Global Total as of 29th Dec 2018 (units): 0.30m
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: Unknown Genre: Action

Total Units

North America: 0.18m 61.8%
+ Europe: 0.05m 18.0%
+ Japan: 0.03m 8.9%
+ Rest of the World: 0.03m 11.3%
= Global 0.30m

Release History

Starhawk Sony Computer EntertainmentNorth America08th May 2012Retail
Starhawk Sony Computer EntertainmentJapan10th May 2012Retail
Starhawk Sony Computer EntertainmentEurope11th May 2012Retail

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think-man (on 10 September 2013)
This game flopped bad, sucks cause I
heard it was really good.
jayson1 (on 11 July 2013)
This game is so awesome. The closest
game to titanfall and no one even knows
about it and how great this game is,
very sad. The campaign is just a
tutorial but the online is where its at
on this game. It's like transformers(
hawks, and small mech bots), starship
troopers (tanks, are like the bugs from
the movie), jetpacks are killer,
speederbikes ( like starwars
speederbikes). This game is for people
who adhd. Theres so much to do with the
build and battle format this game ROCKS!
Horrorfest (on 26 January 2013)
awful campaign. no wonder why. should
have been MP only $20 PSN release. It is
on there now but it's too late and it
confuses people. Personally with how
terrible the campaign is (its a demo) I
can't really feel that sorry
IamAwsome (on 24 November 2012)
180,000. Ouch. The sad thing is, this
game killed Lightbox, and it's not even
that bad,
jayson1 (on 01 September 2012)
I agree with fauzman where are all the
warhawk people who wanted this sequel?
This game is ten tiimes better than
warhawk. People still play warhawk thats
the sad part. The warhawk fanbase will
be the only thing that will save this
game and christmas holiday otherwise is
a failure. What a shame great game.
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