer to Zlejedi's question? I too am curious as if the Japan sales include the Asian version of the game...

I cannot imagine that they do... It seems like allot of Asian copies are making there way to North America.
ameratsu (on 07 April 2009)
I'm now 15 hours in and this is a very impressive game. Great atmosphere, combat, level & weapon progression, very clever co-op implementation, and is just plain addictive. It has some unique elements that set it apart from every other WRPG I've played this gen. I'd suggest anyone who likes WRPGs to import the asian version. That is of course if you're up for a challenge.
sabby_e17 (on 07 April 2009)
finally 100k. GREAT LEGZ
Quickdraw McGraw (on 04 April 2009)
@ Aj
"It's barely in the top 50 in Famitsu anymore"
It's 49th on VGCHartz =/ .
I'd say they were tracking it quite well.
Aj_habfan (on 04 April 2009)
I think it's overtracked. It's barely in the top 50 in Famitsu anymore, yet has had no significant drop.
Dark Odin (on 03 April 2009)
I believe itīs undertracked
Zlejedi (on 03 April 2009)
Where do asian version sales go ?
Is it included in Japan or left untracked ?
Dark Odin (on 02 April 2009)
I didnīt know about that outlawauron, so... even better now!

from what Iīve read itīs a difficult game
sabby_e17 (on 01 April 2009)
i say 170k LTD in japan
outlawauron (on 31 March 2009)
@ Dark Odin

And English voices.
Dark Odin (on 30 March 2009)
itīll make 150k in Japan. I bought today, the asian version with english subtitles
snyperdud (on 26 March 2009)
The legs are slowly dying. :(

Maybe 110k in 3-4 weeks.
NicholasCage (on 26 March 2009)
Why are you bashing on this game Aj? lol

Finally 100k and still, TEH LEGZ!
Gilgamesh (on 26 March 2009)
I applaud your sales
Avarice28 (on 25 March 2009)
Just import like many of us are doing, I am getting mine in a couple of weeks along with aquanauts holiday from
ameratsu (on 24 March 2009)
I broke down and ordered this from ncsx. The asian version has english text and voice acting, so it's very import friendly. Can't wait to get my ass kicked.
Quickdraw McGraw (on 23 March 2009)
@ Aj
Terrible first week? This game had a low budget and very little anticipation, it's sales up to this point have already shattered many LTD expectations.
TheInfectedBy590 (on 23 March 2009)
Why are they torturing us like this?
Bring the damn game stateside already! ;_;
ameratsu (on 22 March 2009)
Are they going to bring this to NA? I've searched and can't find any info.
Aj_habfan (on 22 March 2009)
You're right Quickdraw, with that terrible first week this game was bound to have some "legs".
Dgc1808 (on 21 March 2009)
Me want in US now!!!! Damnit!!!

sabby_e17 (on 21 March 2009)
wow great legs
Quickdraw McGraw (on 21 March 2009)
@ Aj

Remember, legs aren't based on how many games are sold on a weekly basis, but the *percentage* sold compared to its debut and subsequent weeks.

With that criteria, Demon's Souls is doing an incredible job thus far, especially for such a low-budget and minimally anticipated game.
Ultibankai (on 20 March 2009)
When in the name of God, is this game going to be released in other regions? I don't even have a PS3, but this game looks great and you other region PS3 owners deserve to have this as well as the Japanese.
Gilgamesh (on 19 March 2009)
awesome legs on Demon's Soul
outlawauron (on 19 March 2009)
@ aj
But teh legs?
NicholasCage (on 19 March 2009)
Another 5.7k this week according to famitsu
Aj_habfan (on 17 March 2009)
Umm, Gearbox, people have been saying great legs since week 2. These types of "legs" are all but the standard for average games in Others and Americas. I would agree that if it stayed at 5k a week, for a long time, it would be good legs. But that isn't likely.
piyopiyo (on 15 March 2009)
I hope for demons to be put on the market in the world.

I want to play happily by the Japanese and the foreigner.
NanakiXI (on 12 March 2009)
Great Legs!

So is this game the slowest talked about game of the year in Japan?

Could this become PS3s Monster Hunter?
Might sell a lot slower but imagine if it just sold and sold and sold and sol. lol
Gearbox (on 12 March 2009)
@Aj_habfan not true at all

5k in every region means 15k a week which is amazing legs (if they stay that way for a long time)
Aj_habfan (on 09 March 2009)
It's funny how these are great legs in Japan but would be average or bad in the rest of the world.
Noobie (on 09 March 2009)
with the legs its showing.. it is definitely going to reach 150k+
axumblade (on 09 March 2009)

Amazing it even has legs considering it's Japan only. :) I hope it gets a western release soon.
Stats87 (on 09 March 2009)
I'm still pretty shocked this game is gonna sell 100k+, might even reach 125k at some point. But again, the reviews on are just glowing.

