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White Knight Chronicles

Shirokishi Monogatari: Inishie no Kodou

白騎士物語 - 古の鼓動


Level 5



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02/02/10 Sony Computer Entertainment
12/25/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/05/10 Sony Computer Entertainment

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White Knight Chronicles Review

10th Feb 2010 | 1,666 views 


User Score

Presentation - 8.0
Gameplay - 6.0
Value - 9.0
A decent but seriously flawed JRPG that may disappoint many.


Overall the biggest disappointment in this game. It is pure boring. When you start the game you will be alright with it, as you haven't gotten adjusted to it yet. But over time it just gets worse and worse. The difficulty in this game is MIND-NUMBINGLY easy. I'm serious. Bosses rarely ever get you past 90% health. At times I feel that the game is insulting my intelligence. They let you use to many skills. and when you actually learn the skills they aren't really that good. They hardly make a difference. They should have put some restriction on the skills you could gain, by level or something. Overall the gameplay is a crosss hybrif between Final Fantasy XI and XII. But it never executed the battle system as good as either of those games did. Even the final boss is a joke.


By FARRRRRR the best thing in WKC. Whoever made this soundtrack deserves a pay raise as he/she did an excellent job. This soundtrack is memorable and fits the game very nicely. The boss theme is the best I have heard in ages.


The characters and the story are enjoyable. This game is not a very complex one in terms of story. It is sadly very short. A few of the plot twists are very predictable and I called them very early on. Though the end of the game leaves you on a cliffhanger/plot twist ending that I didn't see coming. I definitely didn't see that coming. Overall the characters are decent, but the NPC characters are quite annoying. Especially the frogs and the wana-be moogle rabbit things.


A very cool and unique aspect of the game. The online quests are the best art about the gameplay as you can so sidequests online with friends or just with random strangers. The quests online offer lots of playtime but sometimes can be repetitive. The online is alot harder than the single player at times, but overall is still pretty easy if you know what is going on.

Other Notes:

This game is very simplistic and you can finish it in probably 20 hours flat if you play regularly. If you skip all the cutscenes and run from point A to B it is probably finishable in a few hours. It is that easy. Graphics are very pretty and the lighting is very nice. You will see lots of pallet swaps and that really sucks. They are incredibly creative with some monsters but incredibly lazy in other areas. You will fight a red lizard a blue lizard and a green lizard over and over. They seemed to do this instead of making new monsters. The games maps are ridicoulously huge. But are never really that fun to explore. Count me in on a fan of lineraity.

Though I did not agree with this at first. IGN hit this dead on the nail when they said that this game is the biggest disappointment of 2010. WKC2 has gone from a first day purchase to a wait and see. Very disappointing Level-5. I still love you as a developer but I seriously question your design choices on this game.

This game is definitely not a bad one, but for me I am slightly disappointed. I was hoping for alot more from Level-5. I didn't really hype this game, but apparently I wanted to much. Hopefully the sequel will be better. I will keep my eye on it.

I recommend that you at least rent this game. and if you like it then purchase it.

EDIT: Revised my score as I have now finished the game. I like this game, and I will keep an eye out for the second. But I hope they fix some of the issues.

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Opinion (417)

Adamx509 posted 18/06/2012, 06:16
They should drop the price somewhere between $10-15. It could still have a chance to hit atleast 900k+
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leatherhat posted 10/01/2012, 07:13
getting it done
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arcane_chaos posted 04/09/2011, 11:37
holy hell! 800k!? shocker!
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snyperdud posted 07/05/2011, 12:18
800k? Well done.
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thedaftman posted 02/05/2011, 02:49
Bought this yesterday and think its awesome hopefully the online is still good considering how long ago it came out.....but easily a 8/10
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enditall727 posted 21/03/2011, 05:06
they need to drop the price down to $30 already so it can hit 1mil
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