Sonic and the Black Knight

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 1.11m
Platform: Wii
Developer: Sonic Team Genre: Platform

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greencactaur (on 14 July 2016)
how did this reach 1million lol :_:
qwertyDANIELqwerty (on 18 September 2014)
Best Sonic game here! THERE I SAID IT!
Fededx (on 07 May 2014)
Now every Sonic game on the Wii has sold a million units :)
ExplodingBlock (on 27 April 2014)
Was never a big fan of this game, I tried it and found my self just shaking the wii remote to death. I liked Secret Rings better
atma998 (on 02 January 2014)
0.97M, will definitely reach one million before Wii's completely dead.
atma998 (on 02 January 2014)
0.97M, will definitely reach one million before Wii's completely dead.
atma998 (on 17 December 2012)
0.89M, will come close to the million.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 01 April 2011)
game is awesome and the legs just prove it
atma998 (on 22 January 2011)
0.65M is not bad for that game and it's still selling 4k/week. Even if it doesnt reach the million mark it remains decents sales.
primogen18 (on 24 December 2010)
sonic colors is blowing this out of the water.
oni-link (on 23 December 2010)
@chizum the average development cost for a Wii game is $5M (the Conduit, Madworld, NMH etc) with top tier being about $8-10M at most; so yes this made a profit. I'm still looking for this game to be sub $19.99 before adding to my collection. $15 is my sweet spot for this game.
spurgeonryan (on 09 December 2010)
as I said!
scapegoatsqueal (on 16 November 2010)
Knight of the Wind. Nuff said.
IxisNaugus (on 28 April 2010)
Oh wow so this reached 500K. SEGA should be happy considering how poorly it was received by critics.
Chrizum (on 27 April 2010)
Eh, 500k is a guaranteed profit for this game, trust me.
spurgeonryan (on 24 April 2010)
Well at leat it is not too bad of a failure any more, I would still say this needs some more sales to make them a profit, but you never know with Wii games?
SaviorX (on 23 April 2010)
biosonico (on 22 April 2010)
And it reached it just now
atma998 (on 16 April 2010)
Still selling 8k/week, not bad. Should reach 500k pretty soon.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 10 April 2010)
my favorite Sonic game!!

i guess it's just taste
fazz (on 14 February 2010)
I should've picked up Unleashed >_>
trickyvix09 (on 05 February 2010)
what a load of rubbish this game is
Smeags (on 30 December 2009)
Keeps on sneaking up the charts...
spurgeonryan (on 22 December 2009)
I haven't seen this for sale anywhere how has it sold over 400,000? must be a west coast or eu thing
Alex_The_Hedgehog (on 19 December 2009)
Will hit 500k someday...
Black_Herox (on 17 December 2009)
lol this went up a bit.
Green Penguin (on 16 December 2009)
When it gets a pricecut to $20 this will hit 500K
Black_Herox (on 06 December 2009)
This might be undertracked.
Tuulikk (on 27 November 2009)
Will hit 400k one day. Maybe more. Looks like Sega has a few possible sleeper hits.
spurgeonryan (on 30 October 2009)
madworld and conduit 350 thou is good, but im sure a sonic game might have gotten a little more money put into it. Darn recession.
spurgeonryan (on 30 October 2009)
They need to just see that it has failed and send two million copies to the department stores for 19.99 a piece. These copies sell like crazy at walmart when there this cheap.
OmegaRugalv3 (on 18 October 2009)
Why is it that this game has not sold as well as Secret Rings and Unleashed ??? .... is this clearly the worst Wii Sonic game?
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 27 September 2009)
i think the sales are good enough now, should have been profitable for Sega
Chrizum (on 26 July 2009)
Visually one of the best Wii games I've ever seen. Gameplay is amazingly boring though.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 08 July 2009)
buy it, it's much better than secret rings, very cool game!
hansolo14 (on 04 July 2009)
I'm buying it next friday!! hope its as cool as Secret Rings
SJGohan3972 (on 30 June 2009)
Is this good? I was expecting more sales with Mario&Sonic and Sonic&Secret Rings on the Wii as well - I'll give it time.
Majin-Tenshinhan (on 08 June 2009)
blaydcor, sounds like you didn't play it, honestly.
Ratix240sx (on 06 June 2009)
im really digging the soundtrack for this game
blaydcor (on 04 June 2009)
@Majin: Are you even a Castlevania fan? Because Judgment is f'ing terrible. Like, it is SO bad. It got reviewed too well if anything.
Phoenix_Wiight (on 28 May 2009)
sold the game.... it was kind of lame because it was only like 3 hours of story mode. and even that wasn't that fun.

