Bomberman Blast

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): N/A
Platform: Wii
Developer: Hudson Soft Genre: Puzzle

Release History

Bomberman Blast Hudson EntertainmentEurope12th September 2008Retail
Bomberman Blast Hudson EntertainmentJapan25th September 2008Retail
Bomberman Blast Hudson EntertainmentNorth America29th September 2008Retail

Game Overview

Bomberman Blast is a puzzle game developed by Hudson Soft and released on Wii.

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TWRoO (on 02 July 2009)
I also seem to suck at this game....
admitedly I haven't played even an hour
yet, but I went against the easy AI
opponents (3 minutes per round, 3
rounds) and somehow fluked 2nd overall,
followed by 5th, 6th, 4th, 6th

There is just too much to have
to concentrate on screen... It would
help if there was perhaps some
indication of when the bombs go off
(flashing like in Zelda) and perhaps
some indication of it's strength too.
ClaudeLv250 (on 24 March 2009)
Does everybody suck at this game?
brawl4life (on 12 November 2008)
fucking hackers ruin the online . their
unkillable .just stand there and taunts
your ass while time runs out .Oh well
least the multiplayer and friend battle
still worth the purchase .
Voltaire (on 09 November 2008)
Ah! I suck so badly at this game. I can
only stand a chance in Air Raid :P
TopCat8 (on 17 October 2008)
I suck so bad at this game. It was a
waste of my 10 dollars because I'm too
horrible to ever play.
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