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Platform: Microsoft Windows
Developer: Piranha Bytes Genre: Action

Release History

Gothic THQEurope30th October 2001Retail
Gothic Xicat InteractiveNorth America23rd November 2001Retail

Game Overview

Gothic is a game developed by Piranha Bytes and released on Microsoft Windows.


hunter_alien (on 26 June 2008)
The best , most addictive RPG ever
created . It took me away 3 weeks of my
life until I finally got to the end :D

The story is awesome , and the
quests are amazing . Also , its fully
voice-acted and the actors are pretty
darn good :o

2 was great to , but I
could never get into it as in the first
one , and 3 ... well lets hope that 4
will wash the shame :( It wasnt terrible
, but it was far from being good ...
Zornica (on 17 June 2008)
in my opinion the best pc rpg...
okr (on 28 February 2008)
...JoWooD was the publisher of Gothic 2
& 3, btw.
okr (on 27 February 2008)
I thought my PC was near implosion
everytime I started this game back in
2001. Each time I loaded a savegame it
took about 10 min. before I could
actually play. I could literally watch
the graphics being build up, it felt
like every frame was written separately
into the PC memory. After some weeks of
playing Gothic I had to accept that my
PC was hopelessly outdated and I decided
to quit PC gaming after more than 10
years and 4 PCs.

Oh, the game: From
what I saw it was a very good RPG and it
got good ratings back then. I loved
watching my character lurk around the
detailed world and fighting creatures in
slow motion.

The Gothic series is
extremely popular in Germany until today
and a success in other EU countries, as
well, but the incomplete and buggy
Gothic 3 almost broke developer Piranha
Bytes' neck. PB and EU publisher JoWooD
shifted the blame on each other and they
ended their partnership in 2007. Gothic
4 will be developed by a different
German developer.
Alby_da_Wolf (on 26 February 2008)
Very, very good, it manages to have a
vast environment as Morrowind, and lots
of quests and subquests (although less
than the immense MW), but without the
drawbacks and also with slightly better
graphics, despite the similar HW
requirements (sometimes MW has some
hiccups with my Athlon 2200+ and Radeon
9250, Gothic always runs smoothly).
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