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09/11/07 Paradox Interactive
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08/31/07 Paradox Interactive

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In the Hearts of Iron Anthology, players will wage war across the globe as one of over 175 countries throughout the course of World War II. Doomsday adds even more to the award-winning gameplay by introducing a thrilling ”What if” scenario that brings the player through WWII and into WWIII. Never before released in retail, Armageddon allows players to venture even further into fantasy scenarios, or to instead play the game as history unfolds.


  • Command any frontline during World War II as one of more than 175 playable countries.
  • Four major campaigns let you play through the full course of the war
  • 15 battle scenarios including D-Day, Operation Barbarossa and The Ardennes Offensive.
  • A vast and innovative technology tree that includes more than 350 different technologies to research.
  • More than 12,500 historical military and political leaders, each brought to life with authentic portraits and schemes to further their own agendas.

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