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05/01/09 Activision
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05/01/09 Activision

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A Great Half-baked GOW

10th May 2009 | 1,610 views 


User Score

Presentation - 7.5
Gameplay - 8.0
Value - 7.5
This is a really nice game. It is a diluted GOW1/2. Everything feels half baked; from the graphics to the gameplay; ALTHOUGH a half baked GOW is not a bad thing considering how GODLY AMAZING GOW is.

The graphics of the game sometimes are really nice, and sometimes they just simply suck.  The character models well done, but the facil expresion and gestures looks "weird".  Also the game has a lot of POPPING TEXTURES in every in-game cutscente; I think the UE3 is to blame.  WHY THE COMPANIES THAT USE THE UE3 CANT HAVE THE SAME GRAPHIC QUALITY OF UT3 OR GeoW?!?!?!

The gameplay tries to copy GOW. The hit combo combination is the same, featuring movements with the same functionality as the GOW ones.  And for special attacks, wolverine has some movements that Kratos can use any time, with the diference that considering this are special attacks they last more and can be upgradeable.   Trying to copy a lot of GOW element in combat can be a bit cheesy sometimes because as you now Wolvering only has claws and not the BLADES OF CHAOS; so he may do the same hit combos but they doesnt feel very well for someone that uses close combat.

You can level up in the game.   By killing foes you gain experience; more tougher foes the higher the experience.  As you level up you earned some skill points you can use to upgrade some abilities; and also by leveling up you earn new abilities which some are upgradeable and some not.

Also there is some puzzling in the game nothing extraordinare, but not bad either.  You move things in order to reach high places; you use ropes, cranks etc,etc ,etc.  I think they should not have copy some of the puzzling of GOW, because Wolverines is an animal; and agil animal with extreme reflexes; so he should be able to jump and climb in to walls instead of using boxes or ropes to climb; in order to feel it more like wolverine.

The game on Its own, has cool gameplay but considering you are playing as wolverine I think they should have changed some things.  The game is not hard, neither easy; it is true you can regenerate, but  the developers in order to compensate that made some enemies that can really kick your ass.

The sound and music is well done I dont have any criticism about this one.  It feels right, but dont expect any epic soundtrack like GOW or DMC4.

The game has extra unlockable costumes, and trophies wich you earn by completing some objectives.  Dismember 200 guys, fight 4 wendigos at the same time, and a lot more things that are not hard to achieve.

Overall the game is a great one worth your $60, is a great experience; with great action some puzzling and nice boss battles (YOU FIGHT A SENTINEL WOOT!!).  The only bad thing is that the game should have been made as a separate experience, and not related to the movie; because if that were the case the developers would have more time to polish the game.  This could have been like and MGS with pure action and with wolverine.  Sometimes you feel like you are infiltrating a military complex in order to avoid the completition of the METAL GEAR... er SENTINEL I mean lol.

BUY IT!!! So the developers can make another WOLVERINE game NOT related to a movie (the story of the movie SUCKS!!) , so it can have better story, gameplay and graphics.

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Total Sales
1 n/a 40,523 23,073 14,842 78,438
2 n/a 28,084 23,128 12,665 63,877
3 n/a 20,501 14,395 8,416 43,312
4 n/a 15,377 13,346 7,163 35,886
5 n/a 12,593 11,821 6,162 30,576
6 n/a 10,254 7,979 4,470 22,703
7 n/a 8,807 4,421 3,028 16,256
8 n/a 7,008 4,044 2,585 13,637
9 n/a 6,203 3,764 2,350 12,317
10 n/a 5,068 3,671 2,118 10,857

Opinion (16)

slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 09:04
This game stinks like the movie!!!
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gamefreak4ever posted 16/04/2010, 10:39
I loved playing this game...
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yusuke93_ita posted 09/04/2010, 07:29
i come back here almost a year later to say... BUY THIS GAME
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tripleb2k posted 22/01/2010, 12:24
a lot of fun!
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kyjoe9 posted 16/08/2009, 11:16
really fun game!
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locos85 posted 06/07/2009, 03:56
I think this game is awesome 8/10. Loads of fun, close to beating it.
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