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11/14/93 Sega
12/10/93 Sega
01/01/93 Sega

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Originally released on Sega Genesis, November 15, 1993
Wii Points: 800

Dr. Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnik) has taken over Mt. Mobius and turned it into a mechanical base. He is using energy from the magma flowing under the volcano to power his Veg-O-Fortress. He has the power to transform helpless animals into robots. Sonic the Hedgehog must take down this fortress to free the enslaved animals.

The only way to make that happen is to trigger an eruption in the volcano it's built on. Sonic knows this can be done by removing the Chaos Emeralds that keep the volcano stable. Dr. Eggman, however, is also aware of the fragile relationship that exists between the emeralds and the mountain, and he's set up an elaborate Pinball Defense System to make sure the precious jewels don't go anywhere.


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EJBass83 posted 22/12/2018, 09:41
This game sold 1.04 million in total.
0.02m in Japan
0.72m in NA
0.23m in Europe
0.07m in Others
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Webstar70 posted 25/10/2009, 01:43
as a kid, i was never abl;e to beat this game once i got to Robotnik, but with the genesis collection allowing you to save your progress, beating the game was one of the most rewarding experiences ive come across with classic games. good stuff
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shizzlee posted 27/04/2009, 01:54
The last level is crazy hard. I still have not passed this game yet.
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lestatdark posted 29/12/2008, 01:43
this game was like a drug to me back in the days, it was so hard and fun at the same time, it just compelled me to go further and further xD getting to robotnik's rocket was just as hard as to finally defeat him
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famousringo posted 17/04/2008, 10:45
Certainly not the best pinball game ever on a console, but it was fun.
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Xeo_842 posted 13/02/2008, 09:48
I got hooked on this game!
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