got 35 bucks, so not bad
kylohk (on 19 May 2009)
Ah, so it's going silver soon.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 18 May 2009)
this game is really great

and you can see from the legs as well
Gearbox (on 17 May 2009)
@MontanaHatchet- what kind of reviews r we talking about? like gamerankings or just vg reviews?

Majin-Tenshinhan (on 16 May 2009)
MontanaHatchet, I'm going by this and Castlevania Judgment, which were both reviewed poorly but are very solid games. By my experience, that's simply the way it is. A bad game is a bad game, but this and Judgment simply aren't.
MontanaHatchet (on 15 May 2009)
Majin: Yup. When a Wii game is reviewed well, it's because it's a great game. When it's reviewed badly, it's because reviewers are biased against the Wii.

I really hate that attitude.
kylohk (on 06 May 2009)
I knew this game would continue to sell when I found it at #3 on the charted games section at several GAME stores near my home.
Majin-Tenshinhan (on 02 May 2009)
As usual, a Sonic game got way worse reviews than it deserved ... Not saying Sonic hasn't had his fair share of crappy games, but this one is actually pretty decent. Too bad critics love to hate, both on the Wii and on Sonic.
PeteyPeeps (on 24 April 2009)
I actually enjoyed the game ... alot, finished it 100% :)
Majin-Tenshinhan (on 20 April 2009)
This game is tracking SO much worse than Secret Rings ... I think this still has a shot at a million, but catching up to it's predecessor is very doubtful, nigh impossible.
shizzlee (on 19 April 2009)
Take a sword and run into the heat of day!

laahs2 (on 18 April 2009)
Go Go 200k :)
Roflinator (on 15 April 2009)
@dark_gh0st_b0y: ...Best sonic game? Are you sure...?

...Well, each to their own I guess :/
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 15 April 2009)
this is the best Sonic game i've played, i don't understand why it got bad reviews, it's much better than Sonic Unleashed
Black_Herox (on 10 April 2009)
'technonik: It was aimied at casual/kids in the first place that has been confirmed in various interviews etc. I'd like you to point me in teh direction of the interviews which state that Sega tink this game bombed. Especially if they don't think House of the Dead:Overkill Wii did. Additionally they spent hardly anything on this title, probably less than Unleashed for the Wii. If this game can reach over 250,000 units sold (which it should) I don't see why Sega shouldn't be able to make a profit from it.
teknohick (on 09 April 2009)
while the sales aren't "bomb" title worthy, from segas point they did seem to expect the title to do better

its not a good sign when they start sending out surveys about what you want in the next storybook game only a month after the game launched

the problem with this game was expectations, the concept isn't very appealing for older gamers and it is targeted much more at kids/young teens, theres nothing wrong with that but sega completely dropped the ball on cost control and quality control on this game

they spent way too much on the title and in turn its not going to be as profitable, sega dose seem to admit this though with interviews regarding its poor reception in the gaming press.
Black_Herox (on 08 April 2009)
Your reasoning for Heroes is invalid because the adventure titles were on the DC. You have no reasoning at all for SATSR, only that you think its horrible.

