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04/22/10 Mediatonic
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04/22/10 Mediatonic

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Monster (probably) Stole My Princess! Review

01st May 2010 | 1,624 views 


User Score

Presentation - 9.0
Gameplay - 8.0
Value - 9.0
The duke double jumps all other minis.

The PlayStation Portable minis series on PSN has been a colossal hit or miss, with more emphasize on the miss. Minis are supposed to be bit sized games that take no time to finish (comparing to full retail priced games), but give a solution to long traffic or anything having to do with waiting into boredom. MediaTonic’s Monsters (probably) stole my princess quite frankly sets the bar for the minis. Anyone who has ever cared for platforming recognizes that they are perfect on the go, and this mini is effortlessly one of the best publications to the minis series.

Monsters (probably) stole my princess is easy enough to follow. You play as the Duke, a vampire who is feared among all (even monster) and plays catchy tunes on his eerie Adams family looking piano. He has two and only two loves, himself and his princess. His princess has been stolen (as you can see from the name of the title), and it’s up to the duke to save her (probably) from monsters. The mini sets up the story well enough; the duke is comical and purely plays the part of the classic vampire. The monsters are all unique and each has a specific way to escape from the duke. The levels start off with an amusing act from the duke, and the monster stating “oh crap. It’s the duke”. The visuals are what to be expected from a mini, but presentation is key. The platforms light up as the Duke lands on them, and the soundtrack further exerts the minis presentation.

click above and see the action for yourself.

All of that makes sure that platforming is entertaining and satisfying. Not to mention the combo system the game has. After the humorous piece from Duke, the monster will run away upward. The duke must then platform up to the monster and double jump onto them three times before the monster reaches the safe top. Every time the Duke lands on a platform, the combo score is added to. If the duke lands on the same platform twice, the combo resets. It is easy enough to merely beat the monster, but the difficulty comes from attaining a high combo while doing it. Double jumping onto the monster will leave the duke vulnerable to landing on the same platform twice, so planning and timing is a must for achieving the highest combo possible in a level. Once the monster is defeated, the duke will then do a sweet super move in which he will bring the monster all the way down to interrogate.

However, this mini is short lived. Monsters (probably) stole my princess only offers five levels of gameplay in the story mode (old gameplay none the less). I personally beat these levels in less than 15 minutes. On the flipside, the mini offers a second mode, score attack. If you’re like me, the game becomes extremely addicting. Achieving a specific score for each level in score attack to win the gold medal can take quite long. To add, actually maxing out the combos in each level is an obsessive’s weakness.

 flashy multiples of ten.

I understand not everyone is up for the task of actually maxing out combos in each level, so this mini may not be for everyone. Although, if you are the type of gamer that loves platforming and achieving greatness, this mini is simply for you. The mini makes the 5 dollar price tag seamless, so I advise those looking for a good time killer to try this on out. If there was ever a PlayStation Portable minis leaderboard of “best games”, Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess would easily be on top.

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PlaystaionGamer posted 19/04/2010, 07:15
LOL what is this?
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