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XOne, PS4, PC

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11/07/17 Sega
11/09/17 Sega
11/07/17 Sega

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Screenshot Added IamAwsome 24th Dec 2017
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Total Sales
1 4,676 62,076 34,692 15,639 117,083
2 1,352 15,916 16,481 4,465 38,214
3 961 20,782 25,887 6,091 53,721

Opinion (6)

friendlyfamine posted 14/01/2018, 06:41
@onlyide Not sure what you mean.

1. Sonic Boom was an awful game all around so of course that would get low sales regardless of the platform. As for Lost World, that carried a similar stigma as well, and the Steam release didn't get better sales than on the 3DS or Wii U version either.

2. Besides Sonic Lost World on PC there are no platforms to compare sales to with either games, so there is no 'beg to differ' you can't be sure that either of those games would have sold better on the PS4 or Xbox One.
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oniyide posted 08/01/2018, 03:14
@friendlyfamine Lost World and Boom beg to differ
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xboxonefan posted 05/01/2018, 05:03
I own the game on xbox one
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spurgeonryan posted 02/01/2018, 06:54
Nice sales! More than I expected.
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friendlyfamine posted 31/12/2017, 05:36
I'm surprised to see the Switch version has sold the best (at least in the first week) despite everyone complaining about the frame rate. I guess Sonic is just preferably bought on Nintendo platforms.
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BurningWave91 posted 31/12/2017, 11:32
Nice start on switch, didn't see that coming. I own it for PS4. Maybe we will see more of Sonic on Switch in future, would like to see Rings dn Knight in HD.
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