I don't know how much you think Sonic games should be selling, all I now is they sell consistenly. Most of the recent games have had little marketing invested in them, which is the Primary reason why there not selling as great as they should. And I don't even know what your point about MadWorld. The fact thats its mature is irrelevant because you insinuated that quality=quantity. And thats the first mistake to make when it comes to game sales.
Black_Herox (on 03 April 2009)
@mjc: Sonic Heroes had comibined sales of over 6 million. SATSR has sold over 2 Million and Unleashed has done the same. As far as I can tell, the rate at which the games are selling hasn't changed much, its more the duration at which there tracked.

Having said that MadWorld is fairing FAR worse, and that got good reviews.
Chrizum (on 03 April 2009)
140k after 4 weeks isn't bad at all. Check out the other Sonic games on the Wii, they didn't start much better.

This will break 800k within no time.
whacker41 (on 03 April 2009)
they released this and unleashed far to close to each other, now they're chopping away at each others sales.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 02 April 2009)
legs, it can sell 1 million after 1 year or smth
kylohk (on 02 April 2009)
I saw this game mentioned on a lot of comic books like the Beano. This should help the sales some.
SaviorX (on 01 April 2009)
This game may have some consistent legs on it in Others.
Shadowfest3 (on 27 March 2009)
I have been watching some game play videos on Youtube and it has made me want this game for some odd reason, idk. I think the story is kinda cool. I like the whole King Arthur and that medieval time period. We'll see what happens I guess.
SnowFlow (on 23 March 2009)
How the heck would Madworld make this game's sales low? Poor reviews and no advertising yielded low sales.
naruto3336 (on 21 March 2009)
BTW shouldnt this be 0.07? 50k + 16k is 66k and rounded up is 0.07M.
naruto3336 (on 21 March 2009)
MadWorld made this games sales low. NICE.
kylohk (on 20 March 2009)
They will need to market it more....
L.C.E.C. (on 20 March 2009)
and you trade items online...
shizzlee (on 20 March 2009)
The online feature is just some leaderboards for some select levels.
Shadowfest3 (on 18 March 2009)
I want to get this but I am not sure. It looks fun though. Has anyone played the online feature of the game yet? I was wondering if it was any good.
L.C.E.C. (on 18 March 2009)
This game is actually quite good. I must admit, I was on the fence about buying it, but I actually prefer it to unleashed as a whole...
Suffering through the werehog in Unleashed in order to get to the Hedgehog is not nearly worth it, which is why I haven't finished Unleashed.

Sure, the actual hedgehog may be slower in SATSR and SATBK, but Sonic isn't just about speed, as much as some people wish it was. Unleashed also kinda plays itself (especially on PS360). Also, if you're good, you can make him go fast in the storybook series... ex: try jumping when you start running, do a homing attack-slash combo, ect...

The only things I don't like about this game are: The way that with the sword, everything is the same for regular slashes (like LoZ:TP), with the exception of how the B button and jumping changes it, and that the story is a little on the short side. Also, the bosses should have been a little harder. They are some hard to figure out, but once you do, they're somewhat easy to beat... But even then, the bosses give the bosses in Sonic Adventure [DX] a run for their money
(remember Knuckles? "Homing attack->Ohno Homing attack->Ohno Homing attack->Ohno Homing attack->Ohno Homing attack->Ohno YOU WIN).

