Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 0.19m
Platform: Xbox 360Also on: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2
Developer: Omega Force Genre: Action

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
20th December 2008127,160N/A27,160
27th December 2008210,009-63.1%37,169
03rd January 200938,542-14.7%45,711
10th January 200944,747-44.4%50,458
17th January 200953,680-22.5%54,138
24th January 200963,054-17.0%57,192
31st January 200972,996-1.9%60,188
07th February 200982,603-13.1%62,791
14th February 200992,130-18.2%64,921
21st February 2009101,941-8.9%66,862

Japan Annual Summary (Units)


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Egghead (on 21 April 2009)
Again the problem is that these big
multiplats are taken seriously on the

MS need them because they have a
price advantage and also it shows that
the system isnt just a hardcore

Regardless its good to see
this has sold well, remember the
Japanese sales are probably enough to
pay for the porting costs. I hope with
their next games they do the same and
that developers like Konami do so with
their PES games
outlawauron (on 02 March 2009)
Feeling positive is great.

And I think that there is a
360 version b/c there is a PS3 and PS2
version, as the 360 version will do more
than enough to justify the port.
Egghead (on 09 February 2009)
Right and why do they continue to
release the games there, if they were
making a loss then why didnt they stop
on the XBOX? The sales have jumped
hugely, feeling positive is a good thing
if you ask me = |
outlawauron (on 07 February 2009)
Feeling positive response is not the
same as very happy with sales.
Egghead (on 28 January 2009)

Here you go, the
Publishers are very happy with how it
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