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White Knight Chronicles

Shirokishi Monogatari: Inishie no Kodou

白騎士物語 - 古の鼓動


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Release Dates

02/02/10 Sony Computer Entertainment
12/25/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/05/10 Sony Computer Entertainment

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"PS3's Knight in Shining Armor"

05th Feb 2010 | 1,652 views 


User Score

Presentation - 7.5
Gameplay - 7.0
Value - 9.5
The scales of good and bad in this highly anticipated exclusive PS3 JRPG are decent, its not the best JRPG out there, however it does return to the classics with some mix of modernized elements.


Graphics ... For a game that was announced around 2006-2007, the graphics are still better then most 2007 and 2008 release games, such as Eternal Sonata and Infinite Undiscovery, however games like SO4 and LO are still better looking, as far as graphical beauty goes.

Gameplay ... This is what matters the most, and i've play alot of current gen RPG's in general on HD consoles, and to be honest, it does bare some traits to FFXII ... however there are big differences.

I'll begin to explain now...

  • Unlike FFXII, the "action gauge" that allows you to make an' action is optional, meaning whenever you make an' action you have a choice to chose when, where and how you make your action, instead of FFXII's automatic "it attacks for you" method.
  • MP (Mana Points) is one of the best well reserved out of any JRPG i've ever played, most likely because the pace of battle is somewhat slow, however to regain lost MP from using magic or powerful combo's or skills is easy and fast.
  • HP and MP gradually goes up while resting AND on the move.
  • Action Chips really make this game what it is, without it, chances are the battle will last waaay to long or you'll eventually lose. you Regain action chips 100% of the time, while doing nothing (slow), While attacking, (Semi-Slow), While being attacked (Normal), Leveling up (Goes to 100% maximum AC) and Etc...
  • Home Made Combo System - it's amazing and its the very core of each character, it determines the total Maximum damage you can deal, and if your some sort of healer, Heal. 90% of skills and magic are chainable, the only thing stopping the player here, is his or her own imagination.
  • Becoming the White Knight - is Amazing, you feel the power each time you swing the sword, bash with the shield, or explode the area in powerful magic, its a very unique exp of gameplay, i don't think i've played anything like it in a RPG of anykind.
  • Team Work - really comes in handy in this game in the offline AND online parts of the game, you need it, simple. even more so at Mobs of enemys.
  • Team Combos - using a combo at the same time as your friends on the online mode looks insane, a must exp part of the game if you play with good friends or family.
  • Huge world, with many NPC's and hidden treasure, which is easy to find sometimes with a guide of anykind.
  • Online mode yields the best armor, weapons and gear, its true, it'll really help you out in the offline mode.

in the end WKC has alot to offer when it comes to gameplay, its not epic, however you will get goosebumps from time to time when you become the White Knight... now level-5 let us have our own knights...

Art-Style ... Is good, i was expecting a more Semi-Real aty-style sort of like Final Fantasy or Enchanted Arms, however we got a strange combo of Dark Cloud and Infinite Undiscovery, its nice, but i expected more, still i can make pretty boys and thats all that matters to me.

Music ... I don't like most tracks with this game, very Fantasy cliche', however some White knight Battles are nothing short of a true epic backround of music. Also the City of Greede BY FAR, has the best soundtrack in the entire game, a choir of angels it sounds like, very epic.

Audio ... Battle Sound effects of weapons Rival that of Soul Calibur IV, a weapons based HD fighting game, thats saying alot. its great.

Voice Acting ... It's good, actually, i prefer it more then SO4, IU, LO, Enchanted Arms, and most others with ease. there are some corny moments, but its mostly only between Leo and Cisna.

Story ... Okay, okay............. i know what your thinking... "OMG WKC MUST HAVE CRAP STORY" well sir... shockingly... its actually good, not great or epic, but good, 50% out of 100%. it does its job, and cut-scenes are semi-long to long, some short, but all to the point of whats going on. Highly predictable, even for newbs to the genre of JRPGs, but for a game more focused on the online mode, its worth it.

Replay Value ... hundreds of hours of gameplay between the online and offlines modes, with more quests and social apps to come, beyond what i expected as far as replay goes.

Character Creation ... The best i've used on an HD console, i prefer DW6: Empires to this, but hey there are ALOT of things your able to do. so much so that it'd be impossible to name them all. its 9/10 in my book though.

Online ... Vast, Fun, Great, Epic, Funny, Awesome, and Wonderful. This game was MADE for online.

Judgment ...  By judgment of yours truly Seraphic ...Overall an' 8.3 outta' 10.


A short Pro's and Con's as follows ...

Pro's - 

  • 100 hours of online play alone.
  • Another 30 or more hours of Story mode gameplay.
  • Vast Character Creation, currently the best on HD consoles and the PS3 in general, even more then Home and Oblivion.
  • Fun Battle System, easy to learn, difficult to master.
  • A Must Have PS3-Exclusive, and a Must Have for JRPG lovers in general.
  • Create your own Towns, Combos, Characters, Clans, Guilds, WKC is nearly a 100% Customized Exp of gaming. Most Via Geonet, a free service like PSN except exclusively for WKC: IE.
  • Sequel on the way, May have character transfer able characters for WKC, with a bigger level gap in WKC2 and your own Knights confirmed, WKC2 has also been deemed, the Knight's War.


Con's - 


  • Graphics not as good as some other JRPG's, like Star Ocean The Last Hope international, lost odyssey, Enchanted Arms, Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XIII and the like.
  • There is a $4.99 fee to change your currently existing character, which isn't a bad thing, but some might feel so.
  • Gameplay can be VERY slow at times, it often gets annoying.
  • Some Skills are useless unless they are in a Custom Made combo.
  • Some Magic are Over-Powered, Such as Holy Rain.
  • The game, in the end is Cliche' story-wise, some people dont like this.
  • Character Creation is so Vast, and HUGE, alot of newcommer may very well be scared off. 




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Opinion (424)

Adamx509 posted 18/06/2012, 06:16
They should drop the price somewhere between $10-15. It could still have a chance to hit atleast 900k+
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leatherhat posted 10/01/2012, 07:13
getting it done
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arcane_chaos posted 04/09/2011, 11:37
holy hell! 800k!? shocker!
Message | Report
snyperdud posted 07/05/2011, 12:18
800k? Well done.
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thedaftman posted 02/05/2011, 02:49
Bought this yesterday and think its awesome hopefully the online is still good considering how long ago it came out.....but easily a 8/10
Message | Report
enditall727 posted 21/03/2011, 05:06
they need to drop the price down to $30 already so it can hit 1mil
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