This is a great successor to Secret Rings, and a good game overall. Sure it could have been better (boss fights in prticular could have been less about timing and more about accuracy, not waggle but more like in NMH or MadWorld), but whatever, it is what it is. This series is what kept either game this year from being utter gutter trash... like Sonic '06. It made them focus on speed again. Go bash Sonic '06 or something. Quit bashing this, it doesn't deserve it.
widescreen (on 14 March 2009)
I can't believe Sega would release another Sonic game. It's not even 6 months since Unleashed was released. If they want to kill a franchise, they're on the right path.
MetalSabe (on 14 March 2009)
Did someone just tell people to buy sonic unleashed?
chris100185 (on 13 March 2009)
Secret Rings didn't debut much better, 50K release week. It's now sitting at 2.01M worldwide.
charts845 (on 13 March 2009)
Glad to see bad Sonic games fail. Buy Sonic Unleashed (360/PS3) and ignore this garbage.
Myviewing (on 12 March 2009)
Maybe we can expect better numbers with an EU release?
shinyuhadouken (on 12 March 2009)
shitty debut for a sonic game.
PATRIOT7ME (on 12 March 2009)
I hope the game fails
Kaim_90 (on 12 March 2009)
IGN stupid and ignorant .
This is a good game !
Phoenix_Wiight (on 12 March 2009)
not too bad of an opening. played it and beat it and really enjoyed it, much better than IGN's reviews, though it has its obvious flaws
PSwii60 (on 11 March 2009)
just bought it.. hope it does better than Sonic Unleashed (Wii) sales...
Sonic deserve some decent sales (w/o Mario)
Myviewing (on 09 March 2009)
Found it and bought it. Can't wait to play tonight.
Zucas (on 05 March 2009)
Just played a few levels. It's actually pretty fun. There are a few things that get on my nerves but it's pretty solid. Actually pretty fast paced as well.
Smeags (on 05 March 2009)
Knuckles is awesome in this game! :-D

I love the fact that I can glide through the air without a care. And his Special attack is sweet as well. Sir Gawain, Knight of the sun, prepare for Glory! (c)
Wetcoaster (on 05 March 2009)
Good game! A lot of fun!

Screw IGN.
Smeags (on 04 March 2009)
Well, here's my initial impressions for the game:


Definitely no 3.9, that's for sure! :-D
Smeags (on 03 March 2009)
Oh snap, IGN just gave the game a 3.9. Ouch! :-(

Oh well, we'll see what ol' Smeags has to say about the game.
Smeags (on 03 March 2009)
And I have the game! :-D

Cover art looks great... but I can't play it yet. -_-

Can't wait!
shizzlee (on 01 March 2009)
Excitement levels rising...

Adds to collection and hyperventilates until Tuesday >.<
Phoenix_Wiight (on 24 February 2009)
one more week. ima say i have it right now :P
shizzlee (on 23 February 2009)
One more week, w00t
Thechalkblock (on 11 February 2009)
I have my eye on this game.
shizzlee (on 23 January 2009)
That pic was taken out quick. I uploaded the Japanese boxart :D
shizzlee (on 23 January 2009)
Uhh, the first pic looks like it's from Sonic 2006 :\
naruto3336 (on 12 January 2009)
The graphics of this game are really great almost identical to those of the HD versions. A really good game which deserves atleast a million sales likes secret rings did!!
DanielD (on 31 December 2008)
That is the real boxart, but it looks like a fake with that "aura" around Sonic. I'm also hoping it turns out great.
supermario128 (on 23 December 2008)
I added the final boxart.
Smeags (on 17 December 2008)
From recent screenshots and previews, this game is my most anticipated title heading into the new year. Crazy for some, but then again, I am a Sonic fan.

Can't wait! :-D
supermario128 (on 01 December 2008)
Looks very interesting, let's hope it turns out great.
shizzlee (on 24 November 2008)
I want... now!
kopstudent89 (on 16 November 2008)
its a weird game for sega to release... lets hope they got it right...
Serious_frusting (on 13 October 2008)
This is one of the few games i would play on the Wii
Smeags (on 17 August 2008)
*crosses fingers*
ClaudeLv250 (on 09 August 2008)
Europe is going to eat the hell up out of this game.


greencactaur (on 14 July 2016)
how did this reach 1million lol :_:
qwertyDANIELqwerty (on 18 September 2014)
Best Sonic game here! THERE I SAID IT!
Fededx (on 07 May 2014)
Now every Sonic game on the Wii has sold
a million units :)
ExplodingBlock (on 27 April 2014)
Was never a big fan of this game, I
tried it and found my self just shaking
the wii remote to death. I liked Secret
Rings better
atma998 (on 02 January 2014)
0.97M, will definitely reach one million
before Wii's completely dead.
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