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Dungeon Explorer

Dungeon Explorer: Meiyaku no Tobira


Hudson Soft



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02/15/08 Hudson Entertainment
11/15/07 Hudson Soft
03/28/08 Rising Star

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You are a Warrior of Ancient Arts, trained in the ways of mystical forces and weapons. Prepare to battle demonic forces and seal the gateway from which they have come. Lead up to 3 comrades-in-arms via single player or Ad-Hoc Multiplayer mode to defeat the evil that plagues the land and seal off the Great Labyrinth from which these creatures spawn.

  • Choose your Fighting Style – Learn hundreds of different kinds of fighting arts including “Big Bang Arts” that allow you and 2 of your friends to team-up and triple your destructive power in Multiplayer Mode.
  • Epic Battles – Wage battles against a legion of different classes of monstrous creatures, each with their own attributes.
  • Choose your Hero – Over 70 different Warrior Types that vary in race, gender and class.
  • Choose your Weapon – Hundreds of variations of upgradeable weapons, armor, and equipment, enhancing them as you progress through your adventure.
  • Epic Journey – Uncover the fate of the Three Kingdoms that were sealed ages ago.
  • Epic Multiplayer Adventure – Battle the underworld forces alone or join forces with up to 2 other friends via Ad-Hoc mode.


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