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02/05/07 Irem Software Engineering
02/06/07 Irem Software Engineering
02/09/07 Irem Software Engineering

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Vigilante kicked, punched, jumpkicked, and nunchucked its way into arcades in 1988 and then onto the TurboGrafx in 1989.  The game was originally created by Irem, known for their hit video games like R-Type, and In The Hunt. In fact, Irem created the first arcade beat-em-up, "Kung Fu Master", in 1984, although you probably know its NES port better, simply known as "Kung Fu".  While Vigilante was not an official sequel, because its gameplay feels a lot like Kung Fu, it's a sequel in spirit.  You can play this classic side-scrolling beat-em-up today on your Wii™ Virtual Console™!

You ARE the Vigilante.  Your girlfriend, Madonna (no not the REAL Madonna, at least we think it’s not the real one), has been kidnapped by a vicious street gang, and you’re her only hope of being rescued from somewhere deep in the bowels of New York.  Follow the trail through the city, through junkyards, and across bridges.  Waves of gang members will try to drop you, so you better watch out for tough guys with chains, cowards with guns, and crazies on motorcycles!  The only weapons you have are your fists and your feet, except for the occasional nunchuck you may come across.  Battle through the city and through 5 rough-and-tumble boss battles!  Unlike other Turbo games released around the same time, which were known for their high level of difficulty, Vigilante was easy to pick up and play without it being too overwhelming. You’ll probably never see the original arcade again after all these years, so download Vigilante for the Wii™ Virtual Console™ today and save Madonna before it’s too late!


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