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10/16/07 Ubisoft
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10/12/07 Ubisoft

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Live the dream of training and caring for dolphins on an island paradise! In Petz Wild Animals Dolphinz for Nintendo DS™, you'll care for dolphins, killer whales, penguins, and more in an exciting aquatic park and marine sanctuary.

Rescue endangered animals and save their aquatic home. Keep your animals healthy, happy, and well trained, and more friends of nature will visit your park. The more visitors, the more resources you have to pamper your animals and transform your park into an all-star attraction.

  • Learn to take care of the different animals (dolphins, killer whales, penguins, pink flamingos…) and also help to develop the sanctuary and make it larger so that it can welcome even more endangered animals.
  • The animals need a lot of attention: they need to be fed, taken care of, entertained and trained, in order to get them to amaze audiences with their special tricks.
  • If the animals are happy and healthy, more and more friends of nature will come visit the park and support your efforts.
  • Each animal has an identity card which summarizes its qualities and what it needs. Some animals of the same species have different personalities or different colors. The baby animals are often much more fragile.
  • With the money you make, you must renovate the park, maintain the tanks and improve the equipment. Try to make the park as beautiful possible.
  • Dolphinz enables you to get close to animals and their way of life, but it also lets you learn about the history of the marine Sanctuary, which is menaced by an unscrupulous multinational corporation. You have to save the park so that it can continue to protect the endangered marine species.
  • To get a good look at everything, check out your park from the sky and, whenever you want, go down into the tanks to take care of the animals close up.
  • Throughout your adventures, you will meet different characters: a veterinarian, a life-guard, a scientist, a sailor….. they’ll help you carry out your missions and save the park.
  • Thanks to wireless connections, you will be able to invite your friends to your park to check out your animals.

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1 n/a n/a 3,134 3,134
2 n/a 3,378 3,238 1,123 7,739
3 n/a 3,630 2,953 1,122 7,705
4 n/a 4,832 3,395 1,406 9,633
5 n/a 6,107 4,245 1,769 12,121
6 n/a 7,748 5,306 2,231 15,285
7 n/a 10,292 6,632 2,896 19,820
8 n/a 8,210 9,248 2,954 20,412
9 n/a 11,881 14,230 4,414 30,525
10 n/a 18,466 21,722 6,795 46,983

Opinion (5)

primogen18 posted 21/04/2009, 03:09
Ubi not only wants us to buy shovelware (which sadly too much do), but they also are directly supporting illiteracy. Ubiz can suckz it!
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headshot91 posted 01/03/2009, 07:03
wtf week 1 total sales 7650
week 10 total sales 64363 lol
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Luthor posted 05/01/2009, 08:53
million mark!
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jpelles posted 05/01/2009, 03:46
Ubisoft is sure making a lot of these petz games.
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TWRoO posted 22/03/2008, 02:12
Who has a dolphin for a pet?

oh wait, I have three in Endless Ocean ... I only seem to train one of them though, I called him Colin.
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