星5つ: 80% (268)
星4つ: 11% (39)
星3つ: 6% (20)
星2つ: 1% (4)
星1つ: (0)
snyperdud (on 09 March 2009)
Another 8k this week.
Xen (on 05 March 2009)
Some great legs here!
Gilgamesh (on 05 March 2009)
Very small drops in sales, I'm shocked it's doing this well.
Serious_frusting (on 05 March 2009)
sales are holding up well. well-done
Serious_frusting (on 05 March 2009)
sales are holding up well. well-done
Serious_frusting (on 05 March 2009)
sales are holding up well. well-done
palitococo (on 05 March 2009)
WOW! Dead Souls can beat the 100K mark easy. This is unexpected, but good. Sony bring it to us now!!!
Vagabund (on 05 March 2009)
still holding up quite well :)
Zuhyc (on 26 February 2009)
This should outsell Lost Odyssey in Jaopan (106k)!
imran_nxt (on 26 February 2009)
I wonder how much it would have cost From sofware to make this game.
cheese_man (on 26 February 2009)
Wow another 13k in week 3. I'm sure it will get large drops in sales from now on.
Dgc1808 (on 26 February 2009)
Sales are holding up well.
NicholasCage (on 25 February 2009)
Whoa, sold 13k thru Feb 21 according to Famitsu. About 73k sold so far, I'm gonna go with 100k LTD
Resistance09 (on 24 February 2009)
i thought this game was freakin awsome and i cant wait till it comes out here
Dgc1808 (on 23 February 2009)

Oh right... I forgot about that...
papflesje (on 23 February 2009)
@ DGC: I thought people have already stated that it's the retailers that basically decide on the size of the shipments, as Sony and the creators can't make retailers buy copies they don't want.

So basically, it's most probably the retailers' fault for underestimating this title.
Drage (on 22 February 2009)
Hopefully it makes it to .15-.20 in Japan.
Dgc1808 (on 22 February 2009)
Sadly SONY screwed up the first week... I blame that screw up. Still can't wait for this!!
HanWuTi (on 22 February 2009)
Stupid. Low shipment results into low sales.... fucking stupid.
Xen (on 22 February 2009)
I assume it'll do 'round 80-85 LTD.
wunderfoolstrangre (on 22 February 2009)
Only in Japan :(
Dgc1808 (on 21 February 2009)
They really underestimated demand on this...

I hope this get's a US release some time soon.... I want this game and White Knight Chronicles pretty badly...
xxxvitoxxx (on 21 February 2009)
it will be good if it could reach 100k in japan maybe even more
Fenristh (on 20 February 2009)
TheInfectedBy590 (on 20 February 2009)
How much in week 2? :(
PullusPardus (on 19 February 2009)
you can tell by the numbers that they made only 40.000 copy xD , they didnt expect to sell alot maybe? , i hope this game is good.
Dgc1808 (on 18 February 2009)
Can't wait for this to hit the US.
HanWuTi (on 18 February 2009)
Where's week 2?
axumblade (on 15 February 2009)
hmm. I wonder if this will do well in the US and EU because it looks more like a WRPG then a JRPG.
HanWuTi (on 15 February 2009)
It's not that is is a flop, it's just that From Software didn't expect it to be IN DEMAND so they shipped limited copies and now all of Japan are raging.
TheLordHimself (on 15 February 2009)
Sony sure weren't optimistic when they sent out the batches of this game if it sold out at 40k... It'll be interesting to see how well it does when there are more copies floating around. (Looking forward to this one, mainly because it's supposed to be 'super difficult')
outlawauron (on 15 February 2009)
@ slimebeast

No, this one has nothing to do with Folklore or FolkSoul.
chanskie (on 15 February 2009)
you can buy this game from sure is the asia version which is due in 25 got chinese and english text and voice apparently.....i am importing this game~~!
Alic0004 (on 14 February 2009)
I'm sorry, anyone saying flop on the board of a game that was 90% sold out is an idiot. Or you don't live in the physical world... in which case I apologize.
TheInfectedBy590 (on 14 February 2009)
They better ship out more copies, I want to see this game do better! :)
Squall_Leonhart (on 14 February 2009)
What is this game about as the box art looks intriguing! :-)
Xen (on 14 February 2009)
A flop? nope, it initally got a supply of something 'round 30k most of which sold at the first day.

Then it got a bit more later... which all sold out as well.

I hope this doesn't lead to less demand, I hope to see it at 100k.
hatmoza 2.0 (on 14 February 2009)
i actually played this at TGS08
easy controls and straight foward action , i realy liked it.
XxXProphecyXxX (on 14 February 2009)
LOL if this is a flop then you should see ninja blades I don't think even the word "FLOP" suits it on how bad it did.
iron_megalith (on 14 February 2009)
ouch flop?
Slimebeast (on 14 February 2009)
Is this the sequel to FolkSoul? Is genre SRPG?
Jalocin (on 14 February 2009)
Is this an rpg? doesn't look much like it in the videos I've watched.
milanez (on 13 February 2009)
40k good opening for an rpg, on a system starving for said genre? Sold out or not, with that start, its kind of impossible to imagine this game ever hitting 200k or even approaching some kind of profitability
TheInfectedBy590 (on 13 February 2009)
Awesome looking game looks quite awesome! :) Sold out on it's first day, Can't wait to play!
HanWuTi (on 13 February 2009)

Stocko (on 13 February 2009)
They didnt ship much and it got sold out i except the same amount next week... good opening for new IP...

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ktay95 (on 05 June 2013)
just started playing this game... this
is going to be fun, and controller
thewastedyouth (on 08 January 2013)
why are the Euro sales so low, LOL
Sal.Paradise (on 12 June 2012)
Certainly is interesting. And it got
nowhere near the marketing push/hype of
the sequel around launch. Very strange.
mantlepiecek (on 05 March 2012)
Demon's souls is ahead of dark souls
PS3 + 360 combined, that is pretty
Solid-Stark (on 01 December 2011)
Cant wait till this hits 2m. Great game
needs more sales!
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