Sony Aims to Sell 10 Million PlayStation Vitas this Fiscal Year - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 June 2012 / 7,926 Views

Sony Computer Entertainment has forecasted sales of its PlayStation Vita to reach 10 million by the end of the current fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2013. Andrew House, SCE CEO told Reuters in an interview which was translated by Andriasang, that in order to reach its goal it plans on releasing a line up of blockbuster games this holiday season, as well as strengthening its online offering.

House did admit that the PlayStation Vita will not be a contributor to earnings for Sony's games business in any major way. He said the PlayStation 3 will provide a lot more profits than the PlayStation Vita.

On a side note, Reuters asked House about the successor to the PlayStation 3. House responded with "I have nothing to say about next generation hardware. We believe that through games like [The Last of Us, Wonder Book and Beyond], we can show that PlayStation 3's future is strong."

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AmericanAli (on 06 June 2012)

i apparently noticed that sony is very very optimistic ;)

kowenicki (on 06 June 2012)

So that as from 1st April 2012 to March 31st 2013. Well two months in and we have 470k sold. In that time, average weekly sales have fallen from 70k per week to about 50k per week. Good luck fellas.... 10 months to do 9.5m.

RockMan10 (on 06 June 2012)

So thats why they didn't show any Vita games at the press conference? Awesome strategy.

RedInker (on 06 June 2012)

Seems very ambitious in my opinion. I cant see how they can meet their target.

Squall_Leonhart (on 07 June 2012)

I must admit that while Wonderbook may be brilliant to some people i personally am not interested in it in the slightest... why they wasted so much time of their conference on it i have no idea...

Tammi (on 07 June 2012)

10 million by March 31? Doesn't look like it.....

Monteblanco (on 06 June 2012)

Good luck to Sony. They will need it.

Nem (on 06 June 2012)

With no price cut, there is no chance.

Mnementh (on 07 June 2012)

And that follows the news, that they don't intend to do a pricecut.

Millenium (on 06 June 2012)

Err... wut?

z101 (on 07 June 2012)

10Mio? In 10 years ...

gentii (on 06 June 2012)

In two years maybe

Scoobes (on 07 June 2012)

I'm assuming this means there'll be a price cut in time for the holiday season. I can't see how this is possible otherwise

Dgc1808 (on 07 June 2012)

History really does repeat itself.

fillet (on 06 June 2012)

Let's just hope Sony don't get into the weather forecasting business, they'd prolly invent some proprietory measurement for temperature and wind speed too no doubt.

duckypwns (on 08 June 2012)

So many problems with Sony's logic. How do they plan on selling 10 million systems that many people still feel is too expensive and doesn't have enough interesting games? They better hope it gets hacked soon I guess because they're obviously not interested in supporting their own hardware themselves.

Byclop (on 07 June 2012)

nothing is impossible, but this made me laugh, just that...

sully1311 (on 07 June 2012)

Haha. In your dreams Sony. Lucky to hit 5m at the moment.

Araknie (on 07 June 2012)

But there is no games Sony!

UnknownFact (on 06 June 2012)

Quite optimistic imo, but who knows.

Michael-5 (on 07 June 2012)

Again WonderBook? Really Sony....

cusman (on 08 June 2012)

I want to give Wonderbook a chance but EyePet was such a tedious Augmented Reality show case and then Table Top Tanks and all the other AR games on PS-Vita have sucked as well that I just don't have a lot of faith in Sony's ability to do AR games with good user experience. In fact the only good AR game I have played is Face Raiders on 3DS. Everything else is clunky at best.

jlrx (on 08 June 2012)

Optimistic doesn't begin to cut it, but it will be their first holiday in the US.

Andrespetmonkey (on 07 June 2012)

With a price cut, maybe. Without? Sony is high

Virus_Of_Life (on 06 June 2012)

If Sony thinks they are going to sell that many consoles, then they must have some really cool stuff in store for it =)

fillet (on 06 June 2012)

I think you've misinterpreted the situation, or a very refreshing perspective on life.

  • -3
NeoRatt (on 09 June 2012)

The only way this happens is if Sony does not do a price drop on the PS3, and instead bundles a Vita with every PS3 sold.

Turkish (on 08 June 2012)

If Sony is predicting that much, then it must mean theyve something up their sleeves. :)

brendude13 (on 08 June 2012)

The 3DS managed to recover and sell roughly 15 million in its first year, so 10 million doesn't sound too unreasonable. But SONY really need a good advertising campaign around Black Friday and Christmas. They also need more focus on the Vita during TGS and GC and need to announce more games that will be out by the end of the year.

Salnax (on 06 June 2012)


Heavenly_King (on 07 June 2012)

I think they will achieve their role. There is still lots of time, and they will announce more games obviously down the road at GC and